Discord Phone Verification Not Working? Here's the Solution

Written By Farhan Max

You’re trying to verify the phone number on a Discord server, but it’s not working, right?

Then you’re in the right place! After countless hours going through the verification process, I finally fixed the issue and was able to verify my phone number.


So, sit tight and read the whole post where I share with you the solution to fix this issue.

Why Discord Needs to Verify Phone Numbers?

Discord needs to verify phone numbers to ensure the security of its users’ accounts. By verifying your phone number with your Discord account, Discord can verify that you are a legitimate user and not a spammer or hacker attempting to access the platform.

The majority of Discord servers are public, and there’s a possibility that these servers are flooded by spammers, which will ruin the community.

To ensure that’s not the case, Discord took security measures such as 2-factor authentication and phone verification. These verifications help to reduce the amount of spammers and bots, resulting in a clean community and server.


Why is My Discord Phone Verification Not Working?

Discord phone verification is not working due to an unstable internet connection, using a VOIP or landline phone number, using a phone number that’s already registered with Discord, or using an invalid phone number. Sometimes the Discord servers are down and cause this issue.

While using Discord, you might face the Discord phone verification not functioning or verification not working issue. Don’t worry, Discord didn’t disable your account. Phone verification failure can happen due to various reasons.

Discord may restrict some features in your account when the mobile number validation fails, so it is important for Discord users to complete the verification process as soon as possible. Before going for the fixes, it’s important to know the reasons so that you can apply the right fix.

Here are the reasons why Discord phone verification fails:

1. Unstable internet

If your internet connection is acting up, the phone verification might fail. A stable internet connection is required for the verification process to go smoothly.

2. VOIP or landline number

Discord doesn’t accept VOIP or landline numbers to verify accounts. So you’ll be out of luck when using these numbers.

3. Number already registered

Discord number verification will fail if the number you’re providing is already used to verify another account. You cannot use the same number to verify multiple Discord accounts.

4. Invalid number

If the number is not typed correctly or the country code is wrong, it’s apparent that the verification will fail.

5. Server down

Discord will fail to provide the verification code if their servers are down.

Now that you know the reasons, you can scroll down and find the appropriate fix for the phone verification issue or the phone verification bypass issue.

How to Fix Discord Phone Verification Not Working

To fix the Discord phone verification problem, ensure the internet connection is stable, and the phone number you’ve provided isn’t a fake VOIP or landline number. You also need to ensure the number hasn’t already been used for Discord verification.

Below, you will find these methods in detail with step-by-step guidelines. Go through the procedures and apply them to resolve your issues accordingly.

Here are the methods to fix Discord phone number verification not working:

1. Use an Authentic Mobile Phone Number

First of all, before verifying your phone number with Discord, make sure it isn’t a landline, VoIP, or temporary phone number because Discord doesn’t verify these numbers. It only verifies phone numbers registered to actual persons.

Always use a phone number that you own to register with your Discord account.

Discord automatically filters out land/VoIP/Burner invalid phone numbers when submitted to receive OTP for Discord.

If you submit these types of phone numbers in the Discord mobile verification process, you’ll receive a message from Discord saying the number is invalid.

2. Ensure a Stable Internet Connection

Always use a stable internet connection with good speeds to succeed in Discord phone verification.

Discord will take longer to send the verification code if you use a lousy internet connection. If you can’t enter the code in due time, Discord’s attempt to verify your Discord phone number will fail.

So, reset your router and its configuration for any connectivity issues. If you find difficulty connecting to the internet, contact your ISP or network admin to fix the problem. This method is also helpful when the messages fail to load on Discord.

3. Register a New Phone Number in Discord

If you’re using a number for Discord phone verification that’s already registered to a Discord account, the phone verification will not work for you.

Discord uses a unique contact number account system that is based on a VoIP-based platform. So, if a phone number is already registered to a Discord account, then you cannot re-register it to your account unless it is removed from the previous account. A phone number can be assigned to only one Discord account at a time.

If you try to verify your phone number with an already registered number on your Discord profile, it will show you an error message indicating the number is already used.

So, use a unique mobile number to verify your account phone number and Discord profile.


4. Select the Correct Country Code

Country code is an important part of a mobile number. So, choosing an incorrect country code can disrupt the phone verification on Discord.

Selecting the wrong country code will make Discord send the OTP code to a person with the same phone number as you but in a different country, and you wouldn’t be able to pass the phone authentication.

So, before submitting your mobile number to Discord for verification, choose your country code wisely to pass the phone verification process successfully.


How to Add and Verify a Phone Number to Discord

Adding your phone number to your Discord account is a pretty easy task, and it’ll take only a minute to perform this task. It’s very important when you get temporarily banned on Discord. But don’t worry if you don’t know the process.

I’ve prepared a step-by-step guideline to add a phone number to your Discord account. Also, use the previous section as a guide to prevent Discord verification from failing.

Here are the steps to add a phone number to your Discord account:

  • Open the Discord app.
  • Go to Settings by clicking the cogwheel icon beside your username.
  • Click on My Account under User Settings on the left pane.
  • Click on Add beside Phone Number under your username.
  • Select your country code from the list.
  • Type your phone number in the box and click Send.
  • Type the verification code inside the box, and it’ll be accepted automatically if it’s correct.
  • Type your password and click on Confirm. Confirm

Your phone number is verified and added to your Discord account for extra security measures. If you’re wondering how to remove phone number from Discord, go to Settings > My Account and click Remove next to your phone number.

Are your pals unable to hear you on Discord? Before replacing the microphone, go through our troubleshooting guide, where we fix Discord microphone issues.


Why am I not getting my SMS code from Discord?

You are not getting your SMS from Discord because you’ve mistyped your phone number or selected the wrong country code. Sometimes a lousy internet connection delays Discord from sending you the verification code. Waiting a few minutes and trying again later will fix this issue.

Do you need a phone number for Discord?

You need a phone number to use Discord. Discord now requires your phone number to verify your identity if your account gets locked out. Plus, adding your phone number also increases the security of your account.

How do I change my phone number on Discord?

To change your phone number on Discord, go to Settings > User Settings > My Account > Edit > Select country code > enter phone number > enter verification code and finally enter your password to confirm this.

How do I find my 6-digit authentication code on Discord?

To find the 6-digit Discord authentication code, go to Settings > User Settings > My Account > Enable 2FA. Now scan the code using your authentication app using this key.


Discord’s phone verification process is a pretty easy task if you know the whole process. But, sometimes, a small task like this can give you hell if anything goes wrong. I listed all my findings above when Discord cannot verify your phone.

Go through them to find which one is causing you inconvenience and follow the fixing section to solve them. If you have any further queries, comment below, and our experts will get to you right away!

Till next time, it’s goodbye.

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  1. Hey, So I logged out of my discord account and tried logging back in, unfortunately I can’t, it needs me ti verify the account again. The issue is the phone number I used for verification was stolen some time back. Is there some other way to verify my account without same number?

    • If you’re unable to verify your Discord account due to a lost phone number, you should reach out to Discord’s support for assistance. You can submit a ticket on Discord’s support page explaining your situation. Provide any relevant information about your account to help them verify your identity. They may offer alternative methods for account recovery or guide you through the verification process. Keep an eye on your email associated with the Discord account for any communication from Discord support.


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