Discord Commands: Bots and Chat functions [Beginners Guide]

Written By Steven Arends

Discord is a lovely software full of different functionalities and not knowing the discord commands in a server makes you feel left out and miserable.

You don’t want to miss out on the fun while all of your friends are using them and making the most of it. Do you?

Don’t worry, Because I have researched and found out the most commonly used Discord commands and added in a few extra ones to shock your friends on Discord.

What are Discord commands?

Commands are Directions used on Discord to Run various tasks or to interact with bots, they are used for things like playing songs from the net, reading texts aloud, playing text games, making management very easy, etc.

Well Go on and read till the end to learn all the cool Commands.

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List of Commands on Discord

  • In-Built Discord Commands
  • Mee6 Commands
  • Carl-bot Commands
  • Dyno bot Commands
  • GAwesome bot Commands
  • YAGPD Commands

In-Built Discord Commands

These Discord commands can be used in the text box of any server, this does not require a bot because they are in-built in Discord to run some native tasks, this makes using Discord appealing and fun.

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Keyword used: ‘/ discord-commands

Here is the List of in-Built commands in Discord:

  1. /nick[nickname]

If you don’t like the nickname you got automatically or the one assigned to you by the leader of the server you can surely change it from the settings if allowed but the easier way is to use the command, this will change your nickname on the server you typed this on, plus this is a very cool and easy way to change your nickname.

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Note: This will only work if the server has allowed permissions for changing nicknames.
  1. /tenor[word]

Look for animated Gifs from the site Tenor depending on the word typed in the command, the gifs will pop up above your text and you can choose the one you want from there.

  1. /giphy[word]

Look for animated GIFs from the site GIPHY depending on the word you typed in the command, the gifs will pop up above your text and you can choose the one you want from there.

  1. /tts [word or phrase]

This command Reads out the message you input after the command to all the Users currently online in the channel.

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  1. /me [word or phrase]

This command emphasizes the word or phrase you type after the command, Prints the message in italics or in bold letters. Check out our post on how to enable push-to-talk-in-discord.

  1. /spoiler [word or phrase]

Blacks out your message in the chat indicating that it’s a spoiler, user can only view it by clicking on the message.

  1. /shrug

Sends the emote ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ in the channel

  1. /tableflip

Sends the emote (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ in the channel

  1. /unflip

 Sends the emote ┬─┬ ノ(゜-゜ノ) in the channel

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MEE6 Bot Commands

MEE6 is a versatile bot and fairly used by a lot of servers on discord, this bot has react roles, ability to mp3 files, it also allows custom commands, moderation commands, and search commands.

MEE6 Moderation Commands: Keyword used: ‘! ‘

  1. !tempban [member][duration][optional reason]

Temporarily Bans the member specified from the Discord server for some time.

  1. !ban [member][optional]

Bans the member specified from the Discord server.

  1. !tempmute [member][duration][optional reason]

Temporarily mutes the member specified in the server so that they can’t speak or text.

  1. !mute[member][optional reason]

Mutes the member specified in the server so that they can’t speak or text.

  1. !unmute [member]

Unmutes the member specified in the chat.

  1. !slowmode [optional timeout] [ optional off]

Enables or Disables slow mode in a channel, so as to limit the number of texts a user cans end in a period of time.

  1. !infractions [member]

Shows how many violations the member specified has in the server.

  1. !warn [member][optional reason]

Warns the member specified for breaking a rule or other violations.

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  1. !kick [member][optional]

Removes the member specified from the server.

  1. !clear [optional member][optional count]

Clears messages of the specified member from the channel.

MEE6 Search Commands

  1. !youtube [search]

Searches for the YouTube video mentioned.

  1. !imgur [search]

Searches for the meme specified on Imgur

  1. !twitch [search]

Searches for the specific stream channel on twitch

  1. !urban [search]

Searches for the slang mentioned in the Urban Dictionary.

  1. !pokemon [search]

Searches for the specific pokemon in the Pokeapi Pokedex

  1. !anime [search]

Searches for the Anime specified in Kitsu.

  1. !manga [search]

Searches for the Manga specified in Kitsu

Creating MEE6 Custom Commands

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Here are the steps to create MEE6 Custom Commands:

  1. Sign in to your MEE6 dashboard
  2. Click on the server you want to make Custom commands for by clicking Go to Dashboard.
  3. Select Custom Commands from the options and click Create a Command next.
  4. Type the command name as you wish in the box after the ! keyword.
  5. Enter The response into the field, the Bot will respond with this when the command is set off.
  6. Click Add from the bottom of the screen.
  7. Go and test out the command in your Discord server.

Carl-Bot Commands

This is a bot that is used to create reaction roles, manage logs and store chats, it also has highly advanced AutoMod features which do not let spam materials or links through and punish people who post this stuff, also has some fun stuff along with the moderation to make it interesting.

Keyword used: ‘!’

Here are the Carl-Bot Commands

Carl-Bot Moderation Commands

  1. !ban[member][time][reason]

Bans the member from the server for the specified time even if the user is not in the server.

  1. !mute[member][time][reason]

Mutes the member indefinitely if no time is mentioned.

  1. !hardmute[member][time][reason]

Mutes the person along with removing all the User’s roles.

  1. !unmute[member]

Unmutes the member in the server or the channel.

  1. !kick[member][reason]

Kicks the member from the server.

  1. !softban[member][time][reason]

Bans and Unbans immediately to clear 48 hours of message history.

  1. !tempban[member][time][reason]

Bans a user for the specified amount of time.

  1. !massban[member][time][reason]

Bans more than one person altogether.

  1. !warn[member][reason]

Warns the user against a violation.

  1. !warns[member]

Lists all the current warnings on the member on the server.

  1. !purge[number]

Purges the last number of messages.

  1. !autorole add[role]

The role assigned to the user upon joining the server automatically.

  1. !cat

Shows you a random cat in the chat.

  1. !dog

Shows you a random dog in the chat.

  1. !aww

Shows you a random cute animal in the chat.

  1. !catbomb

Gives you 5 links to cat pics in the chat.

  1. !dogbomb

Gives you 5 links to dog pics in the chat.

  1. !awwbomb

Gives you 5 links to cute animal pics in the chat.

  1. !summon[channel]

Summons the bot to your channel or to the one specified.

Carl-Bot Music Commands

  1. !play[name/link]

Plays the song or playlist from YouTube

  1. !queue

Shows the queue and full duration of the playlist.

  1. !np

Shows you the current song being played.

  1. !skip

Skips the song if you are the moderator or if you are the one who played the song, voteskips otherwise.

  1. !stop

Clears the queue of songs and stops playing the current song.

  1. !pause

Pauses the song.

  1. !resume

Resumes the song.

  1. !shuffle

Shuffles the playlist.

Dyno Bot Commands

This is a fun bot that packs a lot of commands which can be used for fun and moderations, you can manage, take care of the server and also play rock-paper-scissors to decide something.

Keyword used: ‘?’

Here are some of the Commands for the Dyno bot:

Dyno Bot Moderation Commands

  1. ?addmod [role]

Adds a moderator role.

  1. ?ban [user][limit][reason]

Bans the user for a specific amount of time or permanently.

  1. ?unban[user/id][optional reason]

Unbans the user who was previously banned.

  1. ?softban[user][reason]

Bans and Unbans consecutively delete the User’s messages.

  1. ?kick[user][reason]

Removes the user from the server.

  1. ?mute[user][limit][reason]

Mutes the user for a specific amount of time.

  1. ?unmute[user]

Unmutes the user.

  1. ?lock[channel](time)(message)

Locks the channel for the time mentioned along with a message.

  1. ?unlock[channel](message)

Unlocks the channel in the Discord server.

  1. ?announce everyone [channel][message]

Sends an announcement to everyone in the specific channel.

  1. ?member[role]

Lists up to 90 members of the role.

  1. ?warn[user][reason]

Used to warns the user if they violate a rule.

  1. ?warnings[user]

Shows the warnings given to the user.

  1. ?note[user][text]

Creates a note on the user.

  1. ?notes[user]

Shows the notes previously written on the user.

  1. ?clearnotes[user]

Clears all the notes from the user-specified.

  1. ?deafen[user]

Deafens the user.

  1. ?undeafen[user]

Undeafens the user.

  1. ?modlogs[user]

Gives you the list of moderation logs for the specific user.

  1. ?clean

Clears the Dyno responses from the server.

  1. ?dog

Randomly generates a dog’s pic and posts it to the channel.

  1. ?cat

Randomly generates a cat’s pic and posts it to the channel

  1. ?pokemon[name]

Gives you information about the pokemon along with abilities, type, height, and weight.

  1. ?itunes[songs name]

Gives you information about the song, including the artist’s name and the album’s name.

  1. ?roll[Dice size/number of dice]

Roll’s dice or multiple dices in the channel.

  1. ?flip

Flips a coin and gives you the result.

  1. ?rps

Used to play rock-paper and scissors on the channel.

  1. ?country[code]

Gives you stats like population, capital, area, and currency of the country.

  1. ?norris

Gives you a random chuck Norris fact.

  1. ?space

Gives you information about the space station.

  1. ?dadjoke

Brings up a random dad joke from the net and posts it on the channel.

  1. ?poll “[message]” “[choice1]” “[choice2]”

Creates a poll in the chat where the viewers can vote.

  1. ?afk

Sets up an AFK status for you which is Displayed when you are mentioned

  1. ?afk set

Shows an AFK status for you which is Displayed when you are mentioned and Displays it along with your nickname.

  1. ?afk ignore

Keeps the AFK status even when you return.

  1. ?color [hex number]

Gives info about the colors hex number.

  1. ?randomcolor

Gives a random hex color that you can see in the channel

  1. ?remindme[time][reminder]

Creates a reminder for a specific channel.

  1. ?avatar[user]

Shows a bigger version of the User’s avatar in the chat.

  1. ?dynoav

Generates a dyno-like avatar for you.

  1. ?whois[user mention]

Gives all the info about the user, including things like when they joined the server, signed up for discord, and their roles in the server.

  1. ?membercount

Gives the number of users on the server

  1. ?emotes

Shows all the Server-specific emotes

  1. ?distance [co-ordinate] [co-ordinate]

Gives the distance between the two given coordinates

  1. ?serverinfo

Gives information about the server along with things like the number of members, channel, and the number of people online.

GAwesome Bot Commands

A wholesome bot used for moderation while turning texting into a fun sport gives you in-chat polls, the ability to kick or ban, gets you knowledge from Wikipedia, etc.

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Keyword used: “@GAwesomeBot

Here are some of the GAwesome bot commands:

GAwesome Moderation Commands

  1. @GAwesomeBot ban <username>[<reason>]

Bans the User specified and deletes all of the User’s messages in the server, records a reason if provided.

  1. @GAwesomeBot kick <username>[<reason>]

Similar to the ban command, this will kick the user-specified and will record the reason if provided.

  1. @GAwesomeBot messages [<user or “me”]

This command shows you the number of messages the user or you have sent in the past week, using it without a parameter will give a list for the entire server.

  1. @GAwesomeBot mute <username>[<reason>]

Mutes the User specified in a particular channel with reason if provided, also Disallows the user to send messages to the channel.

  1. @GAwesomeBot nuke <search limit> [<content> or “:” <query> or <User ID>]

This Commands delete messages from the channel, depending on the type of query you can delete the last n number of messages using <search limit> only, remove messages containing a specific string or word using <search limit>[<string>], remove all messages in search limit except the one matching the query using <search limit>[:<query>] or remove all messages from a particular user by using <search limit> @username.

  1. @GAwesomeBot softban <username>[<reason>]

Bans the user and records the reason if provided, this ban does not delete all the user’s messages.

  1. @GAwesomeBot strike <username>[<reason>]

Issues a strike against the User specified, records the reason if provided, the user will get a message saying that they have received a strike.

  1. @GAwesomeBot strikes [<user>]

This command gives you a list of users on your server who have strikes.

  1. @GAwesomeBot unban <username>[<reason>]

Unbans the member specified.

  1. @GAwesomeBot unmute <username>[<reason>]

Unmutes and allows the member to speak in the channel.

  1. @GAwesomeBot 8ball <question>

Gives you a prediction or answer to your question from preset responses, use it to predict your future, or just have fun with it.

  1. @GAwesomeBot anime <query>[<limit>]

Looks up information about the anime specified from Kitsu.io.

  1. @GAwesomeBot avatar <username>

Shows you the avatar of the person specified.

  1. @GAwesomeBot calc <expression>

Gives you the outcome of a mathematical expression you want to be solved.

  1. @GAwesomeBot cat

Gives you a random cute pic of a cat in the chat.

  1. @GAwesomeBot catfact

Entertains you and your server with facts about cats.

  1. @GAwesomeBot choose option1 option2

Creates a poll for members of the channel to vote on.

  1. @GAwesomeBot convert <numerical quantity> <original unit> to <desired unit>

Converts units of measurements, currencies, and temperature.

  1. @GAwesomeBot count <name>[|”.” Or”+1” or”-1”]

Keeps count of various things across the server.

  1. @GAwesomeBot countdown [<event>][|<time from now>]

Starts a timer for an event in the channel.

  1. @GAwesomeBot emotes

Gives the custom emotes available on the server.

  1. @GAwesomeBot fortune

Gives you a divine saying about your fate. This is just some random fortune-telling from the net for you to have fun.

  1. @GAwesomeBot joke

Gives you a random joke from the net.

  1. @GAwesomeBot year

Gives you the remaining time left until next year, in days, hours, minutes, and seconds.

YAGPDB Commands

A very useful bot that gives you a whole lot of options like moderation, giving you Reddit feeds, role functions, custom commands, etc.

Keyword used: “- “

General Commands

  1. -Help [command: Text]

Shows help about all or one specific command.

  1. -Info

Gives you information about the bot.

  1. -Invite

Responds with a bot invite link

Tools and utility Commands

  1. -Calc <expression>

Gives you the solution to simple mathematical operations.

  1. -Ping

Gives the latency from the bot to the server.

  1. -CurrentTime <Zone:Text>

Shows the current time in different zones or just the current time if written without any parameters

  1. -MentionRole <Role:Text> [Message:text]

Gives a role to mentionable, mentions the role given, and then sets it back this Requires the manage roles permission and the bot being above the mentioned role.

  1. ListRoles

This commands lists all the roles in the channel, things like their IDs, permissions, etc.

  1. -Poll <Question> <option1> <option2>………<option x>

Creates a Reaction poll for the viewers of the channel to vote.

  1. -Whois [user]

Gives info about the user-specified.

  1. -Nicknames [user]

Shows the past 25 nicknames of the User

  1. -Usernames [user]

Shows the past 25 usernames of the User

  1. -Remindme <Time><Message>

Schedules a Reminder for you.

  1. -Reminder

Lists all the active reminders for you.

  1. -Settimezone [Timezone]

Sets the time zone according to the one you want, used for various purposes such as auto conversion.

Fun Commands

  1. -Define <word or text>

Looks up the urban dictionary for the definition of the text or word.

  1. -Weather <place>

Shows the weather of the place.

  1. -Topic

Gives a random topic for chatting.

  1. -CatFact

Gives cat facts.

  1. -DogFact

Gives dog facts.

  1. -Advice <Text>

Gives you advice on the text.

  1. -Roll

Rolls a dice for you.

  1. -WouldYouRather

Presents you with 2 options to choose from.

  1. -TopServers

Gives you the top 15 servers you are on

  1. -8ball <question>

Gives you wisdom on the question.

Moderation commands

For all of these, you need admin or moderator powers.

  1. -Ban <user id> [Reason]

Bans the member specified.

  1. -Kick <user id>

Kicks the member specified.

  1. -Mute <user id >

Mutes the member specified.

  1. -Unmute <user id>

Unmutes the member specified.

  1. -Report <user-id> <reason>

Reports a member to the server’s staff.

  1. -Clean <whole number>

Deletes the number of last messages from the chat.

  1. -Warn <user-id><reason>

Warns a user of the violation and it is recorded by the bot.

  1. -warning <user-id>

Lists the warnings against the user specified.

  1. -EditWarning <ID> <message>

Edit a warning, id is the first number of each warning from the warning command.

  1. -DelWarning <ID>

Deletes the warning against the ID mentioned, id is the first number of each warning from the warning command.

  1. -ClearWarnings <user-id>

Clears all the warnings recorded against the user.

  1. -GiveRole <User-id> <role>

Gives the role to the specified user.

  1. -TakeRole <User-id> <role>

Takes away the role from the specified user.

These are just a few of the commands the bots have to completely learn all visit their individual sites and check out all the ones if you are keen to learn more.

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Question: How are Discord commands used?

Answer: Discord commands are easy to use, they have to be typed in the server’s chatbox using the convention of the task, they are usually followed by a keyword and then the name of the task.

Question: Why aren’t commands working on Discord?

Answer: This could happen due to certain reasons such as the bot might not be added to the channel, you’re typing the commands in, the bot is not set up, typing mistakes, or the permission for the task is not allowed.

Question: What are bots on Discord?

Answer: Bots are AI’s or programs made to perform useful tasks such as banning people using profane language, welcoming new members, playing songs, etc. you can use the bots by adding them to your server and typing commands into the server’s chatbox.

Question: How can I find commands?

Answer: Commands can be seen by simply typing ‘/’ in the server’s text box or if you want to see specific bot commands you can try the most commonly used ‘help’ after typing the keyword the bot uses for the commands example:’/help’,’; helpd’.

Final Thoughts

The commands are a quick and easy way to enhance your experience on Discord. Plus, the commands on the bots are handy and fun to use, although these do take some to get used to, they are totally worth it.

So, if you are going to use any of the commands I mentioned and found them useful do let us know and share them with your friends and family, Thank you!

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