Is Discord Soundboard Only for Nitro? [Answered 2024]

Written By Shubrato Dev Baishnab

Discord launched its in-app Soundboard on April 7, 2023, which opens a new path to react with sounds while voice chatting on Discord servers. However, it wasn’t available for all the servers in the early stage.

Later, it becomes available to most users. But, some still think that the Soundboard is only for Discord Nitro users because they haven’t got the soundboard feature

Is it true that Soundboard is only for Discord Nitro users? Let’s find out!

Is Soundboard Feature only Available in Discord Nitro?

No, you don’t have to subscribe to Discord Nitro to use the Soundboard feature within the server itself. You can use the in-app Soundboard feature from the regular Discord account. However, subscribing to the Discord Nitro plan is necessary if you want to use the same sound across the servers.discord-soundboard

Let’s simplify it a bit more.

With a regular Discord account, you can play the Soundboard sounds within the server and even with the Nitro Basic plan.

The fact is, the Nitro & Basic subscribers only get some benefits of the Soundboard, but speaking of the usability, all the Discord users can play around with the Soundboard sounds. Plus, regular Discord users can add sounds by uploading them to the servers.

Just like Nitro subscribers, regular Discord users can control the soundboard access as an admin of the server. As an admin of the Discord server, you can allow or block soundboard access for the members.

So, other factors are involved if you don’t see a soundboard option yet. Don’t think that only the Nitro users have only access to Discord’s in-app Soundboard app. Moreover, there are other reasons behind your Discord server doesn’t have the Soundboard feature.

Why My Discord Server Doesn’t Have Soundboard?

If you can’t see the Discord Soundboard feature, one of the top reasons is the number of members on the server. If your server exceeds 50 members, you won’t be able to see the Soundboard option. Secondly, members won’t be able to use the Soundboard if the admin blocks the access.

So, if you have over 50 members on your server, you might not have the Discord Soundboard option. In my test, I found that I could use the soundboard while voice chatting to the servers where members count not more than 50.

But that music album icon is unavailable to all the servers where member counts over 50. So, if you want to use the soundboard on the server, ensure members are within the limit.

However, there’s a chance the admin might have blocked the soundboard access for other devices except his/her. So, all you can do is hear the sounds while voice chatting on the server. If this is the case, contact your admin to give you the soundboard access.

Besides, there are other reasons behind Soundboard not showing up on the server and you can quickly fix it.

Soundboard and Nitro Basic

The Nitro basic plan has more features than our regular free Discord. However, if you compare the Nitor Basic with the Nitro package plan, you’ll see considerable feature differences. But you can’t play the soundboard’s sound across the servers with the Nitro Basic plan.nitro-basic

To get access to play your custom soundboard sounds on any server you want, you must get the Nitro plan.

With the Nitro Basic, you can only play Soundboard sound within the server! Yes, you heard it right!

As I have stated earlier, there are only a few differences between the regular free Discord and the Nitro Basic subscription plan. If you desperately want to play custom soundboard sound across the servers, you must get the Nitro plan.

Because Nitro is fully feature-packed and besides playing funny sounds across the server, you’ll get more accessibility in HD Streaming, changing the theme color for Discord, or a custom server profile.

Speaking of getting the Nitro plan, you might face some issues while purchasing the subscription. Sometimes due to some bugs and glitches, Discord won’t let you buy the subscription. But you can fix the problem easily by applying proper techniques.


Can I use the Discord Soundboard with Nitro Basic?

You can use the Discord soundboard with Nitro Basic. And you can only play sounds within the server. Plus, you can add your custom sounds to the Soundboard. But you can’t play those custom sounds across the servers. For that, you just need to subscribe Discord Nitro plan.

Is Discord Soundboard free to use?

Discord soundboard is free to use and only available for the PC version. You can play sounds within your server, but you must get the Discord Nitro plan to play custom sounds across other servers.

How much does the Discord Nitro Basic & Nitro subscription plan cost?

To get the Nitro Basic, you must pay $2.99 per month, and the Nitro subscription cost will be $9.99 per month.

Final Words

Discord soundboard is the best way to have fun or mock friends while voice chatting on the serves. Plus, funny sounds while playing & streaming games on the Discord servers add an extra layer of entertainment.

But there are some restrictions on using Discord soundboard if you use the regular Discord or Nitro Basic. Subscribe to the Discord Nitro for $9.99/month to get the real fun. Otherwise, you won’t be able to play sounds across the servers. I bet this article clears your confusion now!

Still, if you need any help on Discord, comment below. And don’t forget to let the sound make everyone laugh.

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