​How to Enable Aura Sync Control for Corsair RGB Memory (2019)

I know how it feels: 

When you got all the latest and greatest RGB components.

But, some of them usually don’t sync with each other!

Specially, your shiny corsair RGB memory modules (RAM) with the most popular RGB Light controlling software Aura Sync.

Hey, don’t worry; I got you covered!

In this intuitive article I will explain the easiest and step by step process to enable aura sync control for your corsair RGB memory modules (RAM) ; for your Corsair Vengeance RGB or the Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB .

Why Aura Sync and Corsair RGB RAM don’t sync?

corsair-vengeance-rgb-pro-aura sync

One word: proprietary;

Asus and Corsair are two completely different and independent companies.

In fact, they are each other’s competitor in the gaming hardware niche.

As you all know, gaming hardware segment is highly saturated with competitions and eye caching marketing. Each brand has their own software to control their product.

As a result, it becomes difficult for the end users like you and me to mix and match components.

We just want to get the best of both worlds.

Asus has pioneered in RGB syncing technology with their Aura sync software. On the other hand, corsair has one of the best RGB memory modules (RAM) in the inventory.

So, it’s pretty common if you have an Asus motherboard and corsair RGB RAM at the same time.

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Pre-requisites for connecting Corsair RAM with Asus Aura Sync

Just because you have got a corsair RAM doesn’t mean you can connect it with your aura software.

Unfortunately you can apply this fix only to your ‘vengeance RGB Pro’ and ‘dominator RGB platinum’ series from corsair.

So, the first requirement is to grab your supported memory modules.

Then you need the latest version of aura sync and Corsair iCUE Software.

You can easily download aura sync from here.

After that, you have to install the iCUE Aura sync plug in from corsair 

What is Corsair iCUE?


Almost every gaming components maker has their own RGB syncing software.

And iCUE is corsair’s take on it.

When you have lots of RGB components in one machine it can be tricky to sync and manage.

That’s why corsair developed their version and named it iCUE.

Basically, iCUE is a software that helps you to connect and control all your corsair components in a single dashboard.

It makes life easy, isn’t it?

Not only syncing, you can also create profiles for better and synchronized RGB lighting.

Also, iCUE provides game-level integration.

Right now, you can sync iCUE with games like Metro Exodus, The Division 2, Far cry new dawn, Far cry 5 and son on.

Last but not the least, you can optimize your fan speed/noise with this software.

It’s cool, right?

But there’s a problem.

Yes, you got me right. Corsair doesn’t make motherboard. And that’s why they don’t have access to the motherboard’s RGB illumination.

If corsair had one then it would be much easier to sync every product of corsair with their iCUE software.

As a result, all of us need to sync the corsair components with the motherboard’s light syncing app like the Aura sync of Asus.

How to enable aura sync control for Corsair RGB memory modules

Few months ago there was no option to sync the RGB lights of any corsair product with any other app. And it was a great problem for most of the people as corsair components are the most beautiful in terms of RGB but they couldn’t be synced with the motherboard’s app.

The good news is:

Corsair finally listened to their customers and they developed a plugin named ‘iCue Aura sync plugin’.

This plugin lets you to control your corsair RGB RAM with aura sync software.

This is freaking Amazing!


Now, you don’t need to hustle anymore for connecting corsair memory modules with your Asus motherboards. You can now sync all your RGB components by a single app and it’s none but our most favorite aura sync.

All you have to do is follow the 3 steps process:

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Step-1 : Install iCUE Software

This step is pretty simple.

All you need to do is download the icue app and install it with all the recommended settings to make it work perfectly.

Step-2 : Install Aura Sync Plugin with iCUE

To combine iCUE with aura sync you will also need to download and install aura sync properly. And get the plugin of aura sync for iCUE.

If you face any installation or running error from aura sync then this troubleshooting tutorial is for you.

Step-3 : Enable Control

Now, in the settings of the iCUE app you will find an option to enable full software control. You’ll need to check mark the box beside it and then save the settings and close the program.

Don’t worry the app will still be running in the backgraound.


source: corsair blog

Step-4 : Link The RAM in Aura Sync Software

Now open the aura sync app and on the top right corner you will see DRAM icon. Below the icon there’s a red clip sign for linking your RAM to the Aura Sync software.


source: corsair blog

You’ll need to click that button to make it white color and then a message will appear which will ask you to save changes. Click Yes and you will see that your corsair RGB ram is perfectly syncing with aura sync.

How to unlink and Disable Aura-Corsair Linking

It’s easy, all you have to do is reverting the process.

At first, open your aura sync go to setting, select DRAM. And unlink it. The button will turn RED after unlinking.

Then open your iCUE software; go to setting>Restart iCUE service>Restart


Question: What are the supported memory modules for corsair aura sync plugin?

Answer: This plugin currently supports corsair vengeance pro and dominator platinum memory modules.

Question: What is corsair aura sync iCUE plugin?

Answer: Corsair released this plugin to control your existing corsair RAM with aura control panel.

Question: What softwares do I need to connect Aura Sync and Corsair RAM?

Answer: You need 3 things; Asus aura sync software, Corsair iCUE, Corsair Aura plugin. Check this post for proper guidance. 

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