Trident Z Royal Vs. Trident Z RGB Vs. Trident Z Neo: Battle Tested Comparisons

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Our Verdict: All these three memory kits from G.Skill are amazing. However, the Trident Z Royal is more focused on aesthetics and performance. In contrast, the other two models are more on value for money and performance. And if you want a clear winner among them, it has to be the Trident Z Neo.

G.Skill is one of the most prominent brands when it comes to producing top-notch memory kits. The Trident Z Royal is one such top-end offering that can meet every gaming needs.

But the question remains, is Trident Z Royal better than Trident Z RGB or Trident Z Neo?

We’ll find this out soon, as, in this comparison guide, I will point out some of the crucial factors that will eventually find the best one.

So, what are we waiting for?

Let us dive right into the discussion and find the best memory kit among these three.


Trident Z Royal Vs. Trident Z RGB Vs. Trident Z Neo: Which RAM should you get?

All three memory kits in this comparison guide come with some exciting features. But since you can buy only one, there needs to be a certain winner among them.

How will you find that one?

It’s simple. You just need to carefully consider the factors that I will be pointing out right now.

Here are the main differences between Trident Z Royal, Trident Z RGB, and Trident Z Neo:

1. Capacity

Capacity is always the most important thing you should consider whenever you are buying a memory kit. Because the more the RAM, the merrier it is.

Whenever you do complex stuff such as a photo or video editing, memory kits with higher capacity always give an edge.

Now, the three models from G.Skill we are discussing here come with different capacities. The Trident Z Neo and the Trident Z Royal come with 32 GB, whereas the Trident Z RGB has 16 GB.

To be honest, 16 GB is enough for most gaming builds. I tried gaming and also 4K video editing with the 16 GB version of Trident Z RGB, which works fine. And that said, the other two kits with 32 GB capacity might seem overkill unless you are building an enthusiast-class rig. Don’t forget to check out some of the best 4000 MHz RAMs for a faster gaming experience.

However, for performance, if I only take capacity into account, both the Trident Z Royal and Trident Z Neo are better than the Trident Z RGB. And between Trident Z Royal and Trident Z Neo, the former one has a slight edge.

2. Design & Aesthetics

Some people are pretty enthusiastic about how their gaming rig would look like. If you are one of them, then the aesthetics would matter to you a lot.

That said, among the three models of G.Skill in this guide, the Trident Z Royal is the most aesthetically pleasing one.

It is by far one of the most beautiful RAM kits out there in the market. In Particular, it’s design provides next-level beautification to your gaming rig. The heat spreaders give such a great glow, which makes you not take your eyes off. Don’t forget to check out some of the best 3000 MHz RAMs for a faster gaming experience.

The best part is the crystal-like part beneath which there are RGB LEDs. And when they glow, the rainbow-like effect will catch your eyes within a matter of seconds.

Now, the Trident Z Neo and Trident Z RGB might not be this gorgeous, but still, whatever they have to offer is pretty cool. Both of these models aren’t flashy like the Trident Z Royal. They come with a nice brushed aluminum heat spreader and possess slight bar-like lighting zones on the top of each stick.

And that said, unlike the Trident Z Royal, there isn’t much difference in the aesthetic appeal of the Trident Z Neo and Trident Z RGB. Check out some of the best 2666 MHz RAMs for a faster gaming experience. Don’t forget to check out some of the best 3600 MHz DDR4 RAMs for a faster gaming experience.

3. Memory Speed & Latency

After RAM capacity, if there is anything that affects the performance, it has to be the speed of the RAM.

When you have RAM with a specific capacity, you should always look for faster versions. Because the memory kits with higher MHz tend to give greater output.

Especially in the case of gaming, if you have a kit that attributes relatively slower speed, the output will be unsatisfactory.

For instance, I faced a bottleneck with 1440p gaming with the DDR4-2400 MHz RAM in my previous build. If I had spent a bit more and managed a 3600 MHz RAM with the same capacity, things could’ve been different. Also, check out the best RAM for intel core i5-10600k.

But that’s not the point of discussion right at this moment. Here, among the three models from G.Skill, the Trident Z RGB falls out of contention as the version we are talking about has a capacity of 16 GB.

Now, since the other two models come with a 32 GB memory size, the primary determinant would be their existing memory speed.

Here, the versions of Trident Z Royal and Trident Z Neo we are comparing have a similar speed, 3600 MHz.

It’s getting confusing. Isn’t it?

Worry not, mate! As in this scenario, what matters the most is the CAS latency of the RAM.

Now, CAS latency is the number of clock cycles required for a RAM module to access a specific data set.

That said, the lower the CAS latency, the better it is. Because the memory kit with lower latency takes fewer cycles to complete the task.

In this scenario, the Trident Z Neo is the winner here as it has a CAS latency of 16 compared to the 19 of Trident Z Royal.

4. Pricing

Now, when it comes down to the price, there are major differences among these three memory kits.

G.Skill as a brand always offers some decent pricing on their components.

The same goes for the kits that we are discussing here in this comparison guide.

Among these three, the Trident Z Royal is the costlier one, mainly due to its extravagant design and top-notch features.

The Trident Z Neo is priced high among the other two models because of its capacity, which is double that of Trident Z RGB.

But if you consider value for money, the Trident Z Neo seems the most reasonable one, followed by Trident Z RGB.

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Question: What is the main difference between Trident Z RGB and Trident Z Neo?

Answer: Both the Trident Z RGB and Trident Z Neo look identical and have similar aesthetic features. However, unlike the Trident Z RGB, the Trident Z Neo focused on AMD’s Zen 3 series of processors.

Question: How tall is Trident Z Royal?

Answer: The height of G.Skill Trident Z Royal is about 44 mm or 1.73 inches.

Question: Does the Trident Z Royal sport RGB?

Answer: Yes, the G.Skill Trident Z Royal features RGB elements. Under its crystal-like part, there are RGB LEDs that glow vibrantly.

Final Thoughts

As this comparison guide comes to an end, I hope I was able to draw a comparison between these three memory kits successfully.

In this guide, I pointed out all those things that matter the most in selecting a RAM kit. I hope all your queries are cleared out.

Still, anything arises in your mind, do let me know.

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