How to Add or Load a PowerPoint Add-in [Use Custom Features]

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Probably you’re making a PowerPoint presentation right now for the upcoming event. Though it looks good, why not make it splendid?

Using the right add-ins will save time and help you to make a superb presentation. But the problem arises that you don’t know how to add a PowerPoint add-in.add-or-load-a-powerpoint-add-in

That’s why I came up with this article to show you how to do that. So, let’s begin reading this article.

How to Install or Add a PowerPoint Add-in

To install an add-in in PowerPoint, open the app, and go to File > Options. Then select the Add-ins option. Within this section, you will find the Manage option at the bottom. Click the drop-down of that and choose COM Add-ins or PowerPoint Add-ins, as per your requirement.

Now, let’s dive into the central aspect of this article. Therefore, follow the below methods to install a PowerPoint add-in.

Here are the methods to install or add PowerPoint add-ins:

1. Use PowerPoint Options

PowerPoint users can load add-ins from inside the app. So, follow the instructions below to install PowerPoint add-ins.

Here are the steps to insert PowerPoint from inside the Options:

  • Click File options from the ribbon. click-file-tab
  • Select Options from the left panel. click-options-in-powerpoint
  • Choose Add-ins from the prompted window.
  • Click the drop-down icon of Manage.
  • Choose the COM Add-ins or PowerPoint Add-ins option.
  • Click the Go
  • Select the Add button for COM Add-ins or Add New button if you select PowerPoint Add-ins. click-add-buttonclick-add-new-button
  • Go to the exact path, and select the add-in.
  • Click the OK button.

After that, PowerPoint will install the selected add-in automatically.

2. Install Add-ins from Store

To install add-ins for PowerPoint, go to the Insert tab from the ribbon. From there, you will find a Get Add-ins button. Click that button to find and install your desired add-ins from the Store.

Using the Insert tab, you can also quickly insert symbols in PowerPoint slides to increase visuals and engage more viewers with efficiency.

Here are the steps to install the add-ins from the Store: 

  • Click Insert from the ribbon.
  • Select the Get Add-ins button.
  • Search the required add-ins in the search box.
  • Click on the Add button. install-add-ins-for-powerpoint-from-store

You’ll find all the trendy PowerPoint add-ins in the Store. Just search for it and add it to your PowerPoint. Now, you are all set up and good to go. After making a stunning presentation, it’s time to save that to your local drive.

But what will happen if you can’t save it?

Many users reported errors while saving PowerPoint presentations. But there are several ways to fix errors while saving files in PowerPoint, and you can apply those.

How to Load an Add-in on PowerPoint

To load add-ins on PowerPoint, go to File > Options. Then select the Add-ins option from the prompted window. Click the Manage option’s drop-down icon, and select COM or PowerPoint Add-ins. Check the box for the desired add-in to enable it from the list of available add-ins.

For more detailed instructions, follow the below steps to enable PowerPoint add-in.

Here are the steps to load an add-in on PowerPoint: 

  • Go to the top ribbon and select File.
  • Select Options > Add-ins.
  • Click on the drop-down icon of Manage.
  • Choose COM Add-ins or PowerPoint Add-ins, and click Go.
  • Check the box next to the add-ins you want to enable from the available add-ins list. check-box-to-enable-add-ins-in-powerpoint

After checking the box for the add-ins for selection and hitting the OK button, selected add-ins will start working at that instance.

To share your presentation in a video format, you must export it as a video. But for some unusual reasons, it seems you can’t export video. The relieving fact is by applying some methods; it is possible to fix errors while exporting videos in PowerPoint.

How to Remove or Disable Add-in from PowerPoint

Some add-ins might not work as they suppose to, so you can remove them. To Remove or disable PowerPoint add-ins, you must go to the Options from File tab. Select the Add-ins option and choose the Add-ins type you installed. Next, select them and click on the Remove button.

Malfunctioned add-ins can create problems while creating any presentation with PowerPoint. So, figure out which add-in is liable for that, and remove that as early as possible.

Here are the steps to remove or disable add-in from PowerPoint:

  • Go to File > Options > Add-ins.
  • Click the drop-down icon of Manage.
  • Select COM Add-ins or PowerPoint Add-ins and click Go.
  • Uncheck the box next to add-ins to disable. uncheck-box-to-disbale-powerpoint-add-in

If you want to remove add-ins instead of disabling them, follow the steps below.

  • Select the add-ins you want to remove.
  • Click on the Remove

After removing the add-ins, PowerPoint will uninstall those automatically. So, without any add-ins, you can advance slides in PowerPoint. The advanced slide feature helps to avoid random clicks while giving presentations. There are ways to enable PowerPoint’s automatic advanced slides.

How to Enable Macros in PowerPoint

Enabling macros in PowerPoint is a simple process. To enable macros, go to Options, and this time, click on Trust center. Select Trust Center settings and choose to Enable all macros. It will do the work, and You can install third-party add-ins to PowerPoint after this.

Macros are a sequence of commands that can be grouped and work as a single command to automate any task. If you are a coder and know how to write applications, you can use VBA (Visual Basic Application) to create macros.

Here are the steps to enable macros in PowerPoint:

  • Go to File from the upper ribbon.
  • Click on Options and select Trust Center.
  • Select the Trust Center Settings
  • Click Macro Settings from the left panel.
  • Select the Enable all macros option, and click OK. enable-macros-in-powerpoint

Pro Tip: You can also check the box for Trust access to the VBA project object model option under Developer Macros Settings. You can create macros if you can write codes with Visual Basic.

Now you have turned on macros in PowerPoint. To disable this option, choose the Disable all macros with notification option above the Enable all macros option. But install macros from trusted sources only because third-party macros sometimes contain malware.

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What are Add-ins in PowerPoint?

Add-ins are additional programs that provide custom commands or features to the PowerPoint. These add-ins are solid tools that help you to use PowerPoint by going beyond the default setup. While simplifying the workload, add-ins save time too.

Sometimes you need features that are more advanced than Office defaults. With the help of add-ins, anyone can increase productivity. In addition, you can add more designs, animations, etc. There are many add-ins available for PowerPoint in the Store.

Just search for the required add-ins and add that to your PowerPoint. Now, let’s see some core benefits of using add-ins in PowerPoint.

Benefits of Using add-ins on PowerPoint

There are some advantages of using PowerPoint add-ins. Hence, read the following benefits if you are interested in using add-ins on PowerPoint.

Here are the benefits of add-ins in PowerPoint:

  • Increase productivity and save time.
  • Provide powerful features that will make the Presentation outstanding.
  • It helps to create visually appealing and engaging presentations.
  • Offer better image, graphics, and templates than Office defaults provides.

So, these are the core benefits of using add-ins in PowerPoint. While adding PowerPoint add-ins, you may wonder about COM Add-ins & PowerPoint Add-ins.

So, what are COM & PowerPoint add-ins?

If you want to add a PowerPoint Add-in with EXE or DLL file format, you must choose the COM Add-ins option from the Manage section. Otherwise, select the PowerPoint Add-ins option to add the PPAM or PPA file format add-ins.

I hope you get a clearer vision of what to choose while installing the required add-ins for PowerPoint.

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Where are PowerPoint add-ins stored?

All the PowerPoint add-ins get stored in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER section in the Registry Editor. Add-ins won’t show in the Tool > Add-ins section if you register the add-ins in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE section from the Registry Editor.

How to install PowerPoint add-ins from the Store?

To install PowerPoint add-ins from the store, go to the Insert tab from the ribbon. Select the Get Add-ins option and search for add-ins from the search box. Click on the Add button to install that particular add-in.

What are the benefits of add-ins in PowerPoint?

Using the add-ins in PowerPoint increases productivity and saves time. Provide more features to make the presentation outstanding. Offer better images, slides, visually appealing animations, and other tools.


Add-ins are great for creating a jaw-dropping PowerPoint presentation. Along with outstanding features, these tools increase productivity and save time. If you want to ramp up your presentation-making skill, start using add-ins now.

In this article, I have shown the easiest ways to add or load add-ins in PowerPoint. I hope you get all the steps and installed add-ins already. For further guidance, knock me in the comment box.

See you at the next one. Good luck!

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