Discord Twitch Sub Role Not Working [100% Working Fix 2024]

Written By Steven Arends

Have your users on the Discord server recently had issues with their sub role? Even syncing your other account didn’t get the sub?

Anger and frustration might be clenching your jaw because the Discord sub-enabled servers are not showing up, or the integration between Twitch and Discord is not working properly.

It’s time to take a deep breath dude!

Discord Twitch integration not working is a fairly common issue that appears even these days. No wonder I was in the same position and struggled a lot until I fixed the issue.

Read till the end as we will have an in-depth investigation and go through every working solution capable of resolving the issue.

Let’s apply the fixes to settle down our problem permanently.discord-twitch-sub-role-not-working

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How to Fix Discord Twitch Sub Role Not Working

Your Twitch sub is primarily not working on Discord due to the failure to authorize your Twitch account on Discord. Apart from that, bug and error issues on Discord or the faulty browser you’re using for running Discord might result in Discord Twitch integration not working.

You must have your Discord and Twitch accounts linked to make the sub role work. But sometimes, it takes a while to link.

Pro Tip: Before Discord can allot the role based on which user is subbed on Twitch, create the role first.

Most of the time, I see people skip the basic and essential fixes, and that’s because they don’t think this will work for them.

But trust me, for the most part, your problem can be solved by implementing basic fixes. You must apply the preliminary fixes first and the secondary fixes later.

I have researched both the problem and the probable solutions on how to link Twitch to Discord without facing any issues.

In this article, we will walk through 5 practical solutions to solve your issue. So, make sure to apply them one after another and fix your problem once and for all.

Here are the 5 working solutions to fix the Discord Twitch sub role not working:

Solution 1: Authorize your Twitch on Discord

Generally, users face problems with their Twitch sub role not working on Discord because the server owner failed to link them perfectly.

So, before performing anything, make sure the linking between Discord and Twitch is properly connected.

Here are the quick steps you must follow to authorize your Twitch account to your Discord:

  • Open the Discord desktop application or the browser one. Input your credentials accurately.
  • Select Settings and move to Connections from the left window panel. discord-user-settings
  • Look for the Twitch application and ensure the Display on Profile option is enabled. display-on-profile
  • Click on the Twitch icon that will redirect you to Log in to Twitch window on your browser. log-in-to-twitch
  • Enter your credentials correctly and confirm the authorization. When the linking is done between Twitch and Discord, a screen will appear saying, Connected your Twitch account to Discord. connected-your-twitch-account-to-discord
  • Open Discord, and you’ll find your Twitch account is connected under the Connections twitch-account-is-connected-under-the-connections

Thus you’ll quickly authorize your Twitch account to your Discord. See if the problem is gone for good.

Note: Sometimes, it can take time to complete the authorization. So, have patience.

Solution 2: Make a Clear Removal

If the problem persists no matter what you do, remove the Twitch integration from Discord this time. Leave it for 5 minutes and then link them again.

Here are the steps on how you can remove Twitch from Discord and link them again:

  • Launch Discord and go to Settings. discord-user-settings
  • Navigate to Connections and click on the cross (×) on the right side of Twitch. Connections
  • Select Disconnect, and thus your Twitch account is successfully disconnected from Twitch. disconnected-from-twitch
  • Launch the Twitch app or open it in your browser.
  • Sign in to your account and click on the profile icon in the top right corner of your screen. sign-in-to-your-account
  • Click Settings and move to the Connections twitch-settingstwitch-connections
  • Scroll down until you find Other Connections. Click on the Disconnect button if you find it connected. But if Discord is not associated, close Twitch. other-connections
  • Relaunch Discord and navigate to Settings > Connections. See if the Display on Profile option is enabled. display-on-profile
  • Click on the Twitch icon, which will redirect you to Log in to Twitch window on your browser.
  • Enter your credentials and confirm the authorization. You’ll see a screen appears saying, Connected your Twitch account to Discord.
  • Return to Discord and see your Twitch account is connected under the Connections twitch-account-is-connected-under-the-connections

I hope your problem is solved by now. Yet if the Twitch sub isn’t showing on Discord or the Twitch sub server not shown in Discord persists, move to the next one.

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Solution 3: Reinstall Discord

Sometimes the problem might lie in the Discord application. Due to some temporary bugs and errors, the integration between Twitch and Discord is not working properly. So, try reinstalling Discord to repair the issue.

Here are the effortless steps to reinstall Discord:

  • Click on the search button on your home, type Control Panel and click Open. control-panel-after-searching
  • Click Uninstall a program under Programs. Uninstall-a-program
  • Scroll down and right-click on the Discord.
  • Select Uninstall and confirm your decision if any prompt pops up. uninstall-discord
  • Go to Discord and download the desktop app again.
  • Enter your Username and Password to open the Discord again.

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See if the case is finally solved. Don’t hesitate to move to the next one if the problem stays.

Solution 4: Use A Different Web Browser

If you are navigating through a browser, I suggest trying a different browser. Some of the cases we have seen are mitigated by using other gaming browsers or regular browsers.

So, go and hit one of those to see if the issue is resolved.

Solution 5: Contact Discord

If none of the solutions successfully fix the issue, leave a Tweet, as Discord is pretty active on Twitter. Otherwise, you can contact Support (Twitch) and ask questions about what to do if Discord and Twitch integration is not working.

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Can you sub to a Twitch affiliate?

Yes. You can definitely sub to a Twitch affiliate.

How do I enable subs on Twitch?

To enable subs on Twitch, you need to obtain 50 followers > Continue having 3 (on average) simultaneous viewers during the last 1 month > Stream 500 minutes or more than that over the previous 1 month > Stream over 7 days or more during the last 1 month.

Why is the sub button gone on Twitch?

The sub button is gone on Twitch due to not being a Twitch partner or Twitch affiliate.

What to do with Twitch users who haven’t renewed their subscription?

You can choose Kick to kick the Twitch users who haven’t renewed their subscription.

How to join a sub-only channel?

Navigate to User Settings > Connections and select Twitch on your Discord account. In the Connections tab, you’ll get all your subbed streamers, and by choosing Join Server, you can get your desired special sub role.

A Final Thought

Twitch is a great place for gamers to stream their gameplay and earn simultaneously. So, it’s obvious that the integration is available between Discord and Twitch. But some issues might appear while connecting them or after you connect them.

Unfortunately, users have faced the Discord Twitch sub not working over the past 4 years. It’s shocking that the problem is still appearing in 2022.

We have finished our journey through fixing the issue, and I hope at least one of the solutions mentioned above solved yours.

Don’t forget to let me know which one fixed your problem in the comments below.

Happy Gaming!

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