Why does Roblox Have ODers? [Read to Find Out 2022]

Written By Steven Arends

A fun fact is that a statistic shows that over half of the U.S. kids under 16 played Roblox in 2020! On the other hand, many people don’t even know what Roblox is! But now a new topic popped, ODing or ODers are engulfing Roblox it is becoming a more serious issue as we speak.

I have played and created games in Roblox and also came across ODers. So in this article, I will be talking about ODers, ODing, and the uprising problems surrounding these terms.

Before diving any deeper, let’s learn, What is Roblox?

Roblox is an online platform and storefront where users can create their avatar as they like and play games as well as make their own games within this platform, making it a kind of 3D online social life.

Basics out of the way now let’s dig in what is going on with the term ODers and why ODers exist in Roblox. So stay tuned as I am going to explain everything to you.why-does-roblox-have-oders

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What does OD/ODer/ODing Mean in Roblox?

First of all, let’s get familiar with the terms OD/ODer/ODing. OD or Online Dating refers to the practice of searching for a romantic or sexual partner online. So people who perform online dating and stuffs related to it are known as ODers or Online Daters.

Online dating is strongly discouraged by many communities, including Roblox. According to their terms and conditions, Roblox strongly prohibits online dating. If anyone is found performing such acts, they will receive punishments on their accounts. Despite this, there are a lot of players who are actively doing ODing and becoming widespread in the world of Roblox.

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ODing vs. ODers

So, ODing is referred to as online dating, and the people doing it are ODers to keep everything simple. But the question is, how do you get to know who ODers are? It’s not like you will see ODer written on their character or something.


On top of that, there are no such add-ons or scripts to help you find them or identify them either. Though these may not work all the time, you can rely on these characteristics to differentiate or be aware of these players’ oders.

  • Having odd spelled names is a fact to look out for, and ODers purposefully misspell their names to hide inappropriate naming.
  • ODers mostly tend to play role-playing games, which allow them to meet other people and form a rapport.
  • They tend to look for people to begin a chat with.
  • They may also ask for your gender or force sexual talk in-game.

Even if you chat with an inappropriately named user, you will not get banned or demonetized, but responding to their sexual in-game chat may lead your account to penalties. So if you find anyone forcing these kinds of stuff on you, you should mute them and leave to save your account from getting banned.

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Why is there a Lot of ODers in Roblox

As mentioned before, Roblox is almost a free-to-play platform where you can play nearly any type of game made by you or by someone else. You can make your avatar appear as you like. To top it up with everything, you can totally be anonymous on the platform regardless of your age.

Older People

Roblox is a big and public community, and being anonymous many can misuse this opportunity. Some older people tend to ruin this platform by simply mocking people, being toxic to other users, encouraging sexual talk, and creating a sexualized avatar to emphasize their sexual desires.

A sad fact is that there are even some pedophiles hovering around in the game. Back in 2016, there was even a game containing sexual content. But thankfully, it was later on deleted from the Roblox website.

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To begin with, we all have been through puberty, and kids at that age are curious about everything. As this game is infested with kids around that age, no wonder, they may be curious about dating.

In addition to this, it is an anonymous platform, so they can easily hide from their parents and wander around finding other users to talk to about their private life. So young ODers are also becoming common on the platform.

Youngsters like to play real-life simulating games. They’re mostly just role-playing, not actual dating, although it still is repulsive.

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Why ODers/ ODing Bad

Many users may argue that ODing is not that bad or siding with ODers. But if you ask me, ODing should not be at least authorized or practiced in Roblox. I will explain some of the reasons here:


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Community Guidelines

ODing is strictly prohibited in Roblox Terms and Policies. On Roblox, online dating usually happens in games that are in a role-playing category, such as life simulation games. These games mimic real-life situations, making them the most suitable setting for inappropriate topics of conversation.

Raise a Family is a type of game where ODers are most common. So Roblox’s staff has taken some precautions, such as adding filters to all of their games. These filters censor inappropriate words and prevent sensitive information from being shared. Sensitive information means anything that can identify a player.

So the players who will be caught in such acts will get penalized by Roblox.

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Risk of Abusing Under Aged Children

According to many people, ODing is a great threat to youngsters who are under aged, and it is true to the point. This is understandable given that the vast majority of Roblox players are under 18, and older people can easily use it to engage in inappropriate or sexual talk with children.

You don’t want your 13-year-old to be talking about sexual stuff over a game with a stranger and go on the wrong path. So keeping an eye on your children will become more mandatory, which will raise unnecessary concerns.

Besides that, Online Dating can also be very risky since kids can be tricked into giving personal information to predators or pedophiles.

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Learning Inappropriate Manners

While Online Dating might not be bad for older people, many little kids and players are encouraged to do it since many players are already doing it. Kids tend to cultivate things they learn through games. So, it becomes very concerning what they are learning through their games.

Some online daters perform sexual acts that younger kids don’t understand and may imitate. Some older people and predators probably are willing to do these acts with said children. Just imagine a 12 year old dating a 50 year old man.

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It’s not that Roblox is totally or something, but reducing ODers will make it more of a fun platform for gaming. So my suggestion would be if you come across any ODer or notice ODers trying to talk to other players, you should report them to make the platform safer and cleaner.

These are the main things considering ODers and OD as a whole in Roblox. Now that you know everything, you can enjoy the game and avoid ODers and ODing. If you have further queries on Roblox, feel free to share with us, and we will be more than happy to help you out.

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