Best Racing Games for PlayStation 5 [2022]

Written By FarhanMax

There is no need of telling that PlayStation console provides a huge variety of Racing Games.

As the developers put the pedal to the medal launching lots of arcade racing games, it is difficult to pick from the best.


Bulking up, in this post, I have provided a list of 10 best PS5 racing games to boost your adrenaline.

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List of 10 Best Racing Games for PlayStation 5

For this upcoming console, developers have been hitting bullseye launching exclusive PS5 games. But that doesn’t mean racing enthusiasts are left behind.

With a wide collection of Racing games, PS5 owners have also released exclusive racing games only for PS5.

Here is the list of the best PlayStation 5 racing games:

1. Dirt 5

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Combining Dirt 2 and Dirt 3, Dirt 5 finds a new way to pump racers adrenaline. Codemasters did a really fantastic job in creating a Scandinavian rally game using Dirt 2 and Dirt 3 as a springboard.

As a matter of fact, they did not recreate the game. Instead, they used them as a foundation to take the franchise forward with a little twist on it. The game trailer does look like a next-gen Motorstorm and I’m all here for that.

What’s new about Dirt 5 is that the handling model is completely new and fresh. It is not like Dirt 4. The game tracks include 10 spots like New York, Arizona, China, Norway, Brazil, Greece, South Africa, Morocco, Italy, and Nepal. Among them, Norway’s racing track looks a bit hard for me.

The first glimpse of Dirt 5 made me feel like buying a Playstation and sit in my chair until i finish the game.



Highlighted Features:

  • Off-road Rally
  • 10 new racing zones
  • Climatic effects

Personal Rating: 9/10

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2. Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon 4 is the best racing game you can ever play in the PlayStation console. I grew old playing racing games like NFS 2 Shift, GT Legends, Dirt Rally, and Project Cars, but nothing seems to beat this game for becoming one of my favorites.

Forza Horizon 4 is such a game you can’t stop playing. The stunning visual quality and sound design, and the extremely customizable career mode have become the hallmarks of the Horizon Series. Frankly speaking, I was a bit disappointed with Horizon 3, but Horizon 4 seems to have improved somewhat.

It is such a stunning game with an incredibly wide variety of car selection and awesome racing circuits. What I like about this game is that It even pays tribute to other famous racing games in which I never thought a racing game could do.

Forza Horizon 4 is loved for its outstanding graphics. The graphics are so beautiful that your eyes will feel relaxed looking at the environment.

The game supports in-built dynamic rendering in the graphics settings option. So no matter how bad your graphics card is, the game will give a soothing playable fps.

Coming to the music, the soundtrack is great, and there are a lot of variations in the songs list because of multiple radio stations to suit your taste.

Racing games aren’t fun with cool expensive cars. From off-road dirt cars to supercars like the Bugatti this game offers them all with outstanding driving mechanics.



Highlighted Features:

  • Super-smooth graphics
  • Awesome Terrain racing tracks
  • Upgradable and Customizable Cars
  • Changing Climate
  • Variations of Music

Personal Rating: 9/10

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GRAN TURISMO 7 is one of the PS5 exclusive racing games for racing enthusiasts. Get ready and buckle up, because Gran Turismo is back again for its outstanding next-generation gameplay.

It is one of the best driving simulators where you can tune tour cars with gears and such. You have your personal garage where you can store cars and change cars you want for your next arcade match.

The graphics are stunning, feel like you will be playing on an 8K TV. The major thing about this game is that you can travel the whole racing world.

Graphically, Gran Turismo 7 looks stunning. Thanks to PlayStation5’s powerful hardware, the car models, environments, and lighting looked more realistic compared to other series. Frankly speaking, I never expected this game to feature nearly hundreds of cars with a diverse mix of road and race cars.

Apparently, a lot more to come for this game, the developers are still upgrading kinds of stuff according to gamers’ review. So fingers crossed for the best.



Highlighted Features:

  • 8K TV resolution graphics
  • Stunning soundtrack
  • Realistic driving mechanics
  • Newly renovated racing circuits

Personal Rating: 8/10

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4. Need for Speed Heat

NFS Heat is one of the best racing game since NFS Most Wanted & NFS Carbon. In fact, every NFS game lived up to our expectations with its amazing story and racing mechanics.

The physics of this game is excellent. It actually requires skill to play this game. Drifting is also not that easy as it seems for an arcade racer but it becomes cool when you master it. It is actually rewarding and fun.

You can drive as fast as you can as the sense of speed is back. It is actually realistic to drive through the streets and the bounty raids are also brutal but fair. If you have a quick car, getting rid of them won’t be of any problem for you. The cops put up a tough fight indeed.

The map is also upgraded with lots of secret places, shortcuts, and alternate routes. It also feels satisfying to smash the billboards which remind me of Burnout Paradise mostly. Many free roam activities like drift zones, long jumps, and speed traps are also present in this game.

The hyped-up experience feels like a mixture of the incredible experiences of Most Wanted, Carbon, and Underground coupled together with Paybacks excellent customization.

Overall I will absolutely recommend this racing game. Really looking forward to seeing where this game takes place in the Need for Speed series.



Highlighted Features:

  • Cool Exhaust Sounds
  • Ultimate Car Customization
  • Avatar Customization
  • 12 Characters To choose from

Personal Rating: 8/10

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Destruction Allstars is one of the PS5 exclusive vehicular combat arcade racing games. What makes this game different is the car combat along with on-foot combat.

Once a player’s vehicle is destroyed they can fight with the players in the vehicle on foot. It is extremely hectic and fast-paced game which boosts the adrenaline to its high level.

Destruction Allstars have a unique art style. If you are a Fortnite fan, you will figure it out seconds in which characters’ artwork are being inspired in this game.

The game is targeting a perfect pool of people that can make this game popular whether it is kids, teens, or adults.

Although the vehicular combat genre is declining, I am 100% sure that PlayStation5 fans will rave over this game.

This is the only game that interested me in the PS5 reveal. I’m really hoping Sony pushes this game, gives it plenty of adverts, especially if they do something like Fortnite where it’s a free-to-play game.



Highlighted Features:

  • Vehicular combat & on-foot combat
  • Stylish Characters
  • Customizable Vehicles
  • Fast-paced Game

Personal Rating: 7/10

6. Project Cars 2

I played tons of racing simulators but above all, I will say Project Cars 2 is worth playing.

But let me make it clear that It’s not for the casual gamers and also the physics mechanics differences between this stimulator and arcade games like FORZA Horizon and GT Sport will catch people out.

There are two clear directions for selecting the best racing game and that they makeup either simulations or arcade racers.

Project Cars 2 is just a simulation, not an arcade racing game, and people who want to choose up a joypad and race are sure a shock. A wheel is just about a requirement need to get the most effective out of this experience.

Like real arcade racing, practice laps are key, and anyone playing FORZA or GT Sport will instantly struggle, as they might on Assetto Corsa. These simulation focused games reward laps, clean racing and an understanding of how car setups influence your performances on the track, compared to GT Sports 1-5 upgrades or BOP online races, this could feel daunting, but putting the time in harvests enormous satisfaction.

For competitive sim racers, this is often an awfully good simulation to be recommended.



Highlighted Features:

  • Racing Simulator
  • Expanded Track Select
  • Stunning Sounds
  • Incredible Lighting and Weather Effects

Personal Rating: 8/10

7. Burnout

Burnout is the most destructive arcade racing franchises of all time. Graphically the renderware engine is young. Simplicity is the easiest way to describe this game. But Burnout is coming back on the new PS5 console with high graphics and extreme driving skills.

It is a dangerous driving game and if it wasn’t already clear, it is a spiritual successor to the Burnout series developed by some of its original creators. With a focus on track-based driving, takedowns, boost chains, and insane speeds, it is also exhilarating to play.

This iconic open-world racing game looks stunning with boosted high-quality images and cleaned jagged edges. This game basically sticks with one rule and that is whether you be offline or online, you have to drive fast and have fun.

Burnout is not just any ordinary racing game, there are more than 50 takedowns with cops and robbers augmented in the multiplayer mode.

The new Burnout on PlayStation 5 will surely be a hit because Burnout was always one of the favorite hits.



Highlighted Features:

  • Remastered Crash mode
  • Upgraded Graphics
  • New Takedowns

Personal Rating: 8/10

8. Grid

Grid is one of the most dramatic racing action game. Comparing to 2008, it just feels like a modern game now.

Like the F1 series and Dirt Rally, Grid is also a beast racing game. GRID’s default car handling settings are refreshingly forgiving. Though the amount of cars is somewhat slim compared to other titles, the categories are different after you fall back the wheel.

Having said that, you’ll be able to throw more or less any vehicle around quite happily. Overall, the handling is responsive, but sometimes the cars feel suitably weighty.

The Artificial Intelligence of the GRID has some interesting tricks up its sleeve. All other drivers have their own unique quirks, meaning every one behaves slightly differently. They will even mess things up, adding some drama to races as unpredictable opponents may spin or smash into a tire wall.

Additionally, they can also be your enemy. If you taunt an AI driver enough, they will start gunning for you and can aim to beat you with heightened aggression. All this will add up to some entertaining races where the action might not necessarily come from the player.



Highlighted Features:

  • Upgraded AI drivers
  • New Fictional Racing Circuits
  • Best Racing-Action
  • Satisfying car handling

Personal Rating: 9/10

9. Cars 3: Driven to Win

Pixel’s CARS movie game is always a favorite when it comes to kids or adults. Cars 3: Driven to Win may be a simple arcade racer, but the featured characters and locations from the films are almost exactly what we would expect.

Driven to Win begins with a brief tutorial to introduce its car handling, which features some fun additions. The driving itself is fairly good, although possibly a bit on the weighty side.

Luckily, you will spend much time on slow drifting, jumping, and flipping around the tracks instead. There are blue stripes on the track which award you with larger boost gains if you perform the proper move as you drive over them. Unfortunately, unless you recognize the track, you can’t really tell which stunt it wants you to try and do until you’re practically on top of it.

Battle races introduce colorful weapons, like machine guns and rockets, adding a layer of chaos to the energetic racing. Stunt Showcase is all about the mid-air tricks, and time trials are self-explanatory.

Takedown features the weapons from the battle races but tasks you with destroying waves of small vehicles that materialize on the road prior to you. The Playground mode is different as It drops you into a decent-sized sandbox during which you’ll practice your driving, realize big jumps, or tackle additional challenges.

There are even grand Prix-style cups for completing each mode, providing you with another excuse to stay playing.



Highlighted Features:

  • Decent Arcade-Racing Game
  • Easily Playable for kids
  • Plenty of Tracks and Race Mods
  • Favorite Movie Characters

Personal Rating: 7/10

10. The Crew 2

The Crew 2 is a tremendous open-world racing game with access to multiple types and designs of cars along with a good box of toys to decide on from.

The game works seamlessly with keyboard/mouse, Xbox One controller, and joystick. But the latest ray-tracing PS5 technology will make this game a beast.

Everything about this game is astounding, the graphics, the car designs, the range of vehicles like cars, boats, and planes. the most effective part about this game is its ability to roam freely. You can race around online freely along with your friends or offline by yourself.

There aren’t any death scenes when you die playing in multiplayer mode. The game will come with an update on PS5 where there will be Jets. It would be a good thing and would really put the sport over the highest. Just imagine flying across the map at 800mph.



Highlighted Features:

  • Open-World Racing game
  • Visually Appealing
  • Nerve Racking Aerial Races

Personal Rating: 9/10


Question: Which racing games are PS5 exclusive?

Answer: Destruction AllStars is one of the best PS5  exclusive racing games.

Question: Is Forza Horizozn 4 worth buying?

Answer: Forza Horizon 4 is a highly demanding racing game with cool features and so it is definitely worth buying.

Question: Is Cars 3 a free-roam game?

Answer: Yes Cars 3 is a free-roam racing game.


Racing games  are the most demanding genre in modern times. It is  the best genre  when it comes to playing with friends in Multiplayer mode.

The best PS5 racing  games in this list are based  on personal taste. If you think that any of your favorite game is missing from the list then do mention it in the comments.

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