10 Best Free Widgets and Gadgets on Windows 11 [2024]

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Who doesn’t love a slick and clean interface on their Windows 11? Everyone does. Windows developers bring back the widget’s features on Windows 11 and even make it more refreshing and eye-catching.

When you install Windows 11 on your PC, some widgets automatically come with it. You also can download some stylists and free gadgets to modify your Windows look. This modification can make you stick out among your friend circle.


Old models of Windows widgets and gadgets don’t attract the new generation. I also don’t like outdated widgets. That’s why I researched and discovered some attractive free widgets and gadgets that can make your PC interface more stunning.

Without skipping, read the whole article to learn about those free gadgets.

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Can You Get Widgets and Gadgets on Windows 11?

Some automated Widgets are preinstalled on Windows 11, such as calendar, weather forecast, sports, entertainment, stock market, tips, pictures, etc. You can also download gadgets for your PC like Rainmeter, cursor, JaxCore skins, RoundedTB, and so on.

These widgets and gadgets are not only helpful but also simple to operate. And gives you a massive boost in your daily life.

Widgets like calendars and weather forecasts are essential tools. They can help you to navigate your day-to-day work schedule.

But to make your PC interface unique, you must download some gadgets like Rainmeter and Cursor. JaxCore skins can change your Windows 11 looks into a gorgeous one.

So keep following my article to learn about those cool widgets and gadgets. Find out how to download and apply them to your Windows 11 system within a snip.

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Microsoft’s Widgets for Windows 11

Microsoft brings back the Widgets system on Windows 11. You can use them with a simple click. These Widgets are newly designed and programmed for the new generation.

The minimalistic design and interface can help you to fulfill your demand. So follow the Microsoft widgets list given below.

Here is the list of the 6 best Microsoft widgets:

1. Calendar

Date and time are essential to humans. Without knowing them, we can not deal with a single moment. So how do you add a calendar widget on your Windows 11? Keep reading!

Here are the steps to add a calendar Widget on your Windows 11:

  • Move your cursor to the taskbar left side corner. add-widgets
  • Place the cursor on it, and it will open the widgets interface.
  • Go to the Add widgets(+) option on the right corner in the Widgets interface.
  • Click the (+) option.
  • Select the Outlook calendar widget. outlook-calendar

The calendar is now set as a widget on your Windows 11 system.

2. Weather

Do you want to know about your area’s weather conditions? Weather widgets can help you with that. It will also show you the coming three days’ forecasts.

3. Esports

If you are a sports fan, then this widget is for you. With this tool, you can track down sports results from all around the world.

4. Traffics

The traffic widget can help you plan your route and save you from boring traffic. This widget became helpful in big cities like New York or Washington DC.

5. Watchlist for Stock Market

If You want to follow the stock price, this watchlist widget is for you. You can modify it according to your needs, such as only your recommended stock appearing on this Widget.

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6. Entertainment

Entertainment widgets will provide up-to-date news from Hollywood or other industries when you love movies and serials. This widget will help you to watch new shows and movies.

Best Free Stylist Gadgets for Windows 11

Some fantastic gadgets can transform your PC interface from dull to cool. It will be a refreshing experience for you when using your Windows 11. So follow the gadget list to learn about those stylish gadgets.

Here are the top 4 free gadgets for your Windows 11:

1. RoundedTB

What if I tell you you can modify your taskbar looks? You will be amazed, right? Let’s find out how you can change your taskbar with the help of the RoundedTB gadget.

Here are the steps to use the RoundedTB widget:

  • Go to the Microsoft store for the RoundedTB widget.
  • Click on the Get in Store app option.
  • Download and install the RoundedTB widget.
  • Run the widget and change the Margin and Corner radius value.rounded-task-bar
  • Select the Advanced option and choose the Dynamic mode option.
  • Click the Apply option.

Now you will see that your taskbar is round, and you can modify it further.

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2. Cursor

We mostly look at the cursor while using our PCs. That’s why when you modify this cursor, it can remove your monotony. How to change the cursor? Read on to find out.

Here are the methods to modify your cursor:

  • Move to the Deviant Art cursor website and select the Download option.
  • Log in with your Email ID then the Download will start.
  • Go to the Downloaded folder and Extract the Cursor and preview file.
  • Move to the Extracted file and choose the Cursor and Preview folder.
  • Select the VS Cursor 12.0 (early) folder.
  • Right-click the inf program. install-the-cursor
  • select Show more options, then click on the install option.
  • Finish the installation, and move to the Search bar.
  • Type cursor and select the Change the mouse pointer display or settings program.
  • Select the Pointers option, change the Scheme into VS Cursor 12.0 (early), press the Apply option, and then hit the OK button.pointer-apply-ok

You will notice that your cursor is changed. 

3. ModernFlyouts

Suppose you want a modern UI for your brightness level, airplane mode, and audio. Then this ModernFlyouts gadget is best suited for you.

Here are the steps to download and use ModernFlyouts:

  • Navigate to the Microsoft store for the ModernFlyouts gadget.
  • Click on the Get in Store app option and download it. modern-fluout-preview
  • Install and run the ModernFlyouts gadget.
  • Type ModernFlyouts in the Search bar and open the app. general-default-flyouts
  • Configure it according to your need.

This app will help you to navigate useful options more quickly.

4. Twinkle Tray

Several people use this tool to change their brightness level and twitch different settings. This Twinkle tray gadget might become handy to you.

Here are the methods to install Twinkle Tray on Windows 11:

  • Go to the Microsoft store for the Twinkle Tray app.
  • Select the Get in Store app box and download.
  • Set up the Twinkle Tray app.
  • Click on the Show hidden icon option.twinkle-tray-settings
  • Right-click on the Twinkle Tray icon and choose the Settings option.
  • Set the apps as you need.

This gadget can solve your numerous Settings issues.

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How do I get the weather widget on Windows 11?

Go to the left corner of the taskbar and place your cursor on the widgets menu. Then move your cursor to the (+) option and click, Select the weather widget.

What are Windows 11 widgets?

Widgets on Windows 11 are tools that can make your life easy and smooth generally, Microsoft adaptive card platforms power them.

How do I add a clock in Windows 11?

Follow Start > Settings > Time and language > Date & time > Additional clock, and you are all set.

Final Thought

You can use numerous widgets and gadgets on your Windows 11. But the Microsoft inbuilt widgets are the best because they contain authorized permission from the Microsoft company. Also, they are safer than any third-party gadgets.

If you read my article thoroughly, you will be able to learn about the 10 best gadgets that can make your life super smooth. You can also download and install them on your own.

Tell me your afterthought about this content in the comment below.

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