Fix Unable to Confirm Payment Method Discord Nitro [2024]

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Do you want to subscribe to Discord Nitro? But, you can’t as you are unable to confirm the payment method for Discord Nitro.

Confirming payment methods is one major step in buying a subscription. You can’t buy a subscription without confirming it. I can feel your pain as I’ve also gone through the same situation.fix-unable-to-confirm-payment-method-discord-nitro

Don’t worry. After exploring for hours, I was able to deal with this problem and now, everything is fine including the confirmation of the payment method.

So, let’s start.

How to Fix Unable to Confirm Payment Methods for Discord Nitro

To fix the problem while confirming payment methods for Discord Nitro, you’ll need to use the Discord-supported payment method, PayPal, and Credit/Debit card, avoiding prepaid cards. Also, you must check the Discord server and app status to successfully confirm the payment.

Many people face the problem of disabling confirmation payment methods in Discord Nitro. Don’t bother to read through the whole article. I will provide proper guidance for fixing this issue.

Here are the ways to fix unable to confirm payment methods for Discord Nitro:

1. Use Discord Nitro-Supported Payment Methods

Discord Nitro supports some specific methods for subscribing or paying. You must follow any of the methods for subscribing.

Here is the list of systems you should follow for confirming the payment method:

  • A valid credit/debit card (Global)
  • PayPal (Global)
  • Venmo (United States)
  • Paysafecard (Germany)
  • Gcash (Philippines)
  • Grabpay (Malaysia)
  • MoMoWallet (Vietnam)
  • KakaoPay (South Korea)
  • Sofort (Europe)
  • iDEAL (Netherlands)
  • Giropay (Germany)
  • Bancontact (Belgium)
  • EPS (Austria)
  • Przelewy24 (Poland)
  • GoPay (Indonesia)

Discord will successfully confirm the payment method if you provide accurate information on these payment methods.

2. Don’t Use Prepaid Card

You may wonder if you have valid accounts or cards that Discord Nitro should support but are still unable to confirm payment methods for which reason. You should keep in mind that Discord Nitro doesn’t support any prepaid card for payment.

3. Connect Bank to PayPal

You have a valid account in PayPal Wallet but still can’t confirm the payment method for subscribing to Discord Nitro.

You must keep in mind that you can confirm the PayPal payment method only when your PayPal account has access to your bank account. Otherwise, your payment confirmation won’t be enabled.

Here is the process of linking a bank account to PayPal:

  • Open your PayPal account.
  • Click on the Wallet option at the top.
  • Select the Add-in option.
  • Provide valid bank account details one by one very carefully.
  • Confirm bank card.
  • Confirm Paypal as your confirmation method for buying and subscribing to Discord Nitro.

If all the bank accounts and PayPal are valid, Discord will confirm the Nitro payment method.

4. Change Payment Method

If your payment confirmation method is still neglected, you can change your existing confirmation method and look for a newer one. Who knows! This may solve your problem.

Here is the way to change the payment confirmation method:

  • Launch Discord.
  • Click on the User Settings bar.discord-user-settings
  • Move to the Subscription
  • Navigate to the Make this my default payment method tab.make-this-my-default-payment-method-tab
  • Add the method you want to select for payment.

You can change your default payment method and set another payment method for subscription according to your comfort.

5. Add Account Balance

If your Credit card, Debit card, PayPal, or other payment method doesn’t have the sufficient amount to buy the Classic or Basic Nitro pack, you’ll need to add a balance from the bank account.

Without enough balance, Discord won’t renew your Nitro and also hinder you from purchasing a new subscription.

After adding the required amount, try purchasing the Nitro again and the payment method should work now.

6. Re-login to Discord

Sometimes, users encounter some bug that hinders them to confirm the payment method and Discord won’t let them buy the Nitro.

If you’re continuously facing the problem, restart Discord and try confirming the payment method again.

7. Check Internet & Discord Server Status

When verifying a cross-platform payment system, a good internet connection is a must for a successful confirmation. Fix your slow internet and then try confirming the Discord payment method again.

However, if the Discord server is down, you won’t be able to verify the payment method. You can check the Discord server status to confirm every service is operational.

8. Contact Support

I hope the above solutions have already resolved the payment method in your Discord. However, after doing everything right if you’re still facing issues in Discord, it can be an issue from the Discords’ side.

In that case, you should contact Discord support and they will assist you to fix the payment method issue.

Why is Discord Unable to Confirm Payment Method?

You are unable to confirm the payment method in Discord Nitro due to not having a Credit/ Debit card, PayPal, or supported payment method, not providing accurate information, an unlinked PayPal account, insufficient account balance, and a Discord server issue.

Most of the reasons behind an unsuccessful payment method confirmation are related to incorrect payment methods and information. Sometimes, other variables affect the server and cause problems.

Here are all the major reasons for failed payment method confirmation in Discord:

Invalid Payment Method

Discord only supports payment from their supported method. If you don’t have accounts in any of those payment services, Discord will show an invalid Nitro payment method and won’t confirm the process.

For example, Discord doesn’t accept subscription payments from Paytm. So, if you provide Paytm information, it will show Sorry, this payment source cannot be used for redemption and won’t complete your payment method.

Incorrect Payment Information

Accurate account information is required for a successful payment method confirmation. If you don’t provide the correct details, Discord won’t accept your billing information.

Unlinked PayPal Account

If you are using PayPal as your subscription method, you must link a bank account with your PayPal. Otherwise, Discord won’t be able to complete the Nitro purchasing and the payment method confirmation will fail.

Insufficient Balance

In this world, nothing is free, right? The same goes for the Discord.

If your Credit/Debit card, PayPal, or other payment system doesn’t have sufficient balance, Discord will show Nitro payment failed and won’t confirm the payment method.

Discord Server Issue

To confirm all the payment methods successfully, you’ll need a working Discord service. If the Discord server or the payment service is down, you won’t be able to confirm the Nitro payment.

Once you read all the reasons, it will help you identify the problem and use the solutions efficiently.

The Billing Process for Subscription in Discord Nitro

You can pay for two different subscriptions- Nitro and Server Boosting. You have the freedom to choose both options or any of them according to your preferences.

If you want to pay for one subscription, Discord will allow you to pay for one subscription. If you want to pay for both subscriptions, Discord will unify the amount. You have the choice to pay for both subscriptions at one time or separately.

It means that you can pay for both subscriptions at one time or you can pay separately.

To purchase the subscription, you will need to add a payment method first. The following passage will describe the ways to add a payment method to your Discord.

How to Add a Payment Method in Discord Nitro

To add a payment method in Discord Nitro, you’ll need to add your Credit/Debit card or PayPal information in Billing from User Settings. Accurate payment methods and information are a must to purchase the Discord Classic or Basic subscription.

Here are the steps for adding a payment method for Discord Nitro:

  • Launch Discord.
  • Click on the User Settings option for adding a payment method.
  • Navigate to the Billing tab.
  • Press on Add Payment Method. discord-billing
  • Click on Card or PayPal. discord-payment-method
  • Provide the account information and connect the payment method. discord-payment-information

After adding the billing information, you’ll be able to purchase the Nitro subscription or boost a server whenever you want.

However, if the address doesn’t work, you’ll need to fix the Discord Nitro billing address before purchasing a subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you face an invalid payment source error?

If you provide any wrong information details in the card fields while adding a payment method, you will encounter this type of error. For this reason, you won’t be able to complete payment for subscriptions.

Can you use PayTM for paying subscriptions?

PayTM or Pay Through Mobile is a digital payment system provider company. If you have a Paytm account and are thinking of paying the subscription fee through it, you can’t. Discord Nitro doesn’t support it.

Can you use the Paypal balance for paying the subscriptions?

You can’t use the PayPal balance from the Wallets for paying the subscription fees. You have to link your bank account to PayPal first and then pay through PayPal.

Can you allege Discord Nitro Without a credit or debit card?

As long as you are using the three months free trial, you don’t need any credit or debit card. After using Discord Nitro for three months, if you want to continue, you need a credit or debit card to pay for your subscription.


Discord Nitro is one of the popular platforms for audio/ video communication and chatting with friends. It provides three months free subscriptions at the early stage but if you want to use it further, you can do it only by paying for the subscriptions.

You won’t be able to pay for subscriptions if you are unable to confirm a payment method.

In this article, I’ve shown you the reasons for being unable to confirm a payment method in Discord Nitro. I’ve also shown all the possible ways to fix this hiccup. Read the whole article carefully while applying the fixes.

If you have any queries or questions regarding this issue, you can ask in the comment section without any hesitation. Our experts will try to clear up your confusion as early as possible.

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