Fix Microsoft Teams Error Code CAA70004: 8 Methods [2022]

Written By Steven Arends

Trying to sign in to your Microsoft Teams account for your home office, and suddenly, it slams you with error code ca70004, making you unable to log in. Pretty annoying, right? 

I’m a regular user of Microsoft Teams since the pandemic forced us to stay at home, and I often faced the error code caa70004 like you. After wasting hours to find a solution, I finally found the reasons behind this error and fixed them successfully.


So, What is Microsoft Team’s error code caa70004? 

Microsoft Teams error caa70004 refers to the inability of the app to sign you into it’s server. Stacked up cache files, MS Teams background process interruption, logging in to multiple devices, using a VPN, and changing the MS Teams account credentials cause this error.

Stay with me through the post to identify and fix the issues behind Microsoft Teams’ error code caa70004. 

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What causes Microsoft Team Error CAA70004? 

The Microsoft Teams error code caa70004 is mainly caused by disabled TLS settings in network options, missing ADAL and Live ID packages. Also, changing Microsoft account credentials, VPN usage, junk cache files, and several active sessions of the app trigger the error code ca70004 in MS Teams.

I’ve found several reasons behind the Microsoft Teams’ error code caa70004. They are mainly related to your device’s internet settings and internal package libraries. 

You’ll find all the possible reasons behind the error code of MS Teams below in my listing. Find your nub of the issue among them.

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So, the reasons behind Microsoft Teams’ error code caa70004 are: 

VPN Usage 

So, if you’re using a VPN to log into MS Teams, that’s maybe the root of error code caa70004 in MS Teams. 

MS Teams requires real-time connectivity with it’s server to fetch the information of your account. Using VPN delays this connection and interrupts the real-time data exchange between your MS Teams client and the server. That’s why using a VPN triggers the error code caa70004 and blocks you from signing in to your MS Teams account.

Interruption in Microsoft Teams’ Background Process 

If the Microsoft teams cannot run it’s background processes smoothly in your device and is forced to shut down some of it’s processes, it results in the error code caa70004. 

A business communication platform like MS Teams requires running various processes in the background to keep every option available at hand. But, if it’s forced to shut some processes down by other apps and your ram optimizer, then it malfunctions and gives you the error code caa70004.

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Unlisted Microsoft Teams Account in Windows

If your Microsoft Teams account is not listed in the Windows account manager, you might face the MS Teams error code caa70004. 

MS Teams and Windows accounts manager syncs information on your pc. If the syncing process is interrupted, it blocks your account from logging in to the app and shows the error code caa70004.

Corrupted or Missing Windows Packages 

Microsoft Teams needs additional packages installed inside Windows to run it’s operations smoothly. But if these packages get corrupted or aren’t installed on your pc in the first place, you’ll get the Microsoft Teams error code caa70004. 

Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL) and Live ID are these types of libraries. ADAL is a tool in the Microsoft .NET framework. It lets client application developers authenticate users to an Active Directory deployment or the cloud. And Windows Live ID is the identity and authentication platform for all Microsoft online services. 

So, both of these platforms are crucial for running a web-based application like Microsoft Teams. Any complications in them directly affect the app showing the error code caa70004.

Multiple Active Session of the Teams App 

If you’re logged in to MS Teams on multiple devices, and the sessions are active, the MS Teams can’t sync the multi-device activities of your account and show you the error code caa70004. 

That’s why logging to MS Teams from more than one device will end in receiving the error code caa70004 on Microsoft Teams app.

Junk Cache FIles 

In windows, every app creates temporary cache files to operate it’s processes. Running the Microsoft Teams app repeatedly also piles up a massive amount of cache files. After you change your credentials, like the password, the previous cache files become obsolete and interrupt the background processes of the app. 

This conflict might be the reason behind the error code caa70004 on MS Teams and causes the difficulties of signing in to the app.

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How to Fix Microsoft Teams Error Code CAA70004?

Alright, I won’t waste your time with technical jibber-jabber and delay your way to the solutions for fixing Microsoft Teams error code caa70004. I want to help to get you back on your track.

But, I suggest you take things slowly while applying the solutions I’ve listed below to solve the error code. 

Read carefully before applying them to avoid any complications.

So, the methods for solving the Microsoft Teams error code caa70004 are: 

1. Stop Using VPNs

Microsoft Teams is a real-time business communication platform. It’s a connection with the remote server gets interrupted while going through a VPN because it delays the connection.

So, to avoid inconveniences like MS Team error code caa70004, stop using a VPN. It’ll also help you avoid other error codes in the Teams app. Use a direct connection without a proxy server or a VPN to avoid issues like it.

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2. Run Microsoft Teams as Administrator

Sometimes the Microsoft Teams app struggles to run at startup, and some processes might get blocked by the system optimizer. So, in that case, you have to close the app and rerun it as an administrator. 

Follow these steps to run the Discord app as an administrator: 

  • Right-click on the taskbar and select Task Manager.
  • Select processes of Microsoft Teams and click End Task.
  • Right-click on the Microsoft Teams shortcut and select Run as administrator.

Now Microsoft Teams can run it’s processes under administrator privileges and solve the error code caa70004 issue.
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3. Add MS Teams Account in Windows

So, adding your MS Teams working account in your Windows account manager solves the Microsoft Teams error code caa70004. It authorizes the Microsoft Teams account under the account manager. 


  • To add your MS Teams user accounts in Windows 10 Settings, follow these steps:
  • Click on the Windows Start icon on the taskbar.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Go to Accounts and select Access work or school.
  • Look for the account you are using to log in to Microsoft Teams.
  • Click on the add button to add the account. If it’s already there, disconnect it, and then reconnect again.

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4. Run the MS Teams App in Compatibility Mode

If you run the Microsoft Teams app in Windows compatibility mode, it’ll fix the app’s difficulties of running it’s background processes and help fix the error code ca70004.


Follow these steps below to run the Microsoft Teams app in Windows compatibility mode:

  • Click the Windows start button on your keyboard.
  • Scroll down to Microsoft Teams.
  • Right-click on it and select Open file location.
  • Right-click the Microsoft Teams shortcut icon and select Properties.
  • Go to the Compatibility tab, put a checkmark on Run this program in the Compatibility Mode checkbox, and choose Windows 8.
  • Click OK to save the changes. 

Now, rerun Microsoft Teams and see if the error code still appears.

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5. Clear MS Teams’ Cache Files

Clearing the cache files of the MS teams app after you change your Microsoft account password can solve the Microsoft Teams error code 70004. It’ll clear all the previous temporary info about your log-in sessions and will reinitiate the app’s processes.


To clear the cache files of the MS app on your pc, follow the steps below: 

  • Right-click on the taskbar.
  • Click on Task Manager.
  • Search the process of Microsoft Teams and click on it. 
  • Click End task on the lower-right corner of the window. 
  • Press Win+R on your keyboard to open the Run program. 
  • Type %appdata%\Microsoft\teams\cache inside the box and hit Enter key. 
  • Delete every folder of the directory. 
  • Restart your pc. 

Now, open MS Teams again and check if the error code still appears.

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6. Install Corrupt and Missing Libraries

So, I told you before that Microsoft Teams needs specific platforms like ADAL and Live ID to perform without any errors and complications. And if these platforms are missing or corrupted on your device, you’ll receive error code caa70004 if you try to sign in to MS Teams app. 

Reinstalling these packages fix the issue. 

Follow these steps below to install ADAL and Live ID packages: 

  • Click on the Search icon on the taskbar.
  • Type PowerShell and right-click on it.
  • Click Run as administrator.
  • Type the command below to reinstall the ADAL if you’re using your work account for MS Teams: 

if (-not (Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.AAD.BrokerPlugin)) { Add-AppxPackage -Register “$env:windir\SystemApps\Microsoft.AAD.BrokerPlugin_cw5n1h2txyewy\Appxmanifest.xml” -DisableDevelopmentMode -ForceApplicationShutdown } Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.AAD.BrokerPlugin

  • Type the following command to reinstall the Live ID package if you’re using a personal account for Microsoft Teams: 

if (-not (Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.Windows.CloudExperienceHost)) { Add-AppxPackage -Register “$env:windir\SystemApps\Microsoft.Windows.CloudExperienceHost_cw5n1h2txyewy\Appxmanifest.xml” -DisableDevelopmentMode -ForceApplicationShutdown } Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.Windows.CloudExperienceHost

  • Wait till the package installation process finishes.
  • Restart your pc once the installation is done. 

Now, run the Teams app and see if the error code is fixed.

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7. Enable TLS Option in Internet Settings

Inside Windows internet settings, enabling TLS provides secure communication of the user apps through the internet. If it’s disabled, it might result in the error code caa70004. Enabling it in the internet setting will solve the problem.

ms-teams-tls Follow these steps below to enable TLS in the internet settings: 

  • Click on the Search icon on the Taskbar.
  • Type Internet options and hit Enter.
  • Click on Internet options and go to the Advanced tab.
  • Expand the Security section.
  • Click the check-boxes to enable TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2
  • Click OK and close the window.

Run the Microsoft Teams app after the process finishes and check if the error is fixed.

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8. Uninstall & Reinstall MS Teams 

Uninstalling and reinstalling the app can also solve the error code caa70004 on Microsoft Teams. 

Follow these steps to uninstall the Microsoft Teams app from your device: 

  • Press Win+R keys on your keyboard to open the Run dialog box. 
  • Type control to open the control panel. 
  • Click on Programs and features.
  • Locate Microsoft Teams and right-click on it. 
  • Click Uninstall
  • Confirm by clicking Yes
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall Microsoft Teams from your device and restart your pc. 
  • Open this link on your browser.
  • Click on Download Now
  • Open the file and follow the instructions to reinstall it.

Now, open Microsoft Teams again and see if the error still appears.

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Why can’t I use the Microsoft team?

You can’t use Microsoft Teams if you’re using any VPNs or proxy servers on your pc. Piled-up cache files and conflicting background processes will interrupt running its background processes and keep you from using it. Also, if it’s not updated in a while, it may be obsolete.

Why do Microsoft Teams keep saying sign-in errors?

If you’re using the wrong credentials for signing in to Microsoft Teams, you’ll face logging-in difficulties. Also, not clearing the Teams app’s cache after changing your Microsoft password will give you trouble signing in. Using a VPN will give you a hard time logging in.


So, let’s wrap things up, hoping that you’ve underwood all the complications and issues behind the Microsoft Teams error code caa70004 I’ve mentioned earlier. 

Don’t worry if you have any confusion!

Write down your questions in the comment section below if you have one. Our experts will try to answer any of your queries right away.

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