Cooler Master ML240R Review: Best Cooler Master AIO? (2024)

Written By Steven Arends

Are you looking for an attractive budget friendly AIO Liquid cooler for your gaming PC?

Yes? All right! You have come to the right place.

In this in depth Cooler Master ML240R review you will get to know all the advantages and drawbacks of buying an AIO liquid cooler.

Cooler Master released their new AIO liquid cooler master liquid ML240R, which will give you outstanding results in a budget.


In this in depth Cooler Master ML240R review you will get to know all the advantages and drawbacks of buying an AIO liquid cooler.

Also, Why choose Cooler Master Masterliquid ML240R instead of other coolers and I will tell you all the information you need to know about this cooler and its’ Pros. and Cons.

I can assure you that, after reading this review you will be sure to buy the best master AIO liquid cooler for your PC.

Why to Choose an AIO Liquid Cooler?

Liquid CPU Coolers have become very popular nowadays and they have become one of the most essential parts of a gaming or workstation PC. It tremendously helps in lowering CPU temps.

As a matter of fact:

All In One (AIO) Liquid CPU cooling is an extraordinary feature of gaming PC which also provides an Aesthetic look to the PC.


But you may ask, why AIO?

Well, AIO liquid coolers are easier to install than custom liquid cooling kits. They require less space and power consumption too.

And most importantly:

AIO Liquid coolers save the CPU temperature from the heat of the other components.

Overclocking RAM releases a good amount of heat and it is harmful for the CPU.

Before going further

Cooler Master Masterliquid ML240R Review

Cooler master has launched their new rgb liquid coolers ML240R and ML120R with some new features.

The Cooler Master Masterliquid ML240R has taken liquid CPU cooling to a new level.

The Most prominent features of this RGB liquid CPU cooler are:

The dual chamber design of the pump, separates the cooler liquid coming inside the pump from the hot outgoing liquid.


The new sleeved tubing design which is flexible and long enough for most cases.

And it also looks very premium.

The best new thing is:

The Cooler master Masterliquid ML240R comes with ARGB lighting. The two included ARGB fans and the ARGB illuminated Pump looks very gorgeous. Now you can get rainbow like effect from your liquid cooler too.

This RGB AIO water coolers comes with a radiator dimension of 240 mm and 120 mm. Recently they have introduced a 360 mm radiator cooler variant too.

The Masterliquid ML240R is one of the best 240mm CPU cooler in current market, making it a top choice for PC enthusiasts.

Note that: The ARGB spectrum effect only support the ARGB compatible motherboards.

But there is a secondary option to control the lighting of the cooler. And you can do it with the included controller. So, you don’t need to worry for any lighting issues.

This AIO cooler’s pump looks more fascinating than the Trident Z Royal RGB RAM.

Another thing I really love about this cooler is:

The logo on the pump is detachable and you can set it as your wish. This feature helps you to keep the logo in its appropriate direction.


Specifications of Cooler Master ML240R

Supported CPU​​​ sockets:

Intel® LGA 2066 / 2011-v3 / 2011 / 1151 / 1150 / 1155 / 1156 / 1366 / 775 socket•AMD® AM4 / AM3+ / AM3 / AM2+ / AM2 / FM2+ / FM2 / FM1 socket


•Size: 120mm•Speed: 650 ~ 2000 RPM•Connector: 4-PIN(PWM)•Noise level: 6 ~ 30 dBA•Air pressure: 2.34 mm H2O•Voltage: 12VDC


•Dimensions: 83.6 x71.8 x 52.7mm•Noise level: 15dBA•Connector: 3-Pin•Voltage: 12VDC


CPU Temperatures with Masterliquid ML240R

The ML240R gives you a fantastic cooling solution for your PC. The ML240R does a better job comparing to other budget coolers.

The minimum and maximum temperatures i got from the cooler while at idle and overclocking my i7 8700k to 4.7 GHz were about 30 and 50 degree Celsius respectively. Other CPUs may give different results but this test’s result gives you a clarity good cooling solution by ML240R.

Pros and Cons. of Cooler Master Masterliquid ML240R

I know, this is the part you all were looking for. The twist of the story which might change your decisions. So, here are some Pros. and Cons. of this gaming PC case:

  • »Masterliquid ML240R supports almost all Intel and AMD CPUs and also big sized processors like the thread ripper.
  • »Splitters, a lighting controller & female 3 Pin ports included with the ML240R.
  • »The cooler master Logo on the pump is adjustable and removable.
  • »Installation of the pump of Masterliquid ML240R is little bit difficult as the tubing is hard.
  • »The package of ML240R doesn’t come with extra screws than the needed ones.
  • »Cooler master Masterliquid ML240R doesn’t come with extra screws than the needed ones.

To know more about PC cooling check our dedicated post on how to monitor CPU & GPU temperature.

Cooler Master ML240R Installation Guide

How to connect the fans and pump of the Coolermaster ML240R

A fan connecting 4-Pin splitter is included with the package which you need to connect the fans to the motherboard.

Then you need to connect the pump to the motherboard in pump connector if available. If it’s absent in your motherboard then you can simply connect the pump to the CPU fan header.

How to control ARGB /RGB of the Masterliquid ML240R

First of all:

You don’t need to use the given ARGB controller if you are using an AURA Sync, RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light Sync and Poly Chrome Sync compatible motherboard.

If you are using any motherboard compatible with these softwares then you just need to connect one end of the ARGB splitter to the motherboard directly through the 3-Pin ARGB connector after connecting the other ends of the splitter to the fans and the pump. Then you can easily control the lighting of the cooler by using those softwares.


But what if your motherboard is not compatible with those softwares?

Then you need to use the controller given with the cooler.

How to connect the ARGB controller of ML240R

First of all, let us see the connecting ports of the control box.

The good thing is:

You don’t need to use all of these ports.

So, on the right side of the controller, you will find 3-Pin male connecting ports where you can connect the ARGB splitter with the help of the female connectors which are included in the package.

And then you need to connect the other side of the splitter to the Fans and the Pump.


After that, you need to give a SATA connection to the top of the controller from your PSU.

Next you need to connect the micro USB port of given cable to the bottom of the controller and the other end of the cable to the converter of USB hub of the motherboard.

The last step is to connect that USB hub to the motherboard.

if you are facing any problems while syncing it with your aura sync software then you can check our separate post on how to fix Aura sync issues.


How to control the lighting effect by the Controller of the ML240R

Using the ML240R’s controller is pretty simple. There are 4 Buttons on the controller for mode adjustment, switching between RGB and ARGB mode, Color adjustment and speed control of the lighting effects


You can easily change modes, colors, and speed with these buttons.

And with the RGB & ARGB mode button you can also switch from RGB Mode (single color at a time) to ARGB Mode (multiple colors at a time).


Question: Does ML240R support Aura sync / RGB Fusion/ Polychrome Sync/ Mystic Light Sync?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Does ML240R come with a RGB / ARGB lighting controller?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Does ML240R support Aura sync / RGB Fusion/ Polychrome Sync/ Mystic Light Sync?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Is the lighting controller of the ML240R magnetic?

Answer: Yes, the lighting controller included with the ML240R is magnetic.

Question: Does ML240R support Threadripper?

Answer: Yes, it supports Threadripper.

Question: Does ML240R support AMD and Intel CPUs?

Answer: Yes it supports both of them.

Final Thoughts

Your question might be:

Why to choose the ML240R above other expensive coolers?

My answer will be:

Cooler Master’s new ML240R AIO liquid cooler is no less than an expensive cooler. It gives you a great value for money.

And the performance of this cooler is worth the price.

It will give your PC a great cooling solution as well as a gorgeous look to your PC with its’ unique design and ARGB lighting.

So, there is no reason to buy an expensive cooler if the ML240R gives you the same satisfaction at fewer cost.

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