How To Breathe Underwater In Minecraft [Simple Method 2021]

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Are you looking for the best guide on how to breathe underwater in Minecraft? You are in the right place, then.

As a Minecraft expert, I researched and tested some optimal solutions for you to breathe underwater in Minecraft.

Here in this blog, I will guide you on some simple and effective ways to breathe underwater in Minecraft.

Keep reading the whole post and follow the instructions to know how to do it.


Why Need To Breathe Underwater In Minecraft?

Breathing underwater in Minecraft is needed because Minecraft has a beautiful underwater sea world and a lot of beautiful resources collection for players to explore. Minecraft is more than just endless hills, plains, caves, and dungeons.

However, for Minecraft players, remaining underwater for a long time is difficult. In Minecraft, there are various dangerous situations, but being trapped underwater is one of the most painful.

In Minecraft, you can only breathe underwater for 15 seconds before drawing and taking two damage each second until you come out of the water. For this reason, you need to increase the amount of your breathing time to explore the sea world.

You can investigate the water levels of your Minecraft world to see what is underwater. In Minecraft, you can explore the underwater sea world and find a variety of chests, resources, marine species, etc.

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How can a Player Breathe Underwater?

If you have ever wondered how to breathe underwater in Minecraft, do not worry. 

Here, I will describe some effective water-breathing methods that support all available Minecraft platforms.

You may extend your underwater time in Minecraft in a variety of ways. Some have a longer life span than others. This tutorial will show you how to breathe underwater using all of the available tools and resources in Minecraft.

Here are the steps to breathe underwater in Minecraft: 

1. Use Water Breathing Potions

The first and best effective method to remain underwater in Minecraft is to use water-breathing potions. A regular water-breathing potion obtained at a crafting station allows you to breathe underwater in Minecraft.

You can make a Potion of Water Breathing in Minecraft and keep it in your inventory. In Minecraft, you can survive underwater for three to eight minutes if you use potions. The standard potions last 3 minutes, and another variant of potions last up to 8 minutes.

Water-breathing potions support all available platforms in Minecraft. You can make different variants of potions in Minecraft to increase the breathing time underwater.

Let’s have a look at how to make this Potion.

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Required Materials to make the Potion


These are the items needed to make a 3-minute Potion of Water Breathing in Minecraft:

  • One Water Bottle
  • One Pufferfish
  • One Nether Wart

You’ll also need the following ingredients to make variations of this Potion that last longer:

  • Redstone
  • Gunpowder
  • Dragons Breath

Follow the steps below to make 3 minutes potion of water breathing:

  • Open your Brewing Stand menu in Minecraft.
  • Activate the Brewing Stand, place the Blaze Powder in the upper-left area of the brewing menu.
  • Place one of the three bottom boxes on the brewing menu with a Water Bottle.
  • Place the Nether Wart at the top of the brewing menu. Your Water Bottle will contain an Awkward Potion once the brewing process is complete.
  • Put a Puffer Fish in the top box of the brewing menu, and the Potion of Water Breathing should be ready.

After the brewing process is done, the Awkward Potion will be replaced by a Water Breathing Potion. Use the Potion after moving it to your inventory. You need to know that if you want a more extended breathing ability in Minecraft, add Redstone to your Potion.

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2. Use Splash Water Breathing Potion

Splash water-breathing potion is another underwater breathing technique. This technique allows the player to breathe underwater in Minecraft.

The splash potion is also helpful to your friend’s more extended breathing. If you drop it down, splash potion helps everyone inside a certain radius.

To create a splash water-breathing potion is very easy. You just need a standard water-breathing potion and gun powder to make a splash potion. Combining splash potions with a Redstone allows you to expand your breathing duration.

It’s important to remember that using splash water-breathing potions destroys your glass bottle.

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How To Breathe Underwater In Minecraft Without Potions?

There are some breathing techniques without potions in Minecraft. You need to know all available breathing techniques in Minecraft to explore the underwater world. To know the without potions breathing technique in the water, you must read this section carefully.

Here are the steps on how to breathe underwater in Minecraft without potions:

1. Use Turtle Shell

The turtle shell is another way to breathe underwater in Minecraft. It is one kind of helmet called Turtle Helmet which is made by scutes.

In Minecraft, you can breathe in the water by wearing a turtle shell. Due to the lack of the material required, it is difficult to make a turtle shell. You’ll need five scutes to construct one, which only spawns when a young turtle matures into an adult turtle.

The turtle shell helmet allows you to breathe in the water for 10 seconds. You can breathe underwater for 70 seconds if you enchant a regular helmet into an enchanted helmet.

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Required Materials to make the Turtle Shell

These are the items needed to make the turtle shell:

  • 5 Scutes.

Follow these steps to create the Turtle Shell:

  • Open your 9*9 grids Crafting Table after collecting five Scutes.
  • Make an n form using five scutes, three on the top row and two on the middle row. In the left and suitable grids, place these two shells. The center grid should be left blank.
  • Move the turtle shell in your inventory.

Now, you are ready to use your turtle shell or helmet. User turtle shell in the water you can survive up to 60 seconds.

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2. Use Conduit

The conduit is another easy way to help breathe in the water in Minecraft. If you have an underwater base or a farm, conduits are the most significant way to breathe underwater.

Let’s have a look at how to make this conduit.

Required Materials to make the Conduit

These are the items needed to make the conduit:

  • Eight Nautilus Shells
  • A Heart of the Sea

Follow the steps below to create a conduit:

  • Find a treasure map by going to the places of shipwrecks.
  • Open the unfinished map.
  • Stand close to the X-marked place in the water.
  • Start digging to locate a treasure chest containing a Sea Heart.
  • Find eight nautilus shells from people who have drowned in the sea.
  • Make the Conduit, first open the crafting table. To make this tool, place the Heart of the Sea in the center box and eight shells around it.

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3. Use Respiration Enchantments

Another suitable underwater breathing method is respiration enchantments. In Minecraft, you can use respiration enchantments to extend the amount of time you can breathe underwater.

Respiration enchantment is a feature that extends players’ underwater survivability by 15 seconds per level when used in combination with a helmet. It has a maximum level of 3. So, it total gives you up to 45 seconds of breath.

In Minecraft, the character’s standard breathing time is up to 15 seconds. So, using respiration enchantments allow the player to breathe underwater for up to 60 seconds. To use this feature, you need to find an enchantment book.

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Follow the steps below to use Respiration Enchantments:

  • Check your inventory for a Helmet and Respiration Enchantment.
  • Open your Anvil by placing it on the ground.
  • Put your Respiration Enchantment and Helmet in the Anvil.
  • Get the Enchanted Helmet and put it on your head.

4. Use a Door

Using a door is one of the old methods to breathe in the water. In Minecraft,  you can create air bubbles under the water, which helps you breathe underwater.

Follow these steps to breathe underwater using a door:

  • Move the Door to your Hotbar by accessing your inventory.
  • Place the Door in any block you choose underwater.
  • Enter the Air Bubble by opening the door.
  • Close the Door, and another round of Air Bubbles should appear.

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Final Thoughts

In Minecraft, staying underwater for a how-to breathe in the water for up to 3 minutes. You can also create more extended ability by adding Red Stone to your portion.

You can apply more techniques to breathe underwater in Minecraft that I describe earlier in this post. So, apply all of these methods in your game to breathe underwater to explore the underwater world in Minecraft.

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