Discord Stream not Loading | 5 Easy Fixes [2024]

Written By Steven Arends

How would you feel if you’re trying to stream, but the Discord stream is not loading, and your buddies are waiting for you?

Wouldn’t that be frustrating?

Discord is great for streaming, no doubt. But, once in a while, the stream not loading issue strikes the users out of nowhere.

When I faced the problem for the first time, I immediately researched it. Fortunately, after a couple of hours of exploration, I finally got the solution and fixed it.

Why is Discord not streaming? 

Discord is not streaming because it cannot detect the on-screen activities because of hardware acceleration failure, full-screen activity mode, corrupted cache files, or inability to run the streaming process in the background. Any of these issues can affect Discord streaming.

This post will explain why the Discord stream is not loading and show you how to fix them instantly. Also, I’ll mention how to stream in Discord without facing any issues later.

So, without any further adieu, let’s get started!discord-stream-not-loading

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Why is Discord Stream not Loading | Explained

I like to share my gameplays and other activities with my buddies on Discord, and I’m sure you like to stream too. It’s one of the key features of Discord to stream your actions with your buddies.

But, it becomes annoying when an effortless action like streaming gets on your nerve because of some issues with your Discord app and PC!

I’ve researched all the reasons behind Discord’s failure to stream your activities, Discord getting stuck on the loading screen and listed them below with explanations for your better understanding.

Go through the reasons carefully to identify the one who brought you to this post.

Here are the reasons behind the Discord stream not loading:

Incorrect Discord Settings

First of all, most software issues occur because of incorrect user settings, and discord is no exception. There’s an option that lets Discord use its latest technology to capture your screen more efficiently and enhance the streaming quality.

Although it’s a good addition for the users like you and me to make our streaming better, this feature is not compatible with every device. Instead of making Discord streaming better, it blocks Discord from capturing the activity for streaming and gets stuck on the loading screen when you start the streaming process.

Incompatible Window Orientation

Discord streaming isn’t on par with other popular streaming platforms, and a significant example of that is Discord’s inability to capture a full-screen application or gameplay activity for streaming.

Discord cannot detect your activity if they’re on fullscreen mode, and that’s because Discord can only identify an activity if it’s on windowed mode. Despite being a top-rated social communication platform, Discord’s algorithm is still unable to detect a fullscreen activity, although it’s a must for streaming. Playing a game on a small window won’t bring you as much joy as playing it on a fullscreen mode.

Malfunctioning Discord Activity Status Feature

Discord Activity Status feature automatically detects your activities if you turn it on from the settings. But It’s not always accurate for detecting on-screen activities and application usage.

The Discord Activity Status feature automatically detects your on-screen activities other than the Discord app itself and makes it easy for your friends to know what you’re doing. It also makes streaming your activities, gameplay, or movies easier.

But, it is not full-proof and can’t always detect the applications or games you’re playing, making it tough to start streaming.

Inability to Run Discord’s Streaming Process

The discord app has tons of background operations and processes within the Windows system that make the app run smoothly.

But, bugs, glitches, or system file conflict can shut down the Discord streaming process or make it unable to start. It leaves you with a continuous loading screen running forever. At that moment, the Discord streaming process is trying to reboot it’s processes but continuously gets forced closed, and you’re left with a loading screen.

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Corrupted Cache Files

Another common issue behind the Discord stream is not loading issue is corrupted cache files from the previous sessions.

Applications on Windows need to store cache files to save frequently used data to reduce the loading time of the next session and run the app’s functions and processes more smoothly. But, these cache files get corrupted from a long time of usage, lack of regeneration, or modification to keep up with the newer activities of your Discord account.

Previous sessions’ cache files can clash with newer sessions’ data and arise various issues. For example, the Discord stream is not loading issue.

Unstable Internet Connection

Last but not least, another reason behind Discord’s inability to load streams is an awful internet connection.

Discord is a VoIP-based social communication platform, so a stable internet connection is necessary to use it smoothly. But, if the internet connection is not up to the mark, it hampers Discord’s connectivity with the servers and interrupts loading your stream.

Another interruption is, Discord cannot prepare the necessary actions to relay your on-screen activities to your audience because of an unstable internet connection.

How to Fix Discord Stream Stuck and Not Loading

Let’s talk about the subject you’re here for. Let’s jump to the methods you need to follow to fix the Discord stream not loading issue.

As you can see, I’ve already listed all the reasons behind discord isn’t loading stream issue, and in this section, I’m showing you the methods to fix them.

I’ve prepared step-by-step guidelines for all the methods to fix the specific reasons behind our today’s issue. Go through them carefully before applying.

Here are the methods to fix Discord stream not loading:

1. Convert Fullscreen Apps to Window Mode

As you can see, Discord cannot stream apps on a fullscreen mode, and Discord only streams apps that are on a floating window. Otherwise, it won’t stream the activity and will be stuck on the loading screen.

So, before starting the streaming process, you need to make it windowed.

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Follow these steps to fix Discord stream not loading by using apps on windowed mode:

  • Open the Discord app.
  • Open the game or app you want to stream.
  • Escape fullscreen by clicking the restore down icon beside the close window cross icon on the top-right of the screen. restore-down
  • Go to the Discord server you want to stream in.
  • Select the voice channel you want to share the stream.
  • Click on the Share screen icon over the settings icon beside your username to start the stream. share-screen
  • Select the window you want to stream. stream-select
  • Set up the streaming settings, frame rate, and screen resolution.
  • Click on Go live to start streaming. screen-resolution

Follow these steps, and hopefully, you won’t face the Discord stream not loading issue anymore.

2. Turn Off Discord’s Latest Technology for Screen Capturing

Discord has advanced technology embedded inside the app to capture your screen more fluently. By default, it is enabled from the start, and you can use it if your device supports it.

But, for many devices, it brings more issues than advantages. For example, enabling this option makes Discord stuck on the loading screen. So, disabling it is the best option to salvage your streaming capability.

Follow these steps to turn of Discord’s latest technology used for capturing your screen:

  • Open the Discord app.
  • Go to settings by clicking the cogwheel next to your username. discord-user-settings
  • Click on Voice and video from the left pane.
  • Scroll down to the Screen Share section.
  • Turn of Use our latest technology to capture your screen option. screen-option

Now restart Discord, start streaming following the first method and see if the issue still occurs.

3. Turn on Discord Activity Status

Discord Activity Status feature automatically detects your screen activities with this feature and sets your status accordingly. It’s convenient to let your friends know about your activities without lifting a finger in Discord.  It’ll also help you detect the game you’re playing, and you can instantly stream the gameplay on any channel.

Follow these steps to turn on Discord activity status:

  • Open the Discord app.
  • Head over to the settings by clicking the cogwheel beside your username. discord-user-settings
  • Click on Activity status on the left pane.
  • Enable Display current activity as a status message. disable-activity-status-discord
  • Click on Add it to add an app as your activity if Discord cannot detect it. your-activity
  • Go to any server.
  • Choose a channel and click on the Stream App option beside the app name over your username. Stream-app
  • Set up the streaming settings and click on Go live to start streaming. start-streaming

By following the above guide, Discord will automatically pick up your activities, and you can manually set an app as your activity.

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4. Run Discord as an Administrator

Windows system runs various app processes inside it, and some of those processes can hamper Discord’s background operations and might shut them off when there’s not enough ram space left. Discord’s streaming process can be one of them. And if the process is shut down, it can get stuck on the loading screen.

In that case, running Discord in administrator mode fixes the Discord stream not loading issue.

Here are the steps to run the Discord app as an administrator:

  • Open the Windows Search menu by clicking on the search icon on the taskbar.
  • Type Discord.
  • Click on Run as administrator. administrator
  • Click Yes on the next screen to run Discord as administrator.

Now see if the updater issue still occurs.

5. Clear Discord’s Cache Files

Cache files make Windows app’s operations smoother, and they reduce the application opening, loading time and improve the user experience.

But they get corrupted because of incompatibility with newer sessions of the app. So, clearing these files once in a while will keep you from experiencing issues like the Discord stream not loading.

Here are the steps to clear Discord’s cache files:

Before clearing Discord’s cache files, close the Discord app properly. Follow these steps to close the Discord app properly:

  • Right-click on the taskbar.
  • Click on the Task Manager
  • Search for Discord’s primary process.
  • Select Discord’s primary process and click on End Task on the down-right corner. discord-end-task-process

Now follow these steps to clear Discord’s cache files:

  • Press Win+R keys to open the Run dialog box.
  • Type %appdata%/discord/cache in the box and hit Enter. appdata-cache
  • Press Ctrl+A keys to select all files.
  • Right-click on the files and select delete. select-delete

Now Discord’s cache files are deleted successfully. Rerun Discord, see if the streaming issue occurs.

6. Use a Stable Internet Connection

You need to get a stable connection without issues like speed fluctuation or high ping for Discord. It requires a stable internet connection to maintain its VoIP-based communication capability.

If you’re using an unstable internet connection that doesn’t ensure a quality service, you’ll keep facing various issues like Discord stream not loading.

So, check your router and its settings and see if the optical fiber connection is ok. If there are any issues with your internet connection, contact your ISP or your network admin and ask for their help to fix network issues for you.

How to Stream on Discord Ideally

Discord streaming can be really painful sometimes, and various issues can occur out of the blue while streaming in Discord. So, I’ve prepared an ideal guideline that’ll help you to avoid any problems during your stream.

So, follow the steps below to avoid any issue during Discord streaming:

  • Open the Discord app.
  • Open the game or app you want to stream.
  • Escape fullscreen by clicking the restore down icon beside the close window cross icon on the top-right of the screen.
  • Go to the Discord server you want to stream in.
  • Select the channel you want to share the stream.
  • Click on the Share screen icon over the settings icon beside your username to start the stream.
  • Select the window you want to stream.
  • Set up the streaming settings, frame rate, and screen resolution.
  • Click on Go live to start streaming.

This is the ideal process for Discord streaming. As I stated above, follow every step sequentially to avoid any inconveniences.

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Why is my Discord streaming black screen?

Your Discord is streaming black screen because of an outdated graphics driver. It can cause a black screen while streaming on Discord. Download the driver from the manufacturer’s website for your device, install the driver on your PC, try Discord streaming and see if the black screen still exists.

Is it illegal to stream NetFlix on Discord?

It is illegal to stream Netflix on Discord, and it is unlawful to stream any of them for any other streaming platform, like Disney Plus, Hulu, or Prime Video. You will find more information about the actual rules and regulations on Netflix’s Terms of Use: Point 4.2, 4.6.

How do I clear Discord’s cache?

To clear Discord’s cache, press Win+R buttons, type %appdata% in the box, and hit enter. Now search for Discord’s folder and open it. Go to the Cache folder, select all the files, and delete them.

How much RAM does streaming on Discord use?

Discord uses around 300-600MB of the device’s RAM. Depending on your activity, the actual amount can vary, and Discord might consume more. If Discord is streaming in High Definition, it needs more RAM space to process the data.


Before parting ways, let’s summarize everything one more time. I’ve explained all the possible reasons behind Discord not loading the issue in today’s post. Feel free to go through the post more than once if it’s hard to understand.

Also, go through the methods to fix them until you feel confident enough to apply them on your own. I’ve tried to cover every step to make everything easier for you.

But, if you have any further queries regarding Discord’s issue of not loading the stream, feel free to comment down below. Our experts will get to you right away!

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