Best White Mechanical Gaming Keyboards

To reach maximum efficiency while gaming, gamers tend to slant towards buying mechanical keyboards.

Being a gamer myself, I always find it tricky to choose the right mechanical keyboard for my gaming rig.

Now, if you are in the same situation and also want your setup to be customized fully into white, then you are at the right place.

In this post you will get to know about the best white mechanical gaming keyboards available now.

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9 Best White Gaming Keyboards in 2020

I have been a tech-savvy guy since my childhood and also a game fanatic.

Coming to down to keyboard that to a gaming one, the options to choose from are many.

Here are the 9 best white gaming keyboard that can be a good value for your money:

1. Corsair K70 RGB MK.2

Corsair has been the topmost choice as a brand for most gamers for a long time now. The gaming accessories that they produce are of the best quality.

Their lineup of keyboards is quite versatile. As for the white color keyboard, the Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 is the best choice.


The Corsair K70 is a special edition keyboard introduced by Corsair that is here to give you the experience of the highest level of gaming performance.

Starting with design and structure:

This keyboard is made of aircraft-grade aluminum which makes it a durable option. The PBT double-shot keycaps that are present in it also guarantee you about its durability.

For a game freak, who is looking for rapid switching options this is a perfect option as this keyboard has superfast 1.2 mm actuation.

You will also this keyboard having the anti-ghosting technology.

You will find the unique trait of multicolor lighting options for each of the keys. This feature is customizable by the ICUE software that will be provided by Corsair.

As a keyboard of premium grade, it doesn't end up with the above-mentioned features only.

The keyboard has the USB 2.0, which is a great passage for external connection.

An 8MB profile storage is there to make your job easy to store at least three profiles.

Finally, it is a great white keyboard with top-notch design and excellent build quality. The price might be on the expensive side but considering all other features it is a bargain to be the best white keyboard with mechanical switches.


  • Great build quality
  • Top-notch customizable RGB lighting
  • 1.2 mm actuation point
  • Built-in memory of 8 MB
  • The ability of selective key switching


  • Bit expensive
  • Keys might be noisy

2. Razer BlackWidow Lite Tenkeyless

While gaming the number keys aren't that really necessary most of the time.

If you are such a gamer who finds the number keys to be a useless addition in a gaming keyboard, then BlackWidow lite by Razer is for you.

Razer's BlackWidow line of keyboards is widely acclaimed. The BlackWidow Lite is a tenkeyless keyboard that they have introduced as a variety in this lineup.


As far as the buildup is concerned the structure is quite compact. You can use it in a darker environment very easily as each of the keys is there with backlit options.

The keyboard is equipped with Razers orange switch technology.

The best thing about these orange switches is that it isn't as noisy as that of the traditional switches that Razer uses in their other keyboards.

There are O ring sound dampeners present in this model to reduce the typing fatigue as well as key noise.

So you can be assured that at least the key noises won't at an intolerable level.

If you are fond of traveling and want to carry your keyboard, then this a very good one to carry.

The keyboard is light and small in size, in addition to that it has a detachable cable which makes it a great portable keyboard.

All you get is a white backlit also with a green light when caps lock is turned on. So, don't be too much excited about the RGB in the case of this model.

Finally, to tell you the truth this is the cheapest one from the BlackWidow series. So, given the specs it's a good buy as a white keyboard.


  • Detachable cable
  • Orange switch technology
  • Small in size


  • Limited RGB
  • Not good for use in flats desks

3. Razer Huntsman Mini

If you are looking for a mid-ranged option, then the Razer Huntsman Mini can be a decent one.

The Razer Huntsman Mini Chroma is a keyboard with very ultramodern design and stylish outlook.


It is a mid-ranged keyboard that you will find with the excellent build quality.

The level of responsiveness and the durability is there to ensure your highest level of gaming experience.

You will be amazed to know that, that the keys in this keyboard can endure up to 80 million keystrokes; which makes the keys having a long-lasting attribute.

You can have up to 16.8 million color combinations to choose from; while customizing the backlit options.

The backlit here in this keyboard shines from the bottom of the keycap and is directed towards the computer screen. So, your eyes won't feel any irritation from the brightness of the light.

This keyboard has 5 LEDs as the indicator lights which is a bit different than that of traditional BlackWidow series. All these lights are always lit up green, following a minimalist pattern.

Given the superb RGB and a decent durable structure the Razer Huntsman Mini does have some drawbacks.

You won't find any wrist-rest in this keyboard. So, the gamers who are seeking extra comfort may not find it an ideal option.

Since its durability is one of its key selling points, this keyboard is a bit heavy. If you are looking for a lighter option then it isn't for you.


  • Elegant Design
  • Superb build quality
  • Crystal clear backlit
  • 16.8 million color combination
  • 10 commands can be carried out at a time


  • Heavy
  • Dust can accumulate around keys
  • A bit expensive
  • Wrist rest is absent

4. Eagletec KG011

While gaming it feels great when you can run your fingers smoothly. If the keys of the keyboard are too tactual then it's like an icing on the cake.

It is a full-sized keyboard with a wired ergonomic style.

The keyboard is composed of 104 Blue Cherry MX keys that are highly responsive and durable.


As a keyboard, it was built especially keeping gamers in mind but its usage ranges up to official works.

The built quality of this keyboard is excellent. It is made of aluminum and the design is glossy enough to attract you to buy it.

The aluminum build-up is a big reason behind its durability. So, you don't have to worry about the longevity of the keyboard.

This keyboard comes up with LED-backlit which will help you in gaming even in the dark environment. The bluish lighting that the keyboard has will add a new dimension to the aesthetics of your white gaming rig.

Such aesthetics is a treat for the eyes of any gamer preferring a darker environment. You can just spend your entire night gaming with ease.

Well it's over yet. The backlit has such options that you can adjust the level of brightness.

You can choose from five different modes with five different levels of brightness.

The keyboard has 12 multimedia keys along with mechanical switches that are customizable.

You also find a USB connector in this keyboard that is compatible with both Windows and Mac. The interesting thing you will notice about this connector is that it is gold plated.


  • Highly Durable
  • Price complements the specifications
  • Combination keys aren't required
  • Great RGB illumination
  • Easy to clean


  • Keys can be noisy
  • Palm rest is absent
  • Customizing options are limited

5. Huo JI E-Element Z-88

If you are looking for a robust and sturdy keyboard with premium-level features, then the E-Element Z-88 can be a great option.

This keyboard comes with the anti-ghosting technology and is a good choice for you; it doesn't matter whether you want to use it for gaming or typing.


In this keyboard you find independent key switching, that is you can press on multiple keys at a time and face almost no issues which are due to the anti-ghosting technology.

As a gamer, it is great news for you as such an attribute in the keyboard means a very high response rate which is essential for the optimum gaming experience.

About the backlit:

I have to tell you that, you can customize those like the way you want.

The exciting part is that, you can set a specific color for each of the keys that too without the help of any software. Adding to that, if you aren't fond of too much customization then there are ten built-in modes available to choose from.

The luminous RGB backlit look superb when you are gaming in your room, turning all your lights off.

We have talked much about RGB and backlit. Right?

Coming back to the keys, you will be given 5 extra keys for replacement in case if any gets damaged.

The design of the keyboard is such that you will have the utmost comfort while gaming. The stepped keycap as well as the slope plays a part in this thing.


  • You can have a detachable USB cable
  • Switches are durable
  • Five extra switches for replacement
  • Independent switching option
  • Design is solid


  • Backlit may prove to be too bright
  • May lag after a few months

6. Qisan Magicforce 68

Are you looking for a budget white mechanical keyboard for gaming?

If it is, then the Qisan Magicforce 68 can be a great white gaming keyboard for your gaming rig.

The Qisan Magicforce 68 comes up with an exceptional design along with a compact structure.


The build quality is superb considering it to be a budget keyboard.

What makes this keyboard stand out is its size and the outlook. The white and silver combination makes it look aesthetically very pleasing.

The keyboard has astonishing backlit as well as Cherry MX keys. Such features are rare in budget keyboards.

The keyboard has a 68 key layout. Keys are white which are placed upon the silver metallic plate.

The best part about these keys is that, they are aren't noisy at all and quite soft. That means you don't have to experience unnecessary noise while gaming like that of most other high-end keyboards.

You will get an OTG cable with this keyboard with which you can connect your mobile or tablets.

The more exciting feature that I am going tell you is that at the back of the keyboard there are 3 DIP keys which will enable you to interchange the Caps lock along left control keys.

The Qisan Magicforce 68 is an absolute bargain at the given price tag. The specs that this keyboard has to offer, you won't find those on most keyboards that cost 3x much as this one.

I highly recommend you buy this one, as this is by far the best budget white keyboard in the market.


  • Less expensive
  • Compact structure and design
  • OTG cable available
  • 3 extra DIP keys
  • Great White backlit


  • Keycaps are of poor quality
  • Customization software unavailable

7. Redragon K552W-RGB

Having a less budget is never an issue. You might think that it's always a drawback to be short of money.

But, let me tell you; you still can have the best gaming accessories for your setup within a certain budget.

Let's say you have $50 left with you and you have to buy the best white keyboard for your system.

Is there any good white mechanical keyboard under $50?

To tell you the truth, there is one keyboard that has all the attributes for being a fit in an ideal white gaming rig.


The K552W by Redragon is of the best gaming RGB keyboards in the market with excellent RGB features. It has two backlighting options one is a red-backlit and the other is the full RGB spectrum.

The build-up is long-lasting. The splash-proof design that it has will allow you to use it with ease.

It is a tenkeyless keyboard with a simple design. There are 87 mechanical keys you will find in it equipped with anti-ghosting technology.

Adding to that the keys are blue, almost like that of the Cherry MX switches.

It can withstand up to 50 million keystrokes which makes it a superb option for rigorous gaming.

You can use this keyboard with all the latest versions of Windows and even with Mac.

Under $50 it's a good buy as a white gaming keyboard. There are various options you might find, but taking its performance into account I would label it as the best white keyboard under $50.


  • Splash proof
  • Very less price tag
  • Can withstand up to 50 million keystrokes
  • Backplate made of aluminum
  • Highest level of smoothness and accuracy


  • Not for users seeking heavy keyboards
  • No micro keys are present in it

8. Rii RK100+

Here I have another budget keyboard for you that is the Rii RK100+ white RGB gaming keyboard.

The price tag it has in under $30, making it one of the cheapest available keyboards with decent features.

As a keyboard you will find this very slim and light in structure. Rii has done an exceptional job while crafting the design of the keyboard keeping the price in mind.


This is a wired keyboard with 104 built-in keys. The thing that will amaze you the most is its superb backlighting.

At this price, I doubt you will find another keyboard with backlit options.

This keyboard allows you an almost soundless operation. You will hardly find the keys to be noisy while gaming.

The keyboard also has a unique feature of sleep mode, which facilitates energy saving while it is out of operation. The overall aesthetics and the additional features are decent for a budget keyboard.

Few issues are there like the keyboard isn't waterproof. So, you need to be cautious while gaming so that any sort of liquid substance like water, tea, or any beverage doesn't fall upon it.

In conclusion, I would like to say it's a win for you if you buy this. Because under $30 you can't expect the specs that of a $100+ keyboard.

To be specific, it is hands down the best white gaming RGB keyboard under $30.


  • Cheapest option available
  • Excellent backlit quality
  • Lightweight
  • Keys aren't noisy
  • Sleep mode available


  • Not waterproof
  • Not for high-end operations

9. Obinslab Anne Pro 2

Being a game enthusiast as well as a tech freak, I know that most gamers find cables to be irritating.

Wireless gaming accessories are quite popular these days among gamers. Now, to be specific, wireless keyboards are also being widely used by gamers.

To address this problem, let me introduce you to the Obinslab Anne Pro 2 Mechanical Gamer's keyboard.


It is an excellent keyboard with a 60% compact size. The outlook is so lovely that it will enchant you to buy it.

As a RGB keyboard, you can call it an all-rounder due to its versatile specs. The RGB is superb and is coherent with any kind of gaming rig.

It is customizable and you can do it for each of the keys. The Obinskit software that will be provided will enable you to set color patterns for each of the keys.

Thus, the monotony of looking at the same patterns isn't an issue with this keyboard.

There is a USB-C type port in the keyboard which is a very good addition. The battery life is also good enough with a built-in 1500 mAH battery in it.

The keys in this keyboard aren't noisy, so you will have almost no irritating feel to your ears.

It's a tenkeyless keyboard, you won't find any arrow keys in this one. The overall size of the keyboard is small so for people preferring larger keyboards it's not an ideal one.

To end up, for an all-white gaming rig it is the best white mechanical keyboard only if you are looking for a wireless option.

Starting from the looks to performance it's all premium. I would highly recommend you buy this for your rig.


  • Wireless Keyboard
  • Very good battery life
  • Customizable RGB


  • No arrow keys
  • Not ideal for people preferring a full-sized keyboard.

Sizes of Keyboards

Like every other aspect you should have a clear idea about the sizes before buying the mechanical keyboard.

Keyboards are of three sizes. They are either full-sized, tenkeyless, or 60%.

Want to know a bit more about these sizes?

Let's find out.

Full-Sized Keyboards

The full-sized keyboard is keyboards that have all the keys that a keyboard should have.

In these types of keyboards you will mostly find a total of 104 keys. This includes all types of keys such as number, alpha, function, arrow, etc.

Sometimes there are also few keys that you will find on the top or at the side of the keyboard. These are mostly multimedia keys or macro buttons which are used for carrying out complex operations.

Tenkeyless Keyboards

This is a type of keyboard that is without a number pad. Other than those you will find all other keys in this type of keyboard.

In short they are also called TKL keyboards. Due to the absence of number pads it doesn't affect the users as numbers are there in the existing keys.

Generally this type of keyboard is small in size so they take very less space.

60% Keyboards

These are the keyboards with the smallest layouts. The reason behind such a name of this keyboard is that it has 60%v of the total keys that a full-sized keyboard has.

It is a smaller-sized keyboard with no arrow keys, number keys or even functions keys available. For saving space or having lightweight keyboards these are ideal options.

It has relatively less functionality compared to full-sized and tenkeyless keyboards.

White Keyboard Buyer's Guide

Since there are a lot of options available in the market, buying the best white e-sports keyboard might be a difficult task.

It won't be tricky for you. I have compiled a list of factors that you need to consider while buying.

Here are the following aspects that should be considered while buying a white keyboard.

Design and aesthetics of Keyboard

The design is a pretty important factor while selecting a keyboard. The overall structure, the layout, and the compactness of the keyboard matter a lot.

Along with that, the aesthetics are also important since you are building a theme-based gaming rig. The Quality of RGB lights along with their level of functionality is what enhances the overall aesthetics of a gamers keyboard.

The combination of design with complimentary aesthetics is a must for a good keyboard for gaming.

Switches of the Keyboard

Switches are that part of the keyboard through which you can initiate any command. There are various types of switches like the Cherry MX keys, Outemu, Gaetron, etc.

Among these each of them is of various qualities. The quality of the keys also depends on the color of the keys.

Keys of different colors are best for different functionality.

The brown keys tend to more responsive, the blue keys tend to be clicky whereas the orange keys are less noisy. You have to choose the keys depending on what is best for you.

Price of the Keyboard

In the market you will find keyboards with different price tags. The specs of those keyboards also depend heavily on how the keyboard is priced.

The features you will find in a $30 keyboard won't be the same as that of a $150 keyboard. Still, some keyboards have almost the quality considering the variation of prices.

In a given price point, you should always expect the features complementary to that price. That is why, it is essential to choose wisely when the price is a big factor in buying.

Anti-Ghosting Technology

Since you are looking for a gaming keyboard, before buying be assured that the keyboard is compatible with anti-ghosting technology.

For a gamer, it is a common scenario to type multiple keys at a time while gaming. The anti-ghosting technology the keyboard helps the computer not to misread the command.

The anti-ghosting keys enable a seamless gaming experience. Do check that if your keyboard has this feature or not.

Noise level of keys

In mechanical keyboards, keys tend to make noise while you are gaming. This thing is prevalent in most high-end keyboards and given the durable structure they have.

As a gamer, it is okay not to like noisy keys. In that case go for the options that make relatively less noise.

The noise level of keys also depends on what is the color of the keys or switches. Do consider the colors and take decisions that go with your overall setup.

Warranty of Keyboards

If you want a long-lasting and durable keyboard then do consider the warranty.

Different manufacturers come with different schemes when it comes to the life span of their products. In this case, select the brand depending on every other factor as well as the life span of the product.

Final Thoughts

With the variety of products existing in the market, it might be tough to select the best white keyboard.

In this blog, I have compiled a list of 9 such white gaming keyboards that will meet all your needs as a gamer. These keyboards are selected using such criteria so that every type of gamer can relate their buying needs.

I hope you get your desired keyboard from this list. Still if there is anything that is bothering you, do let me know in the comments.

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