5 Best Water Cooling Pumps in 2024 [Compatibility, Performance, Aesthetics]

Written By Sajal Dipu

Everyone wants to get the best water-cooling system for their gaming PC. But little they know which liquid cooling pump to take. And it’s alright, as there are hundreds of thousands of products to choose from.best-water-cooling-pumps

As a gaming PC enthusiast myself, I have researched over fifty pumps for a water-cooled PC to make a list of the top 5, which are worth spending money on.

But just in case you’ve to pick right away, choose our editor’s pick, the Eboxer Fast Heat Dissipation CPU Cooling System. It’s affordable, good-looking, and gives you the best performance according to price point.

5 Best Water Cooling Pumps You Can Buy Right Now

ProductAwardPackage Contains
Corsair Hydro X Series XD5 RGB PumpBest Looks1 Pump+ a 330ml Reservoir
Thermaltake Pacific PR22-D5 PlusBest Performance1 Pump+ a 330ml Reservoir
Eboxer Fast Heat Dissipation CPU Cooling SystemEditor's Pick1 Pump+ a 60ml Reservoir
EKWB EK-Quantum Kinetic TBE 300 D5 PWMBest Premium1 Pump+ 405mL Reservoir
Cytec Mavel Star 12v DC Submersible Mini Water pumpBang for BuckOnly Pump

A cooling pump is a must-have component in a water-cooling system that draws the coolant (cooling fluid) from the reservoir towards the radiator. It helps the overall flow cycle of the liquid inside the water cooling loops in a gaming PC. If you are new to the water-cooling ecosystem, follow our CPU Liquid Cooling 101 for beginners.

Anyhow, we’ve tested and reviewed the selected 5 water cooling pumps heavily and come up with this piece. So, read along.

Here are the 5 best water-cooling pumps to use:

1. Best Looks: Corsair Hydro X Series XD5 RGB Pump/Reservoir Combo



Voltage: 12 Volts | Wattage: 35 Watts | Cooling Method: Water | Dimensions: 7.4 × 3.27 × 3.27 inches

  • »Great Looks
  • »Has iCUE and Temperature Sensor
  • »Controlled Cooling from Every Angle
  • »Full Package
  • »Vivid RGB Lighting
  • »Multi Bracket Mounting
  • »Price
  • »Only 800 l/h Max Flow Rate

Why We Picked It

When we first installed Corsair’s XD5 RGB Pump into our i9-12900k PC, we were amazed. It has a nice and compact design which fits perfectly with my white color Lian Li O11 Dynamic EVO PC case.

The Reservoir that comes with the package also has a stunning angular design. And the RGB located on the top of the reservoir, helps us see throughout the whole line of Corsair’s water-cooling apparel.

Not only in looks, but the Hydro X Series XD5 RGB Pump also does a great job keeping the heat at bay. My PC was stable at 75℃ during heavy load.

Who It’s For

Corsair Hydro X Series XD5 RGB Pump is most suitable for top-end PC entrusts with highly configured gaming/editing rigs. But for any average user, it would be an overkill.

What We Liked Most

We mostly liked the huge collection of RGB with the see-through line of Corsair’s water-cooling apparel.

What Could Be Improved

The main thing we didn’t like about this pump was its plastic parts. If the company makes the whole setup full metal, It will increase its worth. Besides, spending $152.99 seems like overkill for me. If the price range drops 30 to 50 bucks, it will be worth it.


The Hydro X Series XD5 RGB Pump has an excellent combination of looks and performance. You can also get tons of customizable RGB options that change your PC’s looks drastically. That’s why we awarded this PC cooling pump as Best Looking among its competitors.

2. Best Performance: Thermaltake Pacific PR22-D5 Plus



Voltage: 12 Volts | Wattage: 37 watts | Cooling Method: Water | Dimensions: 12.2 × 3.4 × 3.7 inches

  • »Digital Lighting Controller
  • »RGB Software
  • »Controllable Pump Speed
  • »Classy LED Cap Design
  • »Costly
  • »Complicated RGB Controls

Why We Picked It

If you are looking for a high-performance water cooling pump, then the Thermaltake Pacific PR22-D5 Plus should be on your priority list. This pump’s body has a fully rounded design making it easier for your placement at any angle within 360°.

Though the installation process and cable management were quite hard, the results didn’t disappoint us. The Pump was very quiet and the 1135L/hr discharge offered exceptional performance.

We also got a manual speed control knob that adjusts the impeller speed from up to 4,800 RPM when required.

Not only that, but the TT RGB PLUS Software also includes 3 Color Modes (RGB, Single Color, & Off) with 4 Light Speeds (Slow, Normal, Fast, & Extreme) that perfectly sync with our RGB hub giving us an edge in looks also.

Who It’s For

The Thermaltake Pacific PR22-D5 Plus is a great choice for PC users who need a high-performing cooler that perfectly blends with the looks of their PC and doesn’t get bothered by the complicated installation process.

If you want a hassle-free water cooling solution that doesn’t follow a difficult installation process, you might just avoid it.

What We Liked Most

We mainly liked the high-flow pump with silent operation and the stylish mounting hardware which comes with the package. However, if you face difficulties while mounting the pumps, follow our CPU cooler installation guide. Also, the LED cap that came with the Reservoir added additional value.

What Could Be Improved

The instruction manual included in the package wasn’t sufficient and made the installation process harder than it really was. Also, the $150 price tag seems a bit much for the package.


The Thermaltake Pacific PR22-D5 Plus combo can be an all-in-one water cooling solution for your PC. And its high-performing water pump with different speed modes made it one of the Best Performing water cooling motors in the market.

3. Editor’s Pick: Eboxer Fast Heat Dissipation CPU Cooling System



Voltage: 13.5 Volts | Wattage: 37 watts | Cooling Method: Water | Dimensions:  4.72 × 2.56 × 2.56 inches

  • »Safe & Durable
  • »Easy Installation
  • »LED Indicator
  • »Quiet
  • »Small Reservoir
  • »Faulty G1/4 port

Why We Picked It

In our eyes, the Eboxer Fast Heat Dissipation CPU Cooling System gave us the best performance at a comparatively low price.

When installing the pump in my PC, one of our biggest concerns was the power to pump through a GPU, CPU block, and a dual 120 radiator. However, it fulfilled the tasks with decent enough pressure.

It has good water flow, especially if you use it on a single component, and also includes a security mechanism, so if the pump fails, the computer will shut down. You can also ramp up the water flow based on your PC’s temperature. It comes with a reservoir in a $49 price tag making it most affordable.

The pump also perfectly synced with our gaming PC’s water cooling kits, making it more desirable to use.

Who It’s For

This product is suitable for both new and veteran PC users who have a water-cooled setup.

What We Liked Most

We mainly like the excellent price-performance ratio of this product. Also, its PC shutdown safety feature and speed controllability give it an edge.

What Could Be Improved

The reservoir that comes with the package is pretty short, making the cooling process slow.


The Eboxer Fast Heat Dissipation CPU Cooling System is one of the best coolers under the 50-dollar price range. It’s powerful, it’s affordable and has awesome build quality, making it our Editor’s choice among water-cooling pumps.

4. Best Premium: EKWB EK-Quantum Kinetic TBE 300 D5 PWM



Voltage: 12 Volts DC | Wattage: 23 Watts | Cooling Method: Water | Dimensions:  3.59 × 3.07 × 11.73 inches

  • »Powerful
  • »D-RGB
  • »Easy to install
  • »Great build quality
  • »Overpriced
  • »Doesn’t come with any accessories

Why We Picked It

The EK-Quantum Kinetic is called the big boy for water cooling for its quality, and the TBE 300 D5 PWM model further enhances this quality even more.

It comes with refined D-RGB lighting and a genuine D5 pump that helps you to keep the temperature at bay. Also, the reservoir includes six G1/4“ ports so that users can choose the most common tubes for their liquid cooling loops.

The integrated D-RGB technology is compatible with most RGB controlling programs of most motherboards. So you can change the looks with ease.

Who It’s For

The EKWB EK-Quantum Kinetic TBE 300 D5 PWM is mostly suitable for a hard-end PC user who wants absolute performance regardless of the cost.

What We Liked Most

We mostly liked the build quality, the Pump power, and the outline of the EKWB EK-Quantum Kinetic TBE 300 D5 PWM Pump combo.

What Could Be Improved

The main shortcoming of EKWB’s TBE 300 D5 PWM Pump is its price. If the combo was less than 200 dollars, then it would be worth every penny.


The hefty price tag, great pump power, and good build quality make the EKWB EK-Quantum Kinetic TBE 300 D5 our Best Premium water cooling pump.

5. Best Bang for Buck: Cytec Mavel Star 12v DC Submersible Mini Water pump



Voltage: 12 Volts | Wattage: 4.2 Watts | Cooling Method: Water | Dimensions:  2 × 1.34 × 1.68 inches

  • »Very Affordable
  • »Easy Installation
  • »Power & Quiet
  • »Need Additional Adapter
  • »Uses 5/16” fittings

Why We Picked It

We mainly selected the Cytec Mavel Star 12v DC Submersible Mini Water pump because of its affordability. This 63 GPH 4.2W 0.35A Submersible pump has a decent water flow rate without an absurd amount of noise.

Additionally, you can power it up with a battery pack, solar panel, or a 12V DC power adapter aside from your PSU. Which gives you more freedom while installing the pump.

The pump also has a decent flow rate without an absurd amount of noise. It flows lots of water through my pipe to keep my 3080 FE cool while gaming. The GPU temperature got only 42℃ during any intensive tasks.

Who It’s For

This pump is mainly for users who are only set foot in the water cooling segment. It’s also the cheapest option available in the market.

What We Liked Most

We mainly liked the powerful water flow and the quietness of this product. Additionally, under the $15 segment, this pump’s stable build quality catches our eye.

What Could Be Improved

It doesn’t come with a power adapter. Also, We faced difficulties to find suitable parts because the fittings are 5/16”, whereas normal fittings for water cooling are 3/8”. So if they create a package with all the fittings included, the product will be more desirable.


Cytec’s Mavel Star Water pump is a great choice under the 15-dollar price tag. It’s a quiet and powerful pump with a nice water flow. That’s why we gave it the Bang for Buck award.

How We Chose The Best Water Cooling Pumps

While choosing the best water-cooling pumps for our PC, we took into account criteria like performance, flow rate, compatibility, build quality, durability, aesthetics, noise level, etc. During this time period, We investigated and compared numerous water-cooling solutions from the market.

And to have a more thorough understanding of their ability and dependability, we examined their capabilities, specifications, and user feedback.

Here are the factors we emphasize while choosing the best water cooling pumps for your PC:

Performance and Flow Rate

We evaluated the pumps based on their performance and flow rate, as higher flow rates can help in maintaining efficient cooling. Pumps with strong performance and the ability to handle high flow rates get more preference in our list.

Build Quality and Durability

While making this list, we looked for pumps made from high-quality materials that could withstand prolonged use and provide long-term reliability.

Noise Level

Noise is a critical factor, especially for water cooling enthusiasts seeking a quiet system. We favored pumps that offered low noise levels while still delivering excellent performance.


Compatibility with various water cooling systems, fittings, and configurations was taken into account. Pumps that could easily integrate with different setups and support different tube sizes and fittings were given preference.

Customization Options

Some pumps offer customization options such as adjustable speed settings or RGB lighting. We considered the availability of these features for users who wanted to personalize their water cooling setup.

Price and Value

We assessed the price-to-performance ratio and overall value offered by each pump. Pumps that provide a good balance between performance, features, and affordability get a spot on the list.


Which pump is better, D5 or DDC?
D5 pumps are better when it comes to longevity and temperature-bearing capabilities, but, D5 pumps usually don’t have a good pressure head as the DDC pumps. So if you want a high-pressure pump, DDC will be better suited.

How long do water cooling pumps last?

Different pumps have different life spans. Some last for 50,000 hours while some cooling pumps last for 20,000 hrs. It mainly depends on how much pressure you are giving to the pump at once.

How to know if your PC’s water pump died?

If you see the pump not drawing the liquid coolant toward the reservoir, then you should assume that the cooling pump is dead. If you are using a soft tube, then it will be easier for you to see whether the pump died or not, but if you are using a hard tube, then notice the temperature change of your CPU.

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