Steam Screenshot Folder : Find Your Screenshots in 1 Minute

Written By Steven Arends

Screenshots folder is the place where steam stores your memorable gaming moments. You don’t want to miss snapping a single glorious moment in your gameplay. Do you?

You can access the screenshot folder directory via windows explorer or native steam app. But…

Where are steam screenshots saved?

Steam stores your saved screenshots in the C:Program Files x86 steam userdataSteamID760remoteGameIDscreenshots directory. Manual Customized screenshots are also saved in this directory.

Taking game screenshots while playing games is a must do for all the gamers around the world. And steam is the greatest platform for PC gamers.


How to Take A Screenshot While Gaming in Steam?

From any Steam game, you can take a screenshot by using the hot key (F12) of the current gameplay screen.

I know how important it is for you to take screenshots while playing a steam. But the process might be a little bit confusing for you.

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It’s that simple! You don’t have to burn your CPU-GPU, gaming PSU for it (pun intended)…

How to Access Steam Screenshots Folder

In this section, I’ve discussed 2 quickest way to access all your magical video games moments.

All you have to do is, follow the step by step process or watch the video .

Here are the ways to access steam screenshot folder directory:

1. Use Windows Explorer

You can extract steam screenshots from your hard disk. Here are the steps to locate screenshots using Windows Explorer:

1.  Open the local disk where you have installed steam ( default [local disk C:] ).

2.  Open C:Program Files (x86) and scroll down to steam folder.

3.  Go to user data folder > User ID > Folder named 760 > Remote.

4.  Find your Game ID. All your stored images are saved in the screenshots directory.


Important Note: Each of your game has a different Numerical ID in its folder names. You can open all the folders and get to know about which folder is for which game.

Pro Tip: Don’t rename these folders or you might face problem in saving screenshots in future from your steam app.

2. Use the Official Steam App


I think this method is much easier way than the previous one…

Here are the steps to locate screenshots using the Steam App:

1. Open steam app and click on the [view] tab at the top of the application.

2. Click on [Screenshot] from the drop down menu bar to open the screenshot manager.

3. Use the screenshot manager to upload or delete your desired screenshot photo.

4. Access the screenshots directly through your hard drive by clicking the [show on disk] button.

Note: There is a space to write your caption and upload your desired picture. You can also try using your custom screenshot in steam. There is also the option to delete specific screenshots permanently from your hard drive directly from here.

Also, steam has this weird error named ‘not enough disk space’ even though you have plenty of space left on your hard drive.

How to Change Default Steam Screenshots Folder


Your storage might not be sufficient to store all your screenshots. Many Steam user reported that they find it confusing to navigate to steam screenshots folder.

But don’t worry, I narrowed down the simple steps for you.

Here are the steps to change default steam screenshot folder location:

1. Open steam app and click on [view].

2. Select Settings and go to the [In-Game] tab.

3. Select the screenshot folder and you will be given option to create a new folder. Click [OK]. Check below the screenshot hotkey option where you can change the screenshot hotkey for steam games.

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How to Upload Custom Screenshots to Steam Library


Uploading a custom screen shot to your steam library is very amazing as you can upload any type of edited pictures.

But there’s no automatic option in the steam app for doing it. So, you need to create an image manually.

Here are the steps to upload custom screenshots to steam library:

1. Open the Steam software

Open steam app and navigate to your library. whichever  Find that game you want your screenshot to be associated with in your library.

Use the F12 key listed under the screenshot shortcut key option to take dummy screenshot inside the game.

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2. Use the Screenshot Uploader to Locate Dummy Screenshots

Use the screenshot uploader to locate your dummy screenshots on your hard drive.

Find your game in the steam library and select view screenshots by right-clicking its name.

3. Customize the Screenshot

Once the uploader is open, click on the button that says [show on disk].

Now navigate to your custom screenshot and open it with MS Paint.

Open any of the dummy screenshots in MS Paint and paste the image using ctrl+v over the dummy screenshot.

Highlight the entire image and copy it. Close MS paint and head back to the location of your dummy screenshots.

4. Save the File and Upload it on Steam 

Click save or use the shortcut ctrl+s. Exit MS Paint.

Now you need to close steam if it’s open and restart the program. After doing so, navigate back to the uploader folder.

You’ll see a list of screenshots. Click the files that you’d upload to steam, add a caption if you need and hit upload.

How to Fix Steam Overlay Not Opening Issue


‘Steam overlay is not opening’ is a massive problem for all the PC gamers.

Maximum gamers complain that they cannot open their Steam Overlay.

The Overlay interface will not open by pressing its default shortcuts (Shift+Tab).

The overlay is dependent on your PC components (such as memory modules,mobo) . If your system faces a heavy load, it might close automatically.

And for this reason you will have to make sure that your system is in a fine state by upgrading all the major drives.

You should also limiting the number of background programs running during the gameplay, and update your OS to its latest version.

Finally after assuring all these things, if you face problem with launching steam then you need to reset all the setting of the steam app.

You can also try reinstalling the app with its latest version by downloading it from the official website.


Screenshots in games are treasure to the gamers. They represent the glorious wins, game stats, and various memorable things.

The screenshot manager allows the gamers to remember their gaming enthusiasm and memorable gameplays on their shiny RGB PC by helping them with capturing screenshots.

These screenshots are now also helping the youtubers to make awesome thumbnails.

I recommend you to keep them safe in other places like, your personal cloud storage or any external hard drive.

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