You Are Being Rate Limited [Fix Temporary Ban on Discord]

Written By Kazi Md Mehedi Hasan

Whether adding people to a server or entering a text verification number, getting hit by “You are being rate limited” or “This resource is being rate limited” is widespread. It’s not an error, but rather a security feature put in place by Discord. Though, it can get annoying pretty quickly.

The days of restrictions are over, by the way; I’ll talk about methods to bypass this message in Discord.


So tag along!

Key Takeaways

  • The rate limit is a security measure developed by Discord to stop spam and server overcrowding.
  • Rate limit can be per-route basis or global.
  • Bots and an individual can be rate limited by Discord due to repeated suspicious activity.
  • Once the cooldown time completes, the rate limit is drawn back automatically. Changing the IP address also helps bypass this temporary ban.

Why Would Discord Rate Limit You & What Is It For?

Curious minds will always seek an answer to why is there a “You are being rate limited” message in the first place, and what does it mean?

Before catching on to the answer, let’s think about a simple analogy. Let’s say you build a podium that can take the load of 20 persons at max. If this limit exceeds, there’s no guarantee what’s going to happen. The worst case is, it may break down and hurt people.

Similarly, Discord implied a limit on its API activity to prevent spam, abuse, and server overload. This includes bots and individual account action limits on a per-route basis or globally. That means, activity on a specific server or throughout Discord.

Now, too many HTTP requests (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE) in a brief moment such as joining too many people in a server, repeating messages, or requesting mobile verification codes multiple times, etc. can lead to a rate limit. In short, performing the same action over and over again triggers a rate limit ban on Discord.

Then again, it is not a problem of any sort, but a security measure for good reason. Hackers often try to brute force their way into servers or any individual account and send multiple requests for verification codes. The rate limit in such instances is a lifesaver.

Let’s Sort Out the Rate Limit Message in Discord

There’s no permanent fix for the rate limit issue on Discord, as this is not a glitch or troublemaker. Though, some ways do still exist to reclaim your account’s freedom quickly.

Hold Back for 15–20 Mins

When the rate limit message emerges, the simplest way to get around is to wait. Doing this will eventually withdraw the temporary restriction on Discord activity for an account.

See, basically what happens in the background is that no requests are made to the Discord API from your account in that 15-20 mins period. As a result, server activity becomes routine, and the brief exile is removed.

On account of this, log out of the discord, wait around for a bit, and be patient. Log in again and the ban should lift off swiftly. Now enjoy your regular activity on Discord.

Try a Different Network & Use a VPN

The rate limit is primarily imposed on an individual Discord account. However, the request made to Discord API contains no header whatsoever, the rate limit is imposed on the IP address associated with that profile.


Now, it’s challenging for an end user to know whether his actions carry any header in the first place, unless you’re too smart, to begin with.

So, the big trick here is to find a way to change the IP address for the rate-limited account.

And how to do that? Well, either switch from Wi-Fi to a mobile network or use a VPN. That should do the trick, and you’ll no longer see the rate limit notification.

Reboot the Router

Router restart is a common fix method for rate limit errors on Discord. There’s a science behind it. Let me explain.

I’ve already explained the connection between IP address and rate limit on Discord, remember?

You see, when you subscribe to an Internet Service, either you take a static or dedicated IP or a shared one. For this fix to work, you must have a shared IP address. Because every time you restart the router, a new IP address will be allocated to your network.reboot-the-router

Shared IP: An Internet Protocol address that is shared between multiple domains. More simply, multiple users can have IP addresses that shuffle between them on an availability basis.

And what does that mean?

When the Discord limit is imposed on your current IP address, a new one will naturally steer clear of any suspicion by the servers. Ergo, the rate limit is bypassed successfully!

So yeah, do restart your router and see if it makes any difference.

Try Browser Incognito Mode

I bet you heard of browser cookies at least once in your lifetime. Obviously, nothing like what your grandma bakes!

But I digress. Skipping the play on the words, browser cookies keep track of your history and data. Which tech giants like Google or Facebook exploit to cater to ads. It’s an open secret at this point.

Anyway, coming back to the matter of Discord, if you’re one of those who use Discord via a browser and are being rate limited, try to sign in to the app through an incognito tab.

See, Discord utilizes browser cookies to impose a rate limit, as it does with the IP address. When Discord is opened in an incognito, there’s no previous data to track, hence the rate limit is vanished.

Contact Discord Support Center

So far, the fixes I’ve explained above should get you out of Discord’s rate limit prison. If not, however, contact Discord Support and submit a request for Help & Support. Fill up the boxes providing your email address.

Submit your issue and the Discord team will reply with subsequent procedures to resolve the issue.

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