How to Enable PowerPoints Automatic Advance Slide [2024]

Written By Steven Arends

How you deliver your presentation to the audience is crucial while giving a speech. But clicking for the next slide frequently can break your momentum while speaking.

Do you want to automate the PowerPoint slide to avoid random clicking?

Don’t know how to enable the autoplay feature for PowerPoint. Need to know asap?

Don’t worry, buddy. I will help you enable that automatic advance slide feature so that you don’t get distracted while giving your euphonic speech. After researching, I have found the easiest way to start an automatic PowerPoint slide.

Keep reading till the end and learn how to turn on the autoplay slide show from PowerPoint. I bet you will find it easy to do

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Why Use PowerPoints Automatic Advance Slide?

Autoplay slideshow comes in handy when you want to avoid random clicking for slideshow. Enabling automatic advance slides gives you perfect timing for delivering your speech. It is an excellent tool for delivering your presentation in ideal harmony without being interrupted for clicking the next slide.

So, how does it work?

You can set a limited time for each slide to appear and move on to the next slide when you enable it. You can be stress-free while speaking without worrying about clicking the next slide.

When giving a presentation in a meeting, event, conference, or web-based participation, just make yourself hassle-free by turning on the autoplay slide show. When you make a slide for a presentation, you also prepare a speech. Speech time is limited for each slide because you can’t fluff around.

Giving a limited time for each slide helps you prepare your speech within that time boundary by making your presentation more exceptional.

When you are not physically present in a meeting, you can also give your presentation using a self-running PowerPoint presentation. You can add many features, and customization options are unlimited when using a self-running presentation. But make sure your presentation should be good enough to engage the audience.

You can quickly turn on the autoplay feature for your next PowerPoint Slideshow presentation by reading the below steps.

How to Enable PowerPoints Automatic Advance Slide

You can use this PowerPoint advance slide show feature for a straightforward slideshow presentation. Sometimes you don’t want to add voiceovers, laser pointers, or different timing for each slide, all you want is a minimalistic presentation and same time binding for every slide.

Then automatic advance slide can give you what you want, and it presents a simple slideshow where each slide goes by maintaining the same time.

Here are the steps to enable PowerPoints Automatic Advance Slideshow:

  • Open your slideshow project from PowerPoint.
  • Select the Transition tab, and find the Advanced Slide option on the upper right side.advanced-slide
  • Click on the After check mark box and select it. Here input your desired timing for each slide’s on-screen appearance time.
  • Uncheck the upper On Mouse Click
  • Click on Apply To All option to apply the ending time for all slides in that
  • Click the Start Slide Button in the upper left ribbon to start your slide and check if all the slides are displayed, maintaining the given period. If everything is ok, you are done.

You can easily start PowerPoint’s automatic advance slideshow by following the above steps. I hope you have done it without any issues.

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How to Setup a Self-Running Presentation on PowerPoint

By setting up a self-running presentation on PowerPoint, you can easily set up your PowerPoint presentation slides automatically for different scenarios. This feature will give you enough options to customize our PowerPoint advance slideshow.

Here are the steps to set up a self-running presentation:

  • Open your slideshow project from PowerPoint.
  • Select the Slide Show option from the upper side of the ribbon
  • Click on the Set Up Slide Show set-up-slide-show
  • Select which type of presentation option (Presented by a speaker, Browsed by an individual, Browsed at a kiosk) you want to select from the Set Up Show set-up-show

If you want to run the slide show automatically and at the same time give control to the audience when they advance the slide, then you should select the Presented by a speaker option.

Don’t want to give control to the audience when they advance slides while running the slide show automatically, and then you should choose the second Browsed by an individual (window) option. But you won’t be able to play the slideshow in full-screen mode.

Make sure you have selected the Use timings, if present option, to make it work perfectly.

The final option is to Browsed at a kiosk. Select this option if you want your slideshow to run on full screen and run it automatically. After selecting this option, both Loop continuously until ‘Esc’ & Use timings, if present options will be locked. This option will keep running your slideshow until you press the Esc key.

How to Enable Recording a Slide Show in PowerPoint

You can also record your slide show from beginning to end, and it will help you distribute or share your slideshow presentation.

Here are the steps to record a slide show in PowerPoint:

  • Go to the Slide Show tab from the ribbon.
  • Select the Record Slide Show record-slide-show
  • Click on Start Recording from Beginning… You will see From current slide and From the beginning option. Select what you want. Then you will be redirected to the recording window.start-recording-from-beginning

You will see buttons like Record, Stop, and Replay on the upper left side of the screen. At the bottom, you will find a laser pointer, Marking, and color selection options, which you can use to make it more appealing. You can record your voice and video at the same time. voice-and-video-at-the-same-time

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What is a Kiosk slideshow in PowerPoint? 

It is a mode to show the slides in an infinite loop until you press the Esc key. It is an automated slideshow play option which is a different way to display a presentation.

Can you turn off timings and narrations in PowerPoint?

You can turn off timings and narrations in Powerpoint and turn them on again. To turn off the timing, just deselect the Use of timings check box and Play narrations from the Slide show tab.

What is the Rehearse timing in PowerPoint?

Rehearse timing is a feature in PowerPoint that helps you record the time it takes when presenting each slide. You can advance the slide automatically when you are recording the slides, and it enables you to make perfect timing for your presentation speech.

Final Words

PowerPoint is the perfect option for making all your project presentations and showcasing your project in meetings, events, or even attending an online conference. But clicking the mouse each time the next slide can create a disturbance while giving a presentation speech.

If you read the entire article now, you know how to enable automatic advance slides and enable a self-running slideshow in PowerPoint. Now you can present your slideshow without clicking the mouse.

Please let me know if you face any issues while applying the steps or any further queries by leaving a comment in the comment section. Best of luck with your next Presentation.

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