Discord Widget Not Loading [3 Minutes Proven Fix 2024]

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Finally, you have a satisfactory audience on your Discord server, and you want to channel more traffic from your website to create a bridge between them.

You inserted the Discord Widget into your website, but no matter how many times you load the page, the Widget is just loading.

So, you took some time off and completed your usual chores. But one eternity later… you find the Discord Widget still keeps loading.

It sucks!

I know exactly how you’re feeling right now as I was in your same shoes a month ago. It took me 3 and a half hours of research to finally understand the behind scene I was missing.

Jump straight to the next portion of this article to know what’s pulling you back and how you can solve the issue.discord-widget-not-loading

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Why is Discord Widget Not Loading?

Discord Widget is not loading because it doesn’t set up on your webpage accurately, or you forgot to enable the server Widget. Failing to adjust the Widget height can result in your Discord not loading. Roaming in different community forums, I find people blame their browser too.

Before I dive into detail with the reasons, let’s make sure you know about the Discord server Widget.

So, what is a Discord server Widget?

Discord server Widget is a plug-and-play Widget that allows you to create a bridge between your web visitor and Discord server. It lets you check traffic on Discord and game using your website even without logging in to the Discord or game. It lets your viewers know information.

Such an amazing tool, isn’t it?

Here are the reasons why Discord Widget not loading:

1. Forgot Enabling Server Widget:

Suppose you’re trying now and then to set up your required server on your webpage but forgot to enable the server Widget. It might look silly to you, but trust me, it is why your Discord Widget keeps loading in most cases.

2. Browser Problem

Sometimes, your browser gets temporary bugs and errors from surfing tons of websites and online portals. So, it gets problematic and creates numerous issues. If this is the case with you, too, then a huge probability lies for you to face this issue.

3. Not Adjusting the Widget Hight Perfectly

Though you have accomplished enabling the server Widget and trying a different browser, there’s still a chance you might see your Discord Widget keeps loading forever. That’s because you forgot to adjust the Widget height accurately.

We have successfully completed acknowledging the reasons behind this problem. Now it’s time to solve our situation together.

How to Fix Discord Widget not Loading

Fixing Discord Widget not loading or keeps loading and loading won’t be a series of consecutive steps or something like that. To fix the issue, all you need is to go through these 4 simple solution techniques and apply them accordingly.

Here are the solutions to fix your Discord Widget not loading problem:

Solution 1: Enable Server Widget

When I was researching, it was pretty clear to me that the problem keeps happening only because of not enabling the server Widget in the first place. So, before you perform any of the solutions, check if you forgot to enable the server Widget.

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Here’s the only way you can apply to enable the server Widget:

  • Launch Discord and right-click on your server.
  • Navigate to Server Settings > Overview. server-settings-overview
  • Click on Overview, and on the left panel, choose Widget.
  • Toggle on the Enable Server Widget option from the top right corner of the screen.
  • Copy the ID from SERVER ID. server-id
  • Go to your Website and perform the rest of the tasks to complete embedding the link into your website.

I hope you have solved your issue entirely. But if the problem persists, don’t worry. Apply the rest of the solutions to fix the issue.

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Solution 2: Try an Alternative Browser

In the reasons section, I mentioned the problem might occur due to a problematic browser. So, try an alternative browser rather than the current one to see if the problem is gone permanently.

Note: To enable the Discord server Widget, make sure you own a server and a website.

Solution 3: Adjust Widget Height

The Widget height is a prime factor you should consider checking when you face your Discord Widget not loading on the Website.

If the Widget height is too low or too high, the website won’t load it accurately, and you might face infinity loading.

So, you must adjust the Widget height to make this work. Change your Widget height and see which one works perfectly.

Solution 4: Contact Discord

If none of those mentioned above solutions do the tricks for you, I suggest you contact discord and let them know about your problem. I hope you get the step-by-step procedure to resolve your Widget just loading forever issue.

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What does Discord Widget do?

Discord Widget is an effective option in your Discord that helps display your Discord server on your website, and it also helps simplify the recruitment process. 

Where do I find the Discord Server Widget?

Launch Discord and right-click on your server. Navigate to Server Settings > Overview > Widget to find the Discord Server Widget.

How to enable the Discord server Widget?

Open Discord and click the right mouse button on your server. Go to Server Settings > Overview > Widget to find the Discord Server Widget. Toggle on the Enable Server Widget option.

Final Thoughts

Discord Widget is an excellent feature if you own a Discord server and a website. But when you are completing the embed process, you might encounter infinity loading.

You might murmur, “Why is my Discord Widget not loading”, “Why isn’t my Discord Widget working” and how you can solve them.

Well, I have mentioned every reason for occurring this issue and how you can solve them. I recommend you apply the solutions accordingly.

Don’t forget to let me know whether you solve the issue or not in the comments.

Have a good day!

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