4 Interesting Ways to Delete a Roblox Account

Written By Steven Arends

Roblox provides a global platform where millions of kids create games and share their experiences in the gaming world online.

But how to delete the account when you are no more active on Roblox? That’s where my guide comes in handy.how-to-delete-roblox-account-permanently

So, Does Roblox delete inactive accounts?

Roblox has no direct option to delete the account when you want to take a break. But, they do remove old accounts from their platform for others to take the username. The duration of inactivity should be a maximum of 5-10 years.

Continue Reading, As I’ll show you the steps to delete a Roblox account permanently.

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How to Delete Roblox Account

Roblox doesn’t offer a straightforward service for deleting any accounts. On their Help and Support page, they only advise stopping the play for a couple of days.

Although, according to the Community, there are few more options to delete the account permanently. These steps are also applicable to an iPad.

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Here are the ways you can delete your Roblox account:

1. Contact Roblox via Email

Go to the support page of Roblox and provide them with personal information. Select the How to option from the type of help section.

The committee will send you a reply within three working days.contact-roblox

You can also log in to your kids’ account and email info@roblox.com. Request Roblox for account deletion. You must add your email address, phone number, address, and other necessary information for a successful verification process.

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2. Call Roblox Customer Care

You can call Roblox and request them to delete your account. Call Customer Support at 888-858-BLOX during working days and request to have your account deleted. Or, Find the Contact Us Menu from the top right corner of the Homepage.

I don’t recommend calling them if you reside outside San Mateo, California. My recommendation would be to use the first method and contact the committee through email.

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3. Log out and Don’t Login

This step is the slowest. You have to log out of your account. Don’t Login for a year. Roblox will automatically recognize the account as inactive, and they will delete your account.

Meanwhile, don’t be tempted to log in at any point.logout-roblox

Here are the steps to log out from Roblox:

  1. Click on the Gear icon in the upper right corner.
  2. Find the Logout Button.

Remember that it takes a year and a half to recognize your account as inactive.

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4. Break the Terms and Conditions

If you are so determined to delete your Roblox account, then the fastest way to do is to break the terms and conditions.

Violate the rules three times and you get your account banned. You will receive a message saying, Don’t create an account to break the law.roblox-terms

Remember, Don’t attempt to delete your account just for fun. You cannot recover your deleted account.

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How to Restore a Deleted Roblox Account

There isn’t any option available to recover a deleted account. But there is a way you can try.

Send an Email to appeals@roblox.com and request for restoring your deleted account.

Provide as much data as possible about your old account and explain why you want to restore it.

Roblox often gives a second chance to their users. But if you were unable to restore it, don’t be sad. Uninstall the old Roblox software. Download Roblox from a trusted source and make a new account to start afresh.

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Reactivate any Roblox account

You cannot reactivate a Roblox account unless you get banned for a certain period. When your account got banned, the warning message you received mentions that you can reactivate the Roblox account after the restricted session is over.

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How to Uninstall Roblox

Go to the Control Panel of your PC. Select Uninstall a program. Search for Roblox Flash Player and double-click it to Uninstall the game from your device completely.uninstall-roblox

And for the mobile platform, Long-press the app for 2-3 seconds and press on Uninstall. Play Roblox on PS4 if you are facing problems on PC.


Question: How to deactivate a Roblox account?

Answer: The easiest way to deactivate an account is by getting banned. There are no direct options in Roblox for deactivating the account. You can either get banned or Log out from Roblox and Uninstall it.

Question: How can a parent delete the Roblox account?

Answer: There are no direct ways to delete an account in Roblox. Contact customer service to delete the account permanently.

Question: How to delete a Roblox account and get your money back?

Answer: Unfortunately, there aren’t ways to recover money from Roblox from a deleted account.

Question: How can I delete my Roblox account on an iPad?

Answer: There aren’t any straightforward ways to delete the Roblox account on any device unless the account gets blocked for violating the laws.

Final Thoughts

Roblox doesn’t want your accounts to get deleted. They always advise you to Log out and stop playing for a month if you want a break.

Remember that the chances of restoring a deleted account are 2%. So, I recommend not to delete the account. Instead, Log out from the game and Uninstall it for some time.

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