Change Ribbon Size in Outlook [Reduce Size With One Click]

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Whether it’s your appearance or Outlook ribbon, a cleaner look is always appreciated.

Depending on the task, you might require more body space in Outlook. But, unnecessary white space around the ribbon buttons makes it difficult to work in.

It’ll feel so relaxing and easy to focus on your work if you could just hide them, and it can’t be any better if you could do it with a single touch.change-ribbon-size-in-outlookIn this article, I’ll provide the most straightforward procedure to change the ribbon size in your Outlook and make it elegant. So, let’s start.

How to Change Ribbon Size in Microsoft Outlook

Changing the Microsoft Outlook ribbon size is very effortless, and it only takes a click to accomplish that. Users can hide/unhide the full ribbon, select different ribbon layouts or use the keyboard shortcut to reduce or reset the ribbon size.

There’s no doubt about customizing the ribbon to maintain productivity at work. Follow the ways below to change the ribbon size in your Outlook and make it look cleaner.

Here are the methods to change ribbon size in Microsoft Outlook:

Outlook Desktop Client

Customizing the ribbon size has been available in Outlook desktop clients since 2010. You can change the layout to reduce the ribbon size from the ribbon options.

Read the following steps carefully to reduce or change the ribbon size.

Here is the procedure to change ribbon size in the MS Outlook desktop client:

  • Launch Microsoft Outlook desktop client.
  • Navigate to any tab.
  • Press on Collapse the Ribbon button from the right side of the ribbon.outlook-pc-collapse-the-ribbon

This process will reduce the ribbon size and show the tab name only. You can also use the Ctrl + F1 shortcut to collapse the ribbon quickly.

It will hide the ribbon while working on the application body. The ribbon will appear again once you press on a tab.

If you’re finding the ribbon too small for you, or want to pin the ribbon, click on Pin the ribbon or press Ctrl + F1 together. outlook-pc-pin-the-ribbon

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Outlook 365

Two types of ribbon views are available in MS Outlook 365—Classic ribbon and Simplified ribbon. By choosing an option, users can change the space and appearance of the top ribbon.

Consider following the steps below to learn how to change the ribbon layout and size.

Here is the way to reduce ribbon size in Microsoft Outlook 365:

  • Visit Outlook 365 using a browser.
  • Click on Ribbon display options.
  • Select Simplified ribbon to reduce the ribbon size in Outlook 365. outlook-365-simplified-ribbon
  • Choose Classic ribbon to restore the default ribbon size. outlook-365-classic-ribbon

Note: The ribbon size customizations are only available for Outlook 365 and desktop clients. Unfortunately, Outlook on the Web and mobile versions don’t have ribbon display options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the ribbon size in Microsoft Outlook?

To change the ribbon size in Microsoft Outlook, go to any tab > press on Collapse the Ribbon > Click on Pin the ribbon to unhide.

How do I enlarge the ribbon in Outlook?

To make the ribbon bigger in Microsoft Outlook, click on Ctrl + F1 or Pin the ribbon from the right side.

Can I reduce the ribbon size in Outlook on the Web (OWA)?

No, reducing the ribbon size isn’t present in Outlook on the web. Changing the ribbon size is available for Outlook desktop clients and 365.


Who wouldn’t love to use the full potential of the Outlook body to compose emails, manage schedules or do other work? Using the ribbon customizations, you can utilize the full size of your Outlook body.

This article has explained the necessary steps to change the ribbon size and help you to concentrate better in different circumstances.

If you have any queries, don’t forget to share them in the comment box below, and I will try to help you out.


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