Top 9 Best White PC Cases For PC Enthusiasts

For a PC, it is very important to keep it in check for from all sorts of vulnerability.

As a gamer, I know that it is quite tough to maintain your whole setup and keep it free from dust and dirt.


A good PC case is a solution to this problem but you also want your case to be with cool features and decent aesthetics.

Most PC cases with cool aesthetics comes with a black texture; but you may not prefer the black one; so,

Why not buy an all-white gaming PC case?

If the answer is yes, then chill. There are some best all white PC cases available in the market for you.

And, In this post, be ready to know about the best white computer cases for your gaming setup; as I am going to tell about:

- The 9 best white gaming case for your ultimate gaming experience.

- And a reliable guide with tips to buy the best available PC case in the market.

So, let’s move on to the next part.

Why to Select an all White PC Case?

Selecting an all white PC case is important because its primary function is to facilitate the cooling process in your computer. It also plays a role in protecting PC components from dust particles and other agents that might harm your PC.

Aesthetics is also an important criteria as you are looking for a gaming PC case.

As a gamer:

I must tell you that you would like to have coolest looking case to be your one.

Want to know about greatest white gaming PC cases for gaming?

Don't worry, In this epic guide you will get to know all the tips and toes of having a good PC case.

9 Best White PC Cases For Pro Gamers 

Every gamer wants their PC to be spectacular on the basis of both performance and aesthetics.

Even if you buy the most expensive PC parts, you won't get satisfaction if the exterior designs are not good looking.

By exterior portions I meant, A Cool 4K LED Displayed Monitor, A good PC case with Mechanical Keyboard and stuffs.

Don't you worry because i am going to provide you with the top 9 all white gaming PC cases that will meet up your expectations for sure.

Here are the top 9 best white PC cases available in the market:

1. Corsair Crystal 460X RGB Mid-Tower PC Gaming Case

Corsair as brand always produces top quality products and their PC case lineup matches this reputation to quite an extent.

If you are struggling with problems relating to space in setting up your system;

The Corsair Crystal 460X RGB Mid-Tower case can prove to be the most luxurious white gaming case for you.


The compactness in its design and structure makes it a very desirable PC case among gamers. You will also find the performance level up to mark, as it provides flexible customization to its users.

That said:

It has tempered glasses with excellent finishing.

This white computer case consist of 3 RGB LED fans. This fans helps in controlling the air flow within the PC and prevent overheating.

Adding to that: 

As a part of cool aesthetic feature, it also helps to create eye-catching LED effects.

The PC case has the option of liquid cooling, which facilitates the perfect maintenance of your CPU and GPU.

Don’t go after its small size.

It's design has a higher level of functionality and this helps to keep your PC components aloof from dusts and other harmful agents.

I would recommend you to buy this case, if you want the best white PC case for you in a reasonable price and of small size.


  • Price is reasonable
  • Installation is simple
  • Less maintenance required
  • Lightweight
  • RGB LED fans present


  • Congestion in motherboard tray
  • Cable management can be tricky
  • Fingerprint magnet

2. NZXT H510 ATX Mid-Tower White Gaming PC Case

If you are looking for a case with simple design and it helps to keep your PC clean;

Then, NZXT H510 ATX Mid-Tower case is for you.


It is such a case that will always enable you to keep the cables in an organized form.

You may notice:

That this case doesn’t have a fully white design.

The right hand part and the bottom panel is covered with white texture. Whereas, the interior is black.

For specs:

The NZXT H510 is a mid-tower case, with tempered glass panels and also has the feature of single screw installation.

Radiators which are of at max 280 mm can be installed in the front part of the case and an additional one of 120 mm beside the rear fan.

The single screw mounting will enable you a simple access to the PC components through this case.

Another thing:

That is, LED strips in this PC case are magnetic. This enables you to move those strips easily.

Overall, It is a very good PC case, simple with sleek design yet very handy one to use.

I would recommend you to buy this as this is affordable, and can be the supreme all white PC case for you for building a powerful gaming setup.


  • Excellent cable management
  • Easy installation and access
  • Magnetic LED strips


  • Large coolers might not fit in
  • Not an ideal option if you look for all-white case

3. Fractal Design Focus G Mid-Tower White Computer Case

Are you looking for such a PC case through which you can view the cool aesthetics of the hardware?

If you are, then Fractal Design Focus G would be the best white mid-tower case for you.


It is of the mid-tower type and a typical ATX motherboard is easily a fit on it.

The transparent side panel is what that makes it attractive among its potential buyers.

Through side panels, when you notice the illuminating LED’s, it’s a treat for your eyes.

There is also enough room for ventilation, helping the air flow out.

In this PC case, you will also find 6 slots for setting up fans. This feature makes this PC case have a consistent air flow levels in controlling overheating.

In addition, The filtered front along with top and base air exhausts helps a lot in maintaining its dust free interior.


The Fractal Design Focus G is a decent PC white gaming PC case within an affordable budget.

If you want to buy the coolest possible white PC case in a budget, then I would recommend it as the best white computer case for you.


  • Budget PC case
  • Space available for liquid cooling
  • Good structure quality
  • Dust free interior


  • Doesn’t have a PSU shroud
  • Three slots for storage

4. EVGA DG-77 Alpine White Mid-Tower PC Case

For an all-white workstation PC case the EVGA DG-77 should be the best option for you. It is one of the whitest available PC case in the market.

Most cases with all-white exterior, doesn’t have the same in the interior.

In case of EVGA DG-77, both of its interior and exterior has a white texture. This is what makes it unique among most all white computer cases.


This PC case has 3 tempered glass panels to offer. There are 4 fans along with a vertical GPU kit.

The RGB LED controller also comes up with a software, which helps it in functioning.

The Case is made of steel with white coating over it.

You will find tempered glass panels on the front part of the chassis and also on the right part.

It can hold a graphics card that is 15.4 inches long and for cooling 360 mm AIO coolers can accommodated. The cable management it has to offer is superb.

You would find it very spacious and good amount of room to work with.

The case looks sleek and can be a great deal for you. I would tell, it can be a killer deal as the great white PC case for you.


  • All white interior and exterior
  • Very sturdy structure
  • GPU can be mounted vertically


  • Expensive
  • RGB lights can be overshadowed by white glass

5. Thermaltake Core V1 Snow ITX PC Case

If you are looking for a smaller sized PC case, then you can opt for the Thermaltake Core V1 Snow.

The design that this model from Thermaltake has to offer, is pretty attractive. Its cube like compact structure makes it quite unique.


That said:

Since it’s a mini case, you can’t have an ATX motherboard in it. ITX motherboard suits these type of PC cases.

You will find both the interior and exterior painted in white in this version of this particular model. That makes it an all-white computer case.

The one question left is:

How motherboards are placed on this case?

Since, you can’t have ATX motherboards in it, so placing it like those in never an option. The Motherboard tray in it is mounted in a horizontal way.

The case can easily hold mid-ranged video cards and coolers with lower specs and size. Also, there is enough space to install a mini graphics card.

As far as its cleaning is concerned, you can clean and open it up very easily. You open up the front panel and there is also a tray at the bottom part to enable you for maintenance.

In short:

This is the finest white colored PC case available for the budget gamers. If you are a bit short in budget and is okay with a mini size case then I recommend you to buy it.


  • Budget friendly
  • Easy to maintain and use


  • Build quality not so good
  • Limited size support for components

6. Corsair Crystal 280X White Micro-ATX PC Case

Micro-ATX PC cases might not be popular like that of ATX or ITX PC cases; but there are few models of this type which can prove to be a great deal for a gamer.

If you are looking to buy a micro-ATX case, the Corsair Crystal 280X can be a great consideration.


You might question:

Why it can be the best white gaming PC case for you?

Well, there a lot of reasons behind it.

The Corsair Crystal 280X can accommodate graphics card within a length under 12 inches and for coolers it’s under 6 inch.

You might be wondering:

Are there any good graphics card under 12 inches?

Yes there are. In today’s market most GPU’s with the best available features comes under 12 inches.

Cooling the PC components is also an important concern for you. You need to have the right cooler in your system, than maintains air flow like the way you want.

As, this is a micro-ATX case, so components are quite close to each other, so there is a concern regarding heating.

The Corsair Crystal 280X provides a decent cooling performance, if not the best.

The air flow occurs through the sides vents which is enough to keep your PC parts safe from overheating.

To conclude, I would say that the Corsair Crystal 280X might not be the greatest of all types of PC cases, but given its size and feature it is worthy buy.


  • Easy to install components
  • Glossy and smooth design
  • Space for water-cooling


  • Dust filter unavailable for power supply

7. Darkflash DLM21 White Micro-ATX PC Case

Like the previous one, I have another micro-ATX case for you. It is the Darkflash DLM21 white PC case.

It is that type of PC case that will provide you superb white aesthetics with a compact gaming experience.


To be precise:

It can be the supreme white gaming PC case for your setup.

The Case has hinge side doors which is incorporated by a magnet, for opening and closing. There are also different positions in the case for the fans that enables a good number cooling options.

But the most important question is:

How much this case will cost?

Well, this is the cheapest available white case that you would find. One drawback is there, that is it will support motherboards that suits micro-ATX.

But still, as a budget PC case, it can have a good number of PC components within it.


If you are planning to spend more on other PC components, buy Darkflash DLM21 White Micro-ATX PC Case for your Gaming Setup.


  • Budget PC case
  • Interior and exterior both white
  • Cable management is flexible
  • Installation is easy


  • Limited air flow
  • Magnetic filters unavailable at top panel

8. In Win 101 White Mid-Tower ATX Gaming Case

If you are looking for a white PC case, that can minimize the damage from fall and provide protection from dusts to the highest extent;

Then, In Win 101 White Mid-Tower ATX case is here for you.


It is such a case which comes with a compact design and will help you to keep your PC parts free from dust particles.

Want to know about the best part?

This PC case is composed of tempered glass panel and that can be detached from the body quite easily.

So, that makes your cleaning job very simple.

About the front panel of this case, it is of full white texture and in case of right panel it’s no different.

The interesting part is:

You can detach the side panels with just a simple clip. You can also view the whole interior very easily through this side panels.

The ways for cooling the PC components in this case is versatile. There are options for having 6 fans at most at a time.

It is the leading white minimal PC case for you if you are looking to buy a case that provides you flexibility at all levels.


  • Easy to clean
  • Cheap
  • Side panels can be detached
  • Top notch build quality


  • Fans aren’t by default
  • Reset button unavailable

9. Phanteks PH-EC300PTG_WT Eclipse P300 Tempered Glass Steel ATX Mid-Tower Case

This is another PC case with a very durable construction.

Phanteks is known for making cases which are very compact and of heavy structure. The Eclipse P300 is no different from it.


It has a very less or almost no impact for type of fall.

The reason behind its incredible durability is its metallic exterior. It also has a PSU cover.

The tempered glass panels in the case gives you a clear view of the interior. You can also detach them from the main body.

It also helps in the process of cable management.

The PC case has magnetic dust filters that doesn’t allow dusts to settle in the interior. It also has the feature for RGB customization with the power lights being synced with motherboards.

I must tell you that, you can install this case quite easily and it can be the perfect white minimal PC case for you, if you are looking for durable PC case.


  • Durable
  • Cable management is simple
  • RGB customization available
  • Free from dust accumulation
  • Easy to install components


  • Heavy
  • Reset button unavailable
  • Radiator space is absent in top panel

How to Buy The Best All-White Gaming PC Case (Complete Buyer's Guide)

Selecting the right all-white gaming PC case can prove to be troublesome, if you are noob in this sector. There can instances where, all the components you bought would not fit in the PC case.

For this:

You need to get the combination right.

For getting the combination right, I have compiled few directives for you to choose the best all-white computer case.

Here are the factors you should consider to buy the ideal white PC case.

Size of The PC Case

The of the PC case matters a lot for building any type of gaming setup. You need to decide what type of case you want.

Sizes are of three types. They are- full tower, mid-tower and mini-ITX.

Full tower cases are very big size whereas mini-ITX or micro-ATX are smallest options. If you aren’t, interested in any of those then try on the mid-tower ones.

Budget-Friendly Or Not

Budget is really an issue when buying the best PC case for building a system. The budget determines what type of PC case you will buy.

Whether it will be a high-end PC case or a budget friendly PC case.

You need to make sure that, you don’t get short of money by overspending on the PC case. Spend reasonably, so that you can properly utilize money on buying other components.

PC Case Aesthetics

The look of your PC matters a lot when selecting the perfect PC case.

I know that you want the coolest available PC case for you.

It should be such that anyone would get awe-strucked for a while after they look at your setup.

You don’t definitely want an ugly looking setup. Right?

So, buy the case that is a treat to watch when functioning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why is a PC case important?

Answer: A PC case is important because it helps to keep the PC components free from dusts and other agents. It also helps to maintain the cooling process of the computer.

Question: How to buy the best white PC case?

Answer: To buy the best white PC case you have to consider three factors and act according to those. Those three factors are- Size, budget and aesthetics.

Question: How many types of PC cases are there?

Answer: There are basically three types of PC cases. They are- Full tower, Mid-tower and Mini or Micro-ATX.

Final Thoughts

A PC case is an important part of your whole gaming setup. You must select the best available case as per your requirements for a greater gaming experience.

In this article, I have listed the top 9 white minimal PC cases available in the market and also provided a guide for helping you to buy the best white PC case.

Still, any issues, do let me know in the comment section.

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