Copy and Paste Not Working on Windows 11 [Verified Fixes]

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Are you using the copy & paste function day to day? Surely it will bring up speed on your job.

However, you will be furious when this feature on your Windows 11 does not function properly. That’s a natural reaction, but it will soon be gone after reading this article.copy-and-paste-not-working-on-windows-11

I tested many adjustments to solve the copy/paste not working issue and came up with 8 verified fixes that will surely remove your problem.

So without wasting any time, let’s begin!

How to Fix Copy & Paste Not Working in Windows 11

When dealing with lots of data or records, the copy & paste feature is the only thing that keeps you up in balance. And when it’s not working, try to clear your clipboard history or run the rdpclip program to fix it. Plus, turning off filter keys and repairing the system might do the trick.

Are you overwhelmed by the methods? Don’t be! I displayed all the proven ones with clear instructions in this content.

Note: Before jumping into fixes, Restart your PC, which sometimes solves the problem. Also, make sure your Ctrl key is not defective. Try the other Ctrl key on your keyboard’s right side to check it. If the issue still appears, keep following the content to solve it.

Here are the fixes you need to apply to solve copy & paste not working in Windows 11:

1. Clear Clipboard History

The copy & paste function will not work when you have a malfunction in the clipboard history. So, clear the history to solve the issue.

Here’s the method to clear clipboard history:

  • Navigate to the Search box and type cmd, then open it with administrative privileges.cmd-run-as-administrator
  • Type cmd /c “echo off | clip” in the command window.
  • Press the Enter

Your issue will be gone after trying this fix. For 67% of the users, this method alone eliminates their problem. But if it persists, move on to the next.

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2. Run Rdpclip & Dwm Program with Administrative Privileges

Several users claim that when they run the rdpclip program on their system, the copy/paste problem vanishes. So let’s try the steps together and solve your problem.

Here are the steps to run Rdpclip & Dwm program with Administrative rights:

  • Move into your Windows setup drive. For most users, it is the C drive.
  • Enter into the Windows folder.
  • Scroll down and move into the System32 folder.
  • Type rdpclip into the Search box and hit Enter.
  • Right-click on the rdpclip.exe program and select Run as administrator.rdpclip-run-as-administrator
  • Choose Yes from the prompt window.

That’s it. Check the issue again, and you will see it’s gone. If the problem is still happening, use the dwm program to solve it. Follow the steps to accomplish that.

  • Open C drive.
  • Navigate to Windows > System32.
  • Search for dwm and right-click on dwm.exe.
  • Choose the Run as administrator.dwm-run-as-administrator

After finishing these steps, your copy/paste issue will disappear. But don’t lose heart if the problem is still bothering you. Trying out the next methods will definitely cure it.

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3. Turn Off Filter Keys

Throughout my research, I came across an excellent workaround that will save you from the copy & paste not functioning issue. Let’s see that briefly.

Here are the ways to turn off the Filter keys:

  • Press the Windows+S keys to open the Search box.
  • Type filter keys and select
  • Turn Off the Keyboard shortcuts for Filter keys toggle.turn-off-keyboard-shortcuts-for-filter-keys

Your issue will disappear after completing these steps.

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4. Check & Repair Windows System

Due to some defective system files and folders, the copy/paste not functioning issue can appear. That’s why run the SFC command into the Command Prompt and resolve your problem.

Here is the method to check & repair the Windows system with the SFC scan:

  • Move into the Search bar and type cmd.
  • Right-click on Command Prompt and select Run as administrator.cmd-right-click-run-as-administrator]
  • Type SFC /scannow and hit the Enter button.sfc-scan-now-command-windows-11
  • Wait for some time to complete the process.
  • Close the window and Restart the PC.

You will find that your problem with copy and paste is repaired now.

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5. Execute a Clean Boot on Your System

Performing a Clean boot on your Windows 11 will help you determine whether a third-party software is creating the copy/paste issue or not. On the clean boot environment, if your device works fine, then it’s clear that you need to disable some harmful apps.

But when your PC doesn’t perform well in the clean boot and the issue persists, you must follow the next methods I displayed.

First, let’s figure out how to execute a clean boot on your system.

Here is the process to execute a clean boot on Windows 11:

  • Open the Run program by pressing the Windows+R buttons.
  • Copy msconfig into the box and hit Enter to open the System
  • Navigate to the Services section.
  • Enable the Hide all Microsoft services checkbox.
  • Press the Disable all
  • Move to the Startup section.
  • Select the Open Task Manager hyperlink.startup-open-task-manager
  • Move into the Startup apps from the Task Manager.
  • Disable all the apps one after another.task-manager-startup-apps-disable
  • Move back to the System Configuration window, and select Apply and OK.system-config-apply-ok
  • Restart the device to enter into Clean Boot.

Check whether the copy & paste problem is still happening or not. If it’s OK now, then surely some third-party software is creating the issue.

Follow the process to find the faulty software and disable it.

  • Go to System Configuration > Services.
  • Check the Hide all Microsoft services.
  • Enable the apps one by one and check until you find the culprit.
  • Disable the defective software after finding it.

After clearing up all the steps, navigate to System Configuration and select Normal startup from the General section to move back into the default mode.system-config-normal-startup

6. Troubleshoot the Keyboard

Windows 11 offers several troubleshooting features. The keyboard troubleshooting function is one of them; with its help, you can eradicate your copy/paste not working problem.

Here’s the procedure to troubleshoot the keyboard:

  • Launch the Settings program by pressing the Win+I buttons.
  • Scroll down and choose Troubleshoot from the System section.settings-system-troubleshoot-windows-11
  • Click on the Other troubleshooters option.other-troubleshooters-win-11
  • Find Keyboard and hit the Run option.troubleshoot-keyboard-run

It will take some time for the system to complete the troubleshooting. And after that, your copy-and-paste feature will work just fine.

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7. Restart Your Windows Explorer

By restarting Windows Explorer, you can solve your copy/paste not functioning problem. Follow on to learn the process.

Here are the steps to Restart your Windows Explorer:

  • Press the Ctrl+Shift+Esc buttons altogether to open the Task Manager.
  • Right-click on the Windows Explorer from the Processes tab,
  • Choose the Restart

Use the copy & paste function again to check whether the problem is resolved. If not, track down the following segment.

8. End Running Tasks and Restart

Although the Computer is a multitasker, it sometimes falls short while operating numerous programs. Then this copy/paste not working types issue arises. To resolve the problem, end the running tasks and reboot your PC.

Here is the process to End running tasks and restart the device:

  • Hold the Ctrl+Shift+Esc buttons to launch the Task Manager.
  • Select a running task.
  • Right-click and choose the End task option.end-task-task-manager-win-11
  • Use the same process and end tasks for all running apps.
  • Restart the device.

This simple method can help you to eliminate your problem.

After finishing all the stated fixes, if you still face the copy/paste problem, Update your Windows. Also, Turn off third-party antiviruses because they sometimes block some essential PC operating files.

Why is Copy/Paste Not Working in Windows 11?

Generally, the copy & paste feature will not work when the buttons you use to copy or paste are defective. Additionally, faulty third-party apps, broken clipboard history, flawed keyboard management and out-of-order Windows system files can create this problem.

To eradicate the issue, a simple Restart might be the one you need. But if the problem is caused due to internal damage, then you must navigate through this article to solve your problem.

Updating the Windows and turning off the antivirus could help you in the cause. But to resolve the problem completely, you must take significant actions like clearing your clipboard history, running the rdpclip.exe program and turning off the filter keys.

Now you know why the copy & paste not functioning problem appears and what measures you can take to resolve it.


Why won’t my computer let me copy and paste anymore?

When an external third-party software intercepts the operation of your clipboard, then the computer won’t let you copy and paste anymore.

How do I fix the copy & paste not working issue on Windows 11?

Follow the steps to fix copy & paste not functioning problem:

  • Open Command Prompt as an administrator.
  • Write the cmd /c “echo off | clip” command.
  • Hit the Enter button.

Ending Remarks

When you fall into the copy/paste not functioning problem, you will look for a way to fix that. And upon stumbling over this article, your journey ends because here you will find the methods that will eliminate your issue.

Dive deep into this content and solve your problem with the displayed instructions. Inform me which one helps you the most.

See you in the comment section. Bye!

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