How to Fix Spotify Listen Along Not Working on Discord[2022]

Written By Steven Arends

Is Spotify ‘listen along’ not working on Discord?

You do not need to worry at all.

You have come to the right place.

I will show you how to fix the Discord Spotify listen along error.


What is Discord Spotify listen along?

Spotify ‘listen along’ is a great feature on Discord that allows you to listen to Spotify songs together with your friends via Discord. Your friends can see which songs you are listening to, join you, and listen along.

Keep reading the whole post to learn in detail.

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Can You Listen To Spotify And Discord At The Same Time?

You can not listen to Spotify and Discord at the same time. If there is any voice activity from Discord for more than 30 seconds, the Spotify ‘listen along’ feature will stop playing songs. It is done to comply with the Spotify Terms of Agreement.

Discord is a great app to connect to people and chat. It is hugely popular among gamers.

Spotify, on the other hand, is an excellent online music streaming service. It offers an extensive catalog and super streaming quality with easy access.

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Recently, Discord allowed users to listen to songs together from Spotify and many more.

It enables a lot of new opportunities and flexibilities to stay connected together. You can stay connected to your friends, do text chat and listen to the same song, all at the same time.

It offers a great way to vibe together.

Discord allows the following via the Spotify connection:

  1. Friends can see the status of what songs you are listening to.
  2. Friends can play the song you are listening to.
  3. Friends can listen along with you. Note that your friends will require a Spotify premium account.

How To Fix Discord Spotify Listen Along Not Working

Discord Spotify ‘listen along’ is a great feature, no doubt.

However, sometimes there might be issues depending on the user, device, or account type.

The good thing is, the issues are straightforward to fix.

Here are the steps to fix Discord Spotify listen along error:

1. Make sure to get Spotify Premium

Discord ‘listen along’ requires a Spotify premium account for all the listeners. So if ‘listen along’ is not working, make sure that every listener has a Spotify premium account.

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2. Make sure there is no voice activity

If there is any kind of voice activity while playing a song, the ‘listen along’ will stop working. It is due to the personal use policy and End-user Agreement of Spotify.

Whether you are voice chatting, sharing a screen, or going live, all these falls under voice activity. So the ‘listen along’ feature will stop. You can switch to a text channel to overcome the issue.

If you are not involved in any voice activity, maybe the mic automatically picks up sound and gets registered as a voice activity.

To fix that, you need to enable push to talk.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Click on the gear icon to go to Settings.discord-user-settings
  • Click on Voice and Video.
  • Turn on Push To Talk under Input Mode.discord-push-to-talk

3. Disable crossfading

If you enable crossfade on Spotify, it might halt the playback for listeners while the song changes.

To fix that, simply turn off crossfade in Spotify app settings.

4. Keep the device awake

If you use a mobile device for Spotify ‘listen along’, there might be a problem.

If the device goes to sleep and the currently playing song comes to an end, the ‘listen along’ might abruptly stop. It happens as the Discord app loses connection with Spotify.

To avoid the issue, keep the device awake while using ‘listen along’ by changing the sleep timing on the mobile device.

Or just use the desktop client for a better experience and less hassle.

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5. Select the correct device

Sometimes, if you have multiple devices on your Spotify account, Discord gets confused picking up the correct one.

Select a device from your Spotify app or just play a song from the Spotify app to fix the confusion. Discord will then pick up which device to use for the ‘listen along’ feature.

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6. Sync system time

If the device system time is not in sync with the real-time, there might be an audio delay issue.

To fix that, make sure the device syncs the system time correctly for all listeners and the source user.


7. Re-connect your Spotify account

If everything else fails, reconnecting the Spotify account on Discord will fix the issue in most cases.

If you hear the previous song or the song is not synced correctly when you join, disconnect the Spotify account and then connect again to fix the issue.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Click on the gear icon to go to Settings.
  2. Click on Connections.
  3. Click on the cross (x) beside Spotify.
  4. Click on the Spotify icon.
  5. Follow the instructions to add your Spotify account.

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8. Use third-party music bots

Using third-party music bots is an alternative to using the ‘listen along’ on Spotify.

You can create a voice channel on a server and add a music bot to the channel. Then you can easily play songs using the appropriate commands. Your friends or other server members can join the voice channel to listen to the song.

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A plus point is that you would not need a Spotify premium account to listen to songs together. Just type the correct command to play the song and join the channel to listen to the same song together.

Here are some popular bots:

  1. Rythm
  2. Groovy
  3. Hydra

How To Invite Friends To Listen Along On Discord

Using the Spotify ‘listen along’ feature, you can easily see and invite friends to ‘listen along’ with you on Discord.

However, note that all the listeners must have a Spotify premium subscription; otherwise, they can not listen along with you.

Here’s how to invite friends to listen along:

  • Play music on Spotify.
  • Make sure Discord is showing the right music on your status.
  • Select the friend you want to invite.
  • Click on the + icon next to the text box. You will get a message preview.
  • Type a comment (if you want to).
  • Click on ‘Send Invite’ to send the invite link.

Once you follow these steps, your friend will receive a message with a ‘Join’ button. By clicking on the ‘Join’ button, they can quickly join you to listen to music together.

Now you will see how many friends are listening along on the bottom left corner of the app.

Note that if you stop playing music, the invite link will show ‘session has ended’. Once you resume music, the join button will show up again.

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How To Connect Spotify With Discord

Spotify ‘listen along’ is a super cool feature on Discord that lets you share what you listen to on Spotify via Discord. Your friends can also join to listen with you if they have a Spotify premium.

Here’s how to connect Spotify with Discord:

  • Go to User Settings.
  • Go to Connections.
  • Click on the Spotify logo.
  • Confirm that you want to connect Spotify with Discord.
  • Login to Spotify with your credentials. After this, you will see a success message.
  • Check if Spotify appears on the list of connected accounts.

As you can see, connecting Spotify with Discord is not that complicated.

There are a few settings you can configure for a better experience. If you want to display your Spotify name on your Discord profile, you have the option to toggle that here. You can also display ‘Spotify’ as your status.

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Why Spotify Listen Along Keeps Pausing On Discord

Due to the Terms and Agreement from Spotify, Discord pauses the listen along playback if there is any sort of voice activity from Discord for 30 seconds. The voice activity could be you speaking, the mic taking up surrounding noise, or other voice sources.

Spotify is for personal use. Discord has to abide by the End User Agreement and some Terms and Conditions from Spotify.

Hence if your microphone is transmitting voice or sound for 30 seconds, Discord pauses the  Spotify playback.

You will get an error message that says: ‘Spotify playback paused’.

There are many ways it can happen:

  1. Via voice chat.
  2. Via screen share.
  3. Via going live.

Whatever the cause might be, the main point to note here is the voice activity. There should not be any sort of voice activity from you for 30 seconds at a stretch.

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If you are not speaking or making noise, but the ‘listen along’ playback keeps pausing, it might be that your microphone is picking up noise from your atmosphere.

You can resort to changing the voice settings to avoid the error.

How To Fix The Discord Spotify Playback Paused Error

The Spotify playback paused error occurs when you use the ‘listen along’ feature on Discord, and there is a voice activity from your side.

Discord pauses the playback if there is a voice activity for 30 seconds.

If you are not speaking or making a noise, your microphone might be picking up unwanted noise from the background.

Here’s how to fix the Spotify playback paused error:

  1. Click on the gear icon to go to Settings.discord-user-settings
  2. Click on Voice and Video under App Settings.
  3. Select Push To Talk under Input Mode.discord-push-to-talk
  4. Configure the push to talk button (if needed).

Now you can press the push to talk key while speaking, and your mic will not pick up the voice automatically.

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Question: Why is my Spotify constantly pausing?

Answer: If Spotify ‘listen along’ is constantly pausing, there is voice activity for 30 seconds from your side. Switch to push to talk to avoid registering unwanted voice activities.

Question: Do you need Spotify premium for Discord?

Answer: You need Spotify premium to use the ‘listen along’ feature and listen to other’s songs. But to play your song or to see what others are playing, you do not need a Spotify premium subscription.

Final Thoughts

The Spotify ‘listen along’ is a superb feature to listen to songs together and vibe via Discord.

It is a unique way of getting connected and sharing moments.

But sometimes, there might be minor issues with the feature.

Luckily you can fix them in a short time.

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