How to fix Discord Crown Not Showing Up [2023]

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Cannot figure out how to bring back your Discord crown?

You do not need to worry at all. I have got your back.

I will show you how to bring back the crown on the Discord server.

Why is Discord crown not showing up?

Discord crown is not showing up as you have one or more roles that are both hoisted (shows separately on server sidebar) and have administrator privileges. In that case, you will lose the crown despite being the owner of the server.

Keep reading the whole post to learn in detail.

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What Is Discord Crown?

Discord crown is a small crown symbol that Discord shows beside the username of the server owner in the sidebar members list. It helps other server members to quickly figure out who the owner is and reach out to the owner for help or queries.

Discord is one of the most popular communication platforms in the present world. It has a large user base, most of which consist of gamers and content creators.

Discord is highly flexible and offers a lot of ways to connect to people. You can send direct messages, create servers to connect to thousands of users, share your activity, and much more.

As part of the user-interactive design of Discord, it has a crown symbol feature. Is Discord putting too much stress on your CPU?

If you create a server on Discord, you get a small crown symbol beside your username. It shows up on the members’ list sidebar on the right.

Server members can quickly figure out who the server’s owner is and communicate with you with some clicks. It makes the process much more streamlined.

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How To Fix Discord Crown Not Showing

As a Discord server owner, you might want to have the crown symbol beside your username. If you do not see that, you do not need to worry.

You can fix the issue in minutes.

Here’s how to fix the Discord crown not showing:

1. Stop showing role members separately

If you have administrator permissions enabled on some roles, you need to follow this step to fix the issue.

Discord allows you to define roles for the server members. For better management, you can give administrative rights to any role.

However, you will lose the crown unless you turn off the ‘Display role members separately from online members’ option.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to the server where you want the crown back.
  • Click on the server name.
  • Click on the Server
  • Go to Roles from the left menu.
  • Select a role to go to role settings.
  • Turn off Display role members separately from online members.turn-off-display-role-members-separately-online-discord
  • Repeat the process for all roles.
  • Save the changes.
  • Restart Discord.

That’s it. You have completed the steps. You should now see the crown symbol beside your username on the server. Check out the easiest way to Fix Discord Error: Cannot Find Module

2. Remove administrator permission from hoisted roles

If the above process does not work out for you, the issue might be with the server admin roles.

If you have any hoisted server roles with administrator permission, it hides the crown sometimes. It does not matter if there is any server member assigned to that role. As long as the role exists with administrator rights and is hoisted simultaneously, it can cause issues. Got banned in Discord? Check out our separate post on how to get rid of IP bans on Discord.

So you should remove admin permission from all server roles.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to the target server.
  • Click on the server name to open the dropdown.
  • Select Server
  • Go to Roles from the left.
  • Select a hoisted role.
  • Go to the Permissions tab from the top.
  • Scroll all the way bottom.
  • Turn off Administrator permission.turn-off-administrator-permission-discord
  • Repeat the steps for other hoisted roles.
  • Save the changes.
  • Restart Discord.

Now you should see your crown again.

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3. Create a fake admin role

You might want to label yourself as an admin alongside the owner and still have the crown.

For that, you might have created an admin role with administrative permission and hoisted it, and assigned yourself to it.

As I have said above, any role that is both hoisted and has administrator rights will take away the crown.

So in such a scenario, you can create a fake admin role for yourself.  As a server owner, you have access to all the server’s permissions despite what role is assigned to you.

Therefore, you do not need a role for the permissions, but just to hoist it to show to people.

Here’s how you will do it:

  • Go to the correct server and click on the server name.
  • Select Server Settings from the
  • Go to Roles and click on the Create Role button.create-new-discord-role
  • Give a name to the role, e.g., Owner.
  • Go to the Manage Members tab from the top.
  • Click on the Add Members button.add-member-to-role
  • Add yourself as a member.
  • Save the changes.
  • Hit the back arrow to go to the list of roles.
  • Hover over the newly created role and move the cursor to the left until it turns into a hand.
  • Click and drag the role to the top.
  • Save changes.
  • Restart Discord.

That’s it. Check if you can see the crown symbol now.

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4. Disable admin permission for self role

As a last resort, you can try this step. If you have any role assigned to you, you need to remove the administrator rights of your role from the role settings.

As you are the server owner, you do not need a role with administrator permissions to run your server. Regardless of what roles you do/do not have, you will have full access to the server.

Why Do You Need A Discord Crown?

The Discord crown helps server members to recognize who the server owner is easily. It helps to make the process of communicating with the server owner fluent. It is a reliable way to separate the owner among the thousands of server members.

As a top-rated platform, Discord has a large user base. It has a server system where thousands of people can join.

To manage such a massive number of users, it is necessary to differentiate between server members. It becomes crucial to assign roles and divide responsibilities.

The Discord crown is one such feature. It shows a crown symbol beside the server owner’s username. So other server members can find out the server owner pretty quickly.

Therefore, there is no way other server members can claim themselves to be the owner and make some mischief.

It is a reliable verification process to detect the server owner.

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How To Remove Discord Crown

If you are the owner of the Discord server, you will see a crown symbol beside your username.

Often, it becomes essential to hide the identity. Maybe you are the owner of a massive server, and it becomes hard for you to manage and respond to all the queries.

Maybe you want to divide the management responsibilities between different admins and stay focused on some other stuff.

Whatever the reason might be, you can be tempted to remove the crown symbol beside your username. This way, other server members will not be able to differentiate you as the owner.

First, you would want to create some admin roles with administrator permission. Then you will be able to assign the role to the users you want to be moderators.

Here’s how to remove the Discord crown:

  • Go to the target server.
  • Click on the server name to open the dropdown.
  • Select Server Settings.
  • Select Roles from the left.
  • Click on the Create Role button.create-new-discord-role
  • Give an appropriate name to the role, e.g., Admin.
  • Make sure Display role members separately from online members are enabled.turn-off-display-role-members-separately-online-discord
  • Go to the Permissions tab and scroll to the bottom.
  • Check Administrator permission.turn-off-administrator-permission-discord
  • Go to the Manage Members tab.
  • Click on the Add Member button and add the moderators.add-member-to-role
  • Save the changes and restart Discord.

Now your crown symbol should disappear.

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Question: Can there be two owners of a Discord server?

Answer: There can be admins with equal control as an owner in a Discord server. However, the actual owner is only one person: the user who created the server.

Question: What happens if a Discord server owner leaves?

Answer: A Discord server owner cannot leave unless they transfer the ownership to another Discord user.

Question: Why don’t I have the server owner crown Discord?

Answer: You don’t have the server owner crown in Discord as you have other admin roles that are hoisted. If a server has admin roles and is hoisted at the same time, the crown stops showing.

Final Thoughts

Discord is an excellent platform for communication.

The Discord crown enables users to identify the actual owner of the server pretty quickly.

However, the crown does not show up sometimes.

The good thing is, it is straightforward to fix it.

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