Can You Use a Green Screen with Microsoft Teams

Written By Steven Arends

Using a green screen on a virtual meeting can hide your messy background from your coworkers and bring some fun by changing the scenario along with it. 

I’m using the Microsoft Teams app as my primary business communication platform since the pandemic hits us. I’m sure you’re in the same situation as me. 

Recently I thought, why not use a green screen with Microsoft Teams like other virtual meeting platforms! So, I dug into it to find out the details.


So, Can You Use a Green Screen with Microsoft Teams? 

You can use a green screen in Microsoft Teams with the help of some third-party softwares as there’s no option for using a green screen inside MS Teams’ default settings. However, there’s an option for changing your background with some still images in MS Teams’.

I’ll show you every detail of changing your background using a green screen with Microsoft Teams. So, stay with me till the end and don’t skip any part.

How to Use a Green Screen with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams doesn’t support the green screen officially. But you’re in luck today. I’ll show you a method, which will trick the MS Teams app to support a green screen animation as your background.

To use the green screen with MS Teams, we need to install a couple of softwares that will help MS Teams to replace the green screen with a custom dynamic background. We’ll be using OBS to merge it’s capability of replacing a green screen with MS Teams’ built-in background changer.

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You need to install the following softwares: 

  1. OBS: Download Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). We need it to replace the green screen with dynamic animation. 
  2. OBS-VirtualCam plugin: Download the OBS-VirtualCam Plugin. It’ll help us to capture and replace OBS’s dynamic background with MS Teams’ background changer. 

After downloading the above softwares, you need to set them up for the green screen. Don’t worry; I’ll help you go through the steps.


So, here are the steps to use a green screen with Microsoft Teams: 

  1. Set up the green screen on your background.
  2. Open the OBS app.
  3. Click on New Screen.
  4. Click the + Icon located under sources and choose Video Capture Device.
  5. Choose your webcam and add it to the source.
  6. Click the + icon again and select Media Source.
  7. Choose a background animation from your device and add it.
  8. Click on the checkbox beside the Loop option to enable it.
  9. Right-click on the media source after adding it and click on Filters
  10. Select and add the Chroma Key filter. 
  11. Go to the Tools from the menubar. 
  12. Click on VirtualCam and select Start.
  13. Open the Microsoft Teams app.
  14. Click on your Profile and select Settings.
  15. Click on Devices.
  16. Click on Webcam and select OBS Camera.

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Now, when you join in a meeting, your background will be changed to the dynamic animation you chose on OBS.


Remember to open OBS and choose the screen you just created after rebooting your device and joining in a meeting. Also, choose the OBS Camera from the MS Teams settings before the meeting to activate the dynamic background.


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How to Change the Background of Microsoft Teams Without a Green Screen 

Microsoft Teams can change your background without a green screen. It can change your background from the snowy Alps to dry Atacama desert using it’s built-in algorithm with the help of your webcam. 

Changing your background in MS Teams is a CHild’s play. Don’t worry; I’ve made you a list with the steps so you can easily change the background yourself.


Follow the steps below to change your background before an MS meeting in seconds: 

  1. Open the MS Teams app.
  2. Join a meeting and stay on the Video & Audio preview page. 
  3. Toggle the background button located between the microphone and camera toggle buttons.
  4. Choose your desired background screen from the list. 
  5. Turn on Blur if you want to blur the background.
  6. Click on Add new to add a new background image from your albums. 
  7. Click on Join now to join in the meeting with your new background. 

Now your background is changed, and you can surprise your coworkers with a new scenario behind your back.

Microsoft Teams can only change your background using still pictures. At this moment, there’s no support for dynamic background animations in Microsoft Teams app.

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Why Can’t You Change Your Background in Microsoft Teams?

If you can’t change the MS Teams’ background, there might be an issue with your device’s CPU or your webcam. As it’s a relatively new feature, made for newer generations of computers, devices with older CPUs and low-res webcams cannot run the process of background changing.

Changing the background of MS Teams is an easy job. But,  if you don’t find the background button on the preview page before joining a meeting in MS Teams, there are a couple of reasons behind it.

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If Microsoft Teams blocks you from changing your background, here are the reasons behind it:

Backdated Processor

Background changing feature in MS Teams requires higher processor speed and newer architecture for running a complex image processing algorithm. Changing the background requires a processor supporting Advanced Vector Extensions 2 (AVX2). An old CPU lacks these supports. That’s why processors older than Intel Core i3 4th Generation fails to change MS Teams’ background. 

The only solution for this inconvenience is updating your CPU to a newer generation.

Low-Resolution Webcam

Another issue behind the inability to change your background in Microsoft Teams is a low-resolution webcam. 

Most of the older model laptops have a low-resolution webcam through which your teammates barely see you.

But, changing the background requires a clear view of your surroundings from your camera. That’s why, if you are using the default camera of your laptop, sometimes you can’t change the background without plenty of lights around you. 

The solution for this issue is to use a high-resolution third-party webcam. It’ll give high-resolution image access to your CPU for processing MS Teams’ background.


Can I change my MS Teams’ background without being on a call?

You can change your background image before joining a meeting in Microsoft Teams. Click on the background icon on the preview screen>Choose a background image from the gallery>Click Apply after previewing to add it as a custom background image on Microsoft Teams.

How do I add a custom background to Microsoft teams?

Before joining in a Microsoft Teams meeting, on the preview page, click on the background icon>Scroll down to Add New>Choose an image from your albums>Click Apply to add a custom background image on Microsoft Teams.

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I hope that I’ve cleared all your confusion about using a green screen with Microsoft Teams. Just follow the methods I’ve shown to use a green screen in Microsoft Teams, or you can also choose to use the built-in background changer of MS Teams.

Comment down below if you’ve any questions or having any troubles applying the methods. Our experts will try to answer any of your queries right away.

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