How To Fix Powerpoint Not Saving Error [Solved]

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Presentations are necessary, and to make this happen, mostly everyone uses Microsoft Powerpoint Program bundled into Microsoft Office Suite. However, there are several alternatives around here. But people still want to use Microsoft Powerpoint as it got into peoples’ heads.

But sometimes, you might have faced the error saying Powerpoint Not Saving the file now. If you are also facing problems while saving the presentation file in Powerpoint, I got your back. I have found and tried the possible solutions that I will share.

Why does the saving files error occur in Powerpoint?

Errors in Powerpoint occur because of overloaded slides. Sometimes, slides exceed the Powerpoint file limit. If your presentation file has too many slides, try splitting them into two separate files. Avoid bigger-sized images in slides.


Don’t skip any part as I’ll tell you all the possible issue and solves them briefly. Stick around and keep reading through.

Troubleshooting Powerpoint Saving Files Error

Saving files in Powerpoint might give you pain as the saving process sometimes fails for many reasons like large sized presentation files and more. Here I am discussing the problems as well as sharing the solutions.

Possible Problems Saving Files in Powerpoint

Powerpoint encounters some basic and general problems while saving files. Here are the basic issue solves:


  • Create a new presentation
  • Save file to a new PowerPoint Presentation
  • Sign out using the PowerPoint button
  • Repair PowerPoint
  • Check for corrupted slides/diagrams/images
  • Disable Preview Pane in File Explorer
  • Fix corrupted presentation file
  • Check if the file is opened elsewhere
  • Reinstall PowerPoint

These are the solutions that can be applied when facing any issues regarding saving the files in Powerpoint. Let me take you through all the possible problems and solutions now.

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How to Fix PowerPoint Error Saving File

While saving files in Powerpoint, errors may occur due to several reasons. To solve those problems, you can try these methods.

Save file to a new PowerPoint Presentation

While saving a presentation file, you may have seen your file fails to save due to an unknown reason. On this spot, your can simply select all the slides on your presentation and paste them to a new presentation file to save.


Try Changing Presentation Format

If you have worked on a presentation and trying to save it as its default format, and it’s been occurring problems saving that file, you can simply change that file format to pptx from ppt.


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Sign Out Using The PowerPoint Button

While saving any presentation file, you may encounter an unidentified error that can be solved by signing out from the Microsoft account in Powerpoint. To sign out, follow the steps below.

  • Launching Powerpoint, click on File.
  • Select Account from the left-pane menu.
  • Click on the Sign-out button.
  • Now Sign-in again.


This is how you can resolve the issue by simply signing out from your Microsoft account for a while.

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Repair PowerPoint

If the methods elaborated above did not work well, try repairing your PowerPoint quickly. To fix it, follow these steps.

  • Go to Start Menu > Control Panel.
  • Click on Programs.
  • Select Programs and Features.
  • Click on Microsoft 365 / Office 365.
  • Select Change.


  • Click Allow in the shown prompt here.
  • Select Quick Repair to let Windows discover the issue and solve it automatically.


  • If the Quick Repair did not work, then you can try with Online Repair instead.

That was all in repairing. See if you can save your presentation now or not. If not, then you can check the other method down below.

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Check for corrupted slides/diagrams/images

Sometimes you add slides, diagrams, images that seem fine with eyes but fail to cope with the system. You can check your slides in your presentation file to see if there any corrupted or damaged files are present or not.

You can simply select all the elements from the current slide and paste them into a new presentation file to see which files did not copy thoroughly. Those are the misbehaving elements that were causing problems.

Disable Preview Pane in File Explorer

Preview Pane is a valuable feature in Windows File Explorer. While the preview pane is activated, Windows counts it as another user is using the file or having the file open at the exact moment. For this, Windows opens the presentation file in read-only mode. 

If you have an issue with it, simply bypass these following the steps below.

  • Launch File Explorer.
  • Navigate to the View tab.
  • Deselect the Preview Pane feature.


You are done. This may have resolved your issue. Preview Pane is useful undoubtedly. But when it’s occurring issues, you need to disable it for a while.

Fix Corrupted Presentation File

Powerpoint may face difficulties with the elements you have inserted into the slides. There could be some unsupported fonts around here in the drops that might be causing problems. You can simply replace the font styles with the standard ones.

If you are having difficulties finding out the issue with your presentation file and still could not identify the problem correctly, you can search for the solutions on the web.

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Reinstall PowerPoint

If all the methods elaborated above failed to rescue you from the problem, you should reinstall the Powerpoint program. This could be a faulty installation issue that can be resolved only by uninstalling the currently installed programs and reinstalling the Office package from Microsoft’s official disc or site.

Here are the steps to reinstall the Powerpoint along with the Office package:

  • Go to Start Menu > Control Panel.
  • Select Uninstall a Program.
  • Click on Microsoft Office.
  • Select Uninstall.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions further.
  • Reboot your system.
  • Download and reinstall the Microsoft Office package from their official site.


You are done! Sometimes during installation of the Microsoft Office package, you might get a faulty installation or any error that occurs issues in the long run.

How to Avoid Save Errors in PowerPoint

In many cases, it is always said that prevention is better than cure, and this statement matches here too. If you carefully create and edit your presentation file, you can easily cut these problems. Let’s see how you can avoid errors in Powerpoint.

Duplicate Running

Check if the same file is being run twice on your system or not. If yes, then close one of them. If you are trying to rename the file while it’s being edited here in the Powerpoint, then rename it later on and at first, get your job done here on. Then try again to change the file name later.

Remove UserForm Name

You can try this method if you face sudden pop-ups and dialog boxes while working on your presentation file in Powerpoint. To apply this method, you can follow the steps.

  • Dismiss the error dialog box at first.
  • Click on Macro in the ribbons.
  • Select Visual Basic Editor.
  • Select user form with ActiveMovie control.
  • Now go to File menu, select Remove UserForm Name.
  • Choose No.
  • Going back to the File menu, select Close and Return to Microsoft PowerPoint.

This way, you can avoid the error in presentation files on Powerpoint. As prevention is better than cure, it can be a time saver if you become careful while working on presentation slides on Powerpoint.


How do I save a PowerPoint that is not responding?

To eradicate not responding problem in Powerpoint, you can-

  1. Close background programs and processes that are unnecessary.
  2. Save all your work (if possible) and restart your system.
  3. Avoid big-sized images in your presentation.

Does Powerpoint autosave unsaved presentations?

Yes, Powerpoint has the autosave capability to store unsaved presentations automatically every 10 minutes.

How do I recover a PowerPoint presentation before saving it?

Go to File > Info > Manage Document > Recover Unsaved Presentations in PowerPoint and open the unsaved recovery.

Why did my PowerPoint freeze?

Check and kill the unnecessary background processes and see if the Powerpoint unfreezes or not.

How do you refresh all charts in PowerPoint?

Selecting your charts, click on the Design tab. Now click on the Refresh Data button.


As you have gone through the article, I hope you have learned and solved your issue until now. Keep your office updated. Leave your comments down below.

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