Fix: Can't Move The Folder Because There Is A Folder in The Same Location

Written By Steven Arends

Ever faced that problem where you want to move your default Documents & Picture folder to another directory but cannot do it because every time you want to, you end up getting this message-

So, why you’re seeing ‘Cannot move the folder because there is a file in the same location that cannot be redirected. Access is denied.’?

You cannot move your folders into another directory or even in the same drive because of the Windows 10 May 2019 update. This update came out with a OneDrive bug that doesn’t allow you to move folders into another directory.

Well, I have been there, as a windows enthusiast myself, and after going through every possible fix out there, I will be giving you the exact solution you need.

So, keep scrolling and try the fixes accordingly.

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How to fix the There is a folder in the same location that can’t be redirected Error

If you are not up to date with the new version of windows, there’s this big chance you still might be stuck with this problem.

It is pretty absurd to update windows just to solve this pretty little annoying problem.

Also, there is a strong possibility with the newer version of windows; you might face more problems.

So, I will guide you on how you can solve this problem without updating the windows.

Here are the steps to fix Can’t Move the Folder on Windows PC :

1. Relink OneDrive

This is by far the easiest fix out there. Before tweaking your registry key, I will suggest you give this fix a try.relink-onedrive

  1. Close down all the applications connected with OneDrive. Make sure that all the files are up to date with OneDrive. You can check it by clicking the OneDrive icon from the taskbar. If it is updated, you will see OneDrive is up to date. If not, make sure to synchronize.
  2. Right-click on OneDrive and select settings.
  3. Go to the account tab and click on unlink this pc and then select unlink account. A new OneDrive window will pop up close it.
  4. Restart Your pc.
  5. Go to OneDrive Account and log in.
  6. Click the sync button. You are done relinking OneDrive. You should be able to move your folders now.

But if you still cannot follow the next method. Quickly Check what power supply do you have.

2. Edit The Registry Key

You can fix the problem by modifying user shell folders from the registry key.edit-registry-key

Here are the steps to edit the registry key:

  1. Type in Run or Press Windows + R a run window will pop up.
  2. Type in Regedit. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER, expand it, then to Software.
  3. Look for Microsoft expand it, Go to windows, then to CurrentVersion.
  4. Go to explorer, then click on User Shell Folders. Move over to the right panel of the window and double click on the folder you want to move. Let’s say you can’t move the folder Documents, then double click on it and then change the value data to %USERPROFILE%\Documents.
  5. Click on ok and close the registry editor.
  6. Reboot your pc.

And there you go, and you should no longer face that annoying “Cannot move the folder because there is a file in the same location that cannot be redirected. Access is denied” text. Here’s an epic guide on how to use host mode on Twitch.

Corresponding value data for other folders:

Desktop – %USERPROFILE%\Desktop

Favorites – %USERPROFILE%\Favorites

Music – %USERPROFILE%\Music

Pictures – %USERPROFILE%\Pictures

Videos – %USERPROFILE%\Videos

Documents – %USERPROFILE%\Documents

Downloads – %USERPROFILE%\Downloads

Keep that in mind corresponding registry key for Download folder is {374DE290-123F-4565-9164-39C4925E467B}.

You might still face the problem in some newer versions of windows.

How to Fix Folder in the Same Location [Updated Windows Version]

In some newer versions of windows, the fix of this problem is relatively easy.


  1. Go to OneDrive. Then, from the activity center, select More.
  2. Go to settings and then Autosave and then to update folders.
  3. Deselect the folders you want to move in your normal directory.
  4. Click on choose to stop protection. After that, click on Ok.

And you are done. Easy right? Now you can move around your folders without any restriction.

How To Restore Default Folder Location

If you feel like, hey, I want to revert everything to its default location. But how do you do it?

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Here are the steps to restore default folder location on Windows:

  1. Go to File Explorer.
  2. Go to your current folder location.
  3. Select the Folder you want to move.
  4. Go to properties via right-clicking on it.
  5. Navigate to the location tab.
  6. Click on Restore Default location.
  7. Click OK after that, a message will pop up.
  8. Click yes on the warning text, and you are done restoring.

You will now find your folder in its default location. If you want to move every folder to its default location, just repeat this process.

Final Thoughts

Moving around your folders freely is necessary because you don’t want to be stuck with the limited storage in your Windows drive.

I am pretty sure if you follow the instructions step by step, you will get rid of this bug by OneDrive.

And if you have any future queries, you can always reach us.

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