What is Discord Done Reading Option & How to Remove it?

Written By Sajal Dipu

Are you getting the Done Reading? Check Out Other Channel pop-up every time you surf through a read-only channel? Things become more annoying when you accidentally tap it and get redirected to another channel. Urgh!

Well, this frustration isn’t yours alone. Discord implements this feature to help you redirect to other channels, so you don’t have to return to the main menu.what-is-discord-done-reading-option

But clearly, it doesn’t serve its purpose. In this post, I will break down the Done Reading option and help you to remove it. Let’s jump in.

Why Do You See “Done Reading? Check Out Other Channel” in Discord?

The “Done reading? Check out #<channel>” or “Done Reading? Check Out Other Channel” is a new button that Discord introduced about a year ago. Discord users from both mobile (android & iOS) and PC will see this button if they fulfill one of these three criteria.

  • If you surf through a read-only channel in Discord, where you can’t send any messages.
  • If the admin of the server mutes you from any channel.
  • When you join the advertised channel of any server.

If you put your step in any of these, you will get this pop-up menu. But as this feature is in the testing stage, you may see it even if you don’t fulfill any requests.


If you accidentally tap this option, Discord will teleport you to the most viewed channel on that server without any warning.

Mobile users are most annoyed by this feature. Because when you scroll through Discord messages from your mobile, you can easily tap this pop-up option.

How to Remove the Done Reading Option on Discord

Though many Discord users have been complaining about this annoying feature on different forums for quite a long time, Discord didn’t fix it. As a normal user, you can’t close, remove or delete the Done Reading option in Discord.

Only the owner/admin of the discord server can disable this option by changing the read-only channel to a normal channel. So you should ask the admin of that specific server to change your permission.

However, if you are a server admin, you can use the following steps to change the channel’s messaging permission.

Caution: Changing this permission will give everyone messaging access on that channel. Because there isn’t any viable way to turn off the messaging option and the Done Reading option together in Discord to this date.

Here’s the method to enable messages in a read-only channel:

For PC/Web

  • Open the Discord app and go to your server.
  • Select the read-only channel you want to edit.
  • Click on the Gear icon and go to Advanced Permission. read-only-channel-settings
  • Select the green tick mark for the Send Messages option.
  • Choose the Save Changes option.send-messages-permission-discord

For Mobile (iPhone & Android)

  • Open the Discord app and go to your server.
  • Tap and hold the read-only channel you want to edit.
  • Choose the Edit Channel option and select Channel Permission.
  • Go to the Advanced View and touch @everyone under the ROLES section.
  • Select the green tick mark for the Send Messages option.enable-send-messages-permission-discord-mobile

After completing the steps you won’t see the Done Reading? Check Out the Other Channel button in that channel.


What is a read-only channel on Discord?

Read-only channels are those where the admin can only post messages in that, and others can only see them. Usually, the Welcome channels or the advertised channels of any servers are read-only. But you can make any channel read-only if you want.

Why can I only read messages on a Discord channel?

You can only read messages, because either the channel is read-only or the admin restricts your messaging permission. But you should ask your server admin to get a more clear idea about the issue.

Can you direct the “Done reading? Check out ** channel” option toward a specific channel?

No. You can’t set any specific channel for Done reading? Check out other channel option. It will always redirect you to the current top channel in that specific server.


In short, Discord only shows the Done Reading? Check out Other Channel button when you surf through a read-only channel or if the admin changes your messaging access. But despite user frustration, Discord didn’t add any off switch for this option.

The only effective way to remove this option is to make the channel chat open.

But who in their right mind would change their read-only channel permission to open? It will ultimately disrupt the core channel purpose. So we hope Discord authority will address this issue soon.

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