​Best Vertical Laptop Stands: Top 8 High Rated stands

Is your Laptop taking more space of your workstation?

Then give a second thought on buying a vertical stand for laptop.


As a laptop user myself, I know the places where to buy the best vertical laptop stands.

If you use your laptop frequently, the same uneasiness might take a big toll on your body and mind.

But, you don’t have to worry anymore. Sit down and relax for a while.

As in this post, I have a list of 8 best vertical laptop stands for you; plus I am going to provide you a complete buyer’s guide through which you can have the best possible deal.

Why to Buy a Vertical Laptop Stand​?

Buying a laptop stand is necessary because it helps to maximize the space of your workstation. The stand also helps in controlling the heating of the laptop and keep it free from spills.


As there is no space between the screen and keyboard of a laptop, while using it you might experience pain at your back or shoulders.

That is why, for using laptop with ease a vertical laptop stand is a must.

High Rated 8 Best Vertical Laptop Stands

Among various vertical laptop stands available in the market there are few selective ones that might suit you needs.

I have categorized those vertical laptop stands, so that it gets easier for you to select the best one.

Here are the 8 best vertical laptop stands available for your laptop:

1. Rain Design mStand360

The Rain Design mStand360 is one the best vertical laptop stands that you would find in the market.

It is one of the best-selling products of Rain Design.


You may ask:

Why Rain Design mStand360 model is the best?

The reason is its elegant structure and the unique option to swivel 360 degrees which isn’t present in most laptop stands.

If you are MacBook user, then you would delighted to know that the mStand360 was designed especially for you.

It is made up of aluminum which plays a big part in its overall durability and strength. It also has grips that are made of rubbers, with which your laptop is held firmly.

The aluminum structure helps to prevent your laptop from getting overheated, making the heat disappear.

Another important fact:

That is, this vertical laptop stand was mainly designed aiming at the MacBook’s. But, its usage is not confined just to MacBook’s.

You can use this stand on any other laptop along with the MacBook.


The Rain Design mStand360 is such a vertical laptop stand, with which you can adapt very easily. It will provide you the ease at the highest level which is one of the reasons why this is our top pick.

I would recommend you to buy this stand as it be the best vertical laptop stand for you considering all aspects.


  • Available in three colors
  • Base is rotatable
  • Aluminum structure helps to prevent overheating


  • Angles aren’t adjustable
  • Rubber strips to hold the laptop aren’t durable enough

2. Twelve South Bookarc

When it comes to vertical laptop stands, the Bookarc by Twelve South will top the list of anyone who has relevant idea about laptop stands.

It is one the most sold products by Twelve South.


As a vertical laptop stand, the Bookarc is made of aluminum with a curvy structure.

Twelve South has put much emphasis on the aesthetics of the latest version of Bookarc.

With the design and structure it has, it’s a very reliable option if you are looking to save some space in your workstation.

To be precise:

It’s designed for MacBook’s and mostly for the closed laptops.

You also need to know:

Apart from aesthetics, the Bookarc has an excellent heat management feature.

Its structure helps to dissipate heat in almost no time and prevent overheating. The cable pass-through is also decent as it helps avoid cluster of cables in your workstation.

If you are a MacBook user, then its sleek design will serve your purpose of using the vertical laptop stand.

To conclude:

If you are looking for a combination of aesthetics and reliability, the Twelve South Bookarc is the best vertical laptop stand for your MacBook.


  • Can dissipate heat in no time
  • Passage for avoiding cluster of cables available.
  • Superb aesthetics


  • Non-adjustable
  • Bit expensive
  • Only good for MacBook’s

3. Macally Vertical Laptop Stand

If you are looking for a budget laptop stand, then don’t worry we have the right products reviewed for you.

The Macally vertical laptop stand can be the right choice for you if you are on a certain budget.


You might question:

Why should I buy Macally vertical laptop stand?

The reason is, being a budget vertical laptop stand it is quite durable in structure with a very unorthodox design.

This laptop stand can hold laptops of sizes ranging from 13 inches to 17 inches.

Coming to aesthetics:

The laptop stand looks very pleasant and the unconventional design has an uncanny elegance.

One interesting fact:

About this laptop stand is its adjustability.

You have the option of placing the laptop within 0.6-1.2 inches. In the bottom part, screw is there that you need to adjust and tighten up if you want to fit the laptop perfectly.

Its build up is outstanding and there is anti-scratch pads available which saves your laptop from scratches.

If you are with a definite budget, then you can opt for this laptop stand. The design, the adjustability, the unique structure will worth the money.

I would say it can be the best vertical laptop stand for you, considering your budget along with requirements.


  • Budget friendly
  • Highly adjustable
  • Anti-scratch pads available


  • Screws at bottom part aren’t of top quality

4. OMOTON Aluminum Stand

Another budget laptop stand I have for you is the OMOTON Aluminum laptop stand.

It is a laptop stand that is well known for its durability and stability. You won’t find such durable stand within a certain budget.


Given that:

Most durable stands tends to be on the expensive side.

The design of this vertical laptop stand is quite stunning. Like most other laptop stands it is also made of aluminum.

This laptop stand has superb scratch resistance ability.

When it comes to the aesthetics, the aura that this vertical laptop stand gives is pleasing to the eyes.

You would be delighted to know:

That this laptop stand has a great adjustability options. You can fit any laptop which has a thickness ranging in between 0.55-1.65 inches.

It is a laptop stand with double deck feature which easily enable you two store laptops at a time.

The relative space in between them is more than enough so that won’t have the possibility to collide with each other.

There are silicon mats that you will find in both bottom and inside grooves to protect your laptop.

Considering everything, it is a best vertical laptop stand to buy given the multifarious features it has within a certain budget.


  • Not so expensive
  • Can hold to two laptops at time
  • Great adjustability
  • Excellent aesthetics


  • Doesn’t allow adequate airflow
  • Bolts aren’t of good quality

5. Bestand Aluminum Cooling Stand

If you are looking for a vertical laptop stand specifically under $50 then Bestand Aluminum Cooling Stand is the best option for you.

The Bestand Aluminum Cooling stand is a laptop stand that is useable for MacBook or MacBook Pro and all other type of notebooks.


To be exact:

You can store all type of laptops ranging within a size between 11-16 inches.

The aluminum panel it has helps a lot in reducing the heat, which results in laptop not getting overheated.

Another thing:

The cable management ring is present in the stand which prevents the wires forming a cluster.

As far as scratches are concerned, the anti-skid silicone pad is quite good enough to protect the laptop as well as holding the laptop firmly.

The design that this vertical laptop stand has to offer is sleek. The structure is such that the stand will keep your laptop free from the surroundings of your workstation.

To sum up:

Below $50 it is the best vertical laptop stand that you would get.


  • Sleek design
  • Can hold all type of laptops
  • Good heat management


  • 17 inch laptops aren’t compatible
  • Small in size

6. Steklo X-Stand

Now if you are looking for a much cheaper option, like laptop stand under $25 then; The Steklo X-stand is a great option to opt for.

Given all other options I have discussed above, The Steklo X-stand is the cheapest of them all.


It will cost you only $24.

Since its price is less, it doesn’t mean it has less things to offer for you. It might be cheap but given the price the features it offers are astonishing,

If you want your laptop to elevate a bit on the desk you are working, then this product is for you. You can lift it couple of inches quite easily while working.

The cooling option that this stand has to offer is decent.

Since the size is small, this laptop stand is lightweight in nature.

If your laptop size is within 12-17 inches then it is the best vertical laptop stand for you under $25.

I would highly recommend you to buy this if you budget is under $25.


  • Much cheap
  • Decent cooling facilities
  • Lightweight
  • Portable


  • Doesn’t provide much grip
  • Ergonomic benefits are limited

7. Goldtouch Go! Travel laptop Stand

If you are looking for something different, like a portable vertical laptop stand that you can use while travelling then, the Goldtouch Go travel laptop stand can be the best vertical laptop stand for you.


You might be amazed to know:

Along with a laptop this laptop stand can also store a tablet.

It is made of aluminum which makes it quite durable as a stand. In your workstation it covers minimum amount of space while giving support to hold laptops at the highest level.

It is lightweight and can adjusted very easily.

Since it’s a portable and especially designed keeping in mind the travelling that its user would do; it can be folded to a small size.

You can adjust it up to six levels of height, which is quite useful considering the eye or neck strain you may experience while using your laptop.

This vertical laptop stand can hold a laptops with a size of 17 inches, given its size and sturdiness.

It can be a good purchase for you if you look on flexibility of the stand while buying.


  • Can be folded to a small size
  • 6 height adjustment option
  • Lightweight


  • External required keyboard
  • It isn’t wireless

8. Bestand Vertical Laptop Stand

Along with your laptop if you want to store few more things, then Bestand Vertical Laptop Stand is there to meet your requirements.

This vertical laptop stand can hold laptops which have a thickness in between 11-26 mm.


There is a screw available which enables you to control the thickness level.

You might be wondering:

Does this stand have anti-scratching capability?

The answer is yes, there is anti-wear silicone in the trays where you will store the devices which prevents scratching.

Like I told you earlier:

It can store laptop along with other devices. You can easily store smartphones, tablets or even remotes with quite ease.

In this stand, you will also find vents which are mainly there to facilitate the cooling process.

Overall considering all aspects it can be the best vertical laptop stand for you only if you are looking for a versatile option.


  • Can store other devices along with laptop
  • Prevents scratch


  • The adjustable screw can be problematic

How to Buy The Best Vertical Laptop Stand

As we have looked into various models, each of them are with unique characteristics.

You might be wondering:

How can I take buying decision?

Don’t worry. Like I promised in the beginning, I do have a solution for this problem.

Here the factors that you should consider to buy the best vertical laptop stand for you:

Price of The Stand

Like every other gadget, for buying the best vertical laptop stand price is an important factor to consider.

Various laptop stands are there with unique specifications under different price tags. In the blog, I have specifically categorized few laptop stands based on their price. 

Do look into those only if you are concerned about overspending. Other than this go for the stand that meet your requirements the best.


Go for the stand that is suited in your comfort zone. Stands are there for helping you to use the laptop with ease.

You would obviously want such a stand that gives you comfort at the highest level.

In the blog, I have mentioned about a range of products which are of different types. Some are of lightweight, some are highly adjustable. Choose the one that will provide you ease at highest level.

Laptop Stand Portability

There are laptop stands which you can move from one place to another, like while travelling. In such cases weight and foldable options for the stands matters a lot.

While buying the laptop stand, be firm about what type of stand you want. If you want to be confined with working with your laptop in the workplace then buying the portable one isn’t mandatory.

For frequent usage of laptop in outdoor or while travelling, portable vertical laptop stand is a must.

Size and Design

Size and design matters a lot as not all stands can hold laptops of all sizes. The aesthetic aspect is also a matter of consideration.

Design of the stands determines how firmly it can hold the laptop. So, inspect the design and choose wisely while buying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is a vertical laptop stand?

Answer: A vertical laptop stand is an accessory that helps to you to hold or store your laptop. It also helps to use laptop with ease mitigating the stress put on the body and mind.

Question: What is best vertical laptop stand under $25?

Answer: There are various laptop stands that you might find under $25.But for making your money worth, the Steklo X-Stand is the best vertical laptop stand under every consideration.

Question: Why should you use vertical laptop stand?

Answer: You should use vertical laptop stand as it helps to store your laptop, free up space in your workstation as well as helps to keep your laptop free from scratches.

Final Thoughts

Selecting the right vertical laptop stand can prove to be a tricky task for you. That’s why for making it quite simple for you I have compiled all the best vertical laptop stands under different categories.

Still, if any confusion arises, do ask me in the comments.

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