How to Present Cameo in PowerPoint [Add Live Cam Feed to Slides]

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It’s time to end presenting your live camera feed above, below, or beside the PowerPoint presentation slides. With Cameo in PowerPoint, you can insert a live camera feed anywhere on the slides and apply smooth effects.present-cameo-in-powerpoint

Microsoft changed the game by adding the Cameo feature in PowerPoint.

Read this article to learn how to use and present the Cameo while delivering a live presentation. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

How to Present Microsoft’s Cameo Feature in PowerPoint

Microsoft moved the Cameo feature from the Insert to the Recording studio tab. To present and the Cameo feature in PowerPoint, go to the Recording tab and select the Cameo option. Go to the Camera tab and select any camera style to change the size or shape of the camera frame.

You can drag and move the live camera feed anywhere on the slide. After placing the camera feed frame and applying transition effects, you start recording the presentation. You can change the position of the live camera feed frame on each slide.

So, let’s take a look at all the steps of how to enable & use the Cameo feature in PowerPoint.

Here are the procedures to present and use Microsoft’s Cameo feature in PowerPoint:

1. Add Cameo Feature

To insert the live camera feed into the slides directly, you must select the Cameo first. So, go to the Record tab first and click on Cameo.

Below are steps to add the Cameo feature to the slides:

  • Open the presentation where you want to add the live camera feed.
  • Click on the Record tab from the top ribbon.
  • Select the Cameo option on the right under the Camera
  • Click on the small video icon from the live camera feed frame. It will enable the webcam and display a live camera feed on the slide. click-video-icon-enable-webcam

2. Change Webcam in Cameo

You can choose the perfect camera for the live camera feed recording if you have multiple webcam setups. But you can select only one camera at a time for the live camera output.

Read the below instructions to change the webcam in Cameo:

  • Select the newly added Camera tab from the ribbon. switch-camera-tab
  • Click on the Preview drop-down icon from the Camera
  • Select another camera from the available web camera list. select-webcam

Here’s a complete guide on how to add or load a PowerPoint Add-in.

3. Change Camera Shape, Border & Effects

You can customize the camera shape, such as a circle, triangle, star shape, etc. Along with the camera shape, you can choose different camera styles too. Well, there are other things you can modify after adding Cameo to the slides.

Go through the following steps to change the camera shape, border & effects: 

  • Go to the Camera tab and select any style from the Camera Styles section.
  • Click on the Camera Shape, Camera Border, or Camera Effects options drop-down menu icon. choose-camera-styles
  • Explore all the camera shapes, borders, or effects and select the desired one.
  • Use the image anchors to resize the image.
  • Click and drag the image to the perfect place where it looks perfect. cameo-move-resize-crop-styles

4. Get Design Ideas for Cameo

Adding some design ideas from the Designer feature in PowerPoint is also possible. PowerPoint has Design ideas feature that suggests the user stylish layout templates.

Follow the steps below to get Design Ideas for Cameo: 

  • Click on the Design tab and select the Design Ideas option. designer-category-design-ideas
  • Scroll & choose any suggested template from the right pane that looks appealing. select-layout-template
  • Go to the Animation tab and choose any to apply on the live cam feed.

Design Ideas will show layout templates that are suitable for the Cameo feature. You can use different layout templates for each slide. If you don’t know how to get PowerPoint Design Ideas, you should learn it now to make an outstanding presentation.

After making the presentation with live camera feed recording, you can export the presentation as a video. Some users reported that they are facing problems while exporting the presentation as a video. But you can fix PowerPoint errors while exporting videos by applying a few methods.

What is a Cameo in PowerPoint?

Cameo is a PowerPoint feature by Microsoft that lets you embed your live camera feed inside the slides. You can also apply the same effects to the camera feed you used on the images. Cameo enables you to format the camera shape, apply camera styles, or add effects.

With this Cameo tool, you can impress the audience with creative storytelling slides, different texts, and camera layouts. Users can add text behind or in front of the camera feed. To make the presentation more visually pleasing, add transition effects such as Morph, Fade, Wipe, etc.

Requirements to Use PowerPoint Cameo Feature

There are a few requirements to use the PowerPoint Cameo tool. You must remember and fill in all the needs before using the tool.

Here is the list of requirements for using the PowerPoint Cameo tool:

  • Use or update Microsoft Office to the latest version.
  • A working webcam is a must to insert Cameo into the slides.
  • Grant permission for the camera, microphone, and storage for Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Subscribe to Microsoft Office 365.

So, the above list is the requirements to use the Cameo in PowerPoint. Before adding a live camera feed inside the slides, you must check all the prerequisites first.


Is Cameo available on PowerPoint?

Cameo is available on PowerPoint to insert your live camera feed on PowerPoint slides. But you must subscribe to Microsoft Office 365 first before using the tool.

How can I start a record cameo in PowerPoint?

To record a cameo in PPT, go to the Record tab and select Cameo to add a live camera feed to the slides. Choose camera styles, change shape & size, and add effects. Once everything is ready, click the Record button to record the entire presentation.

Why does my PowerPoint not have Cameo?

Maybe you are not a subscriber of Microsoft Office 365. Plus, you must use the latest Microsoft Office version or at least build version 15425.20000.

Final Thoughts

Adding your live camera feed within the presentation slides in a professional way attracts the audience for sure. That’s where Cameo comes in by giving total freedom to customize the web camera frame.

In addition, you can use different camera styles to blend the frame with smooth transition effects. I hope you learned the entire procedure to use Cameo to deliver your upcoming presentation.

Let me know for additional help with the PowerPoint in the comment box. I will try my level best to guide you. Best of luck with the presentation!

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