Best Portable Monitors for SmartPhones [2022 Guide]

Written By Steven Arends

If I put some light on the technological reverberation, it is vividly noticeable that smartphones most lately are coming with various features to reach the masses. This advancement minutely took place starting from the second decade of the 21st century and onwards.

For being helped with the cutting edge tech facilities, professionals of different sectors are ardent to use the smart hand-held devices day long. Be that as it may, the hand-held is no longer enough in the cases of some unobtrusive tasks like- graphic design, photo-editing, architectural planning, and design, etc. You may badly feel the need for a bigger display when thinking about those.

No worries. Here is a ready-made solution for you. The use of portable monitors parallel to smartphones is flexibly capable of fulfilling your call.


So, let’s start. Please, read thoroughly to vanish all your doubts.

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What is a Portable Monitor?

If you have a dual monitor setup in your workstation and hooked up two displays for your home use, it will be a must; I know that you will look for a similar setup when you go out of your station. A portable monitor can be the best here to deal with. Now, the question is, 

What is exactly a portable monitor?

Precisely, portable monitors are the devices that can extend your mobile display experience by multiples. As the name suggests, it is portative and a way better option than a mere desktop monitor. The user-friendly size and superb features have made it widely popular with gamers or other professionals.

The size of portable monitors ranges from 3.5 inches to 22 inches. But, the handiest and lucrative size for moveable displays should vary between 12 inches and 17 inches. However, people of different walks can, of course, go after their own hearts and their necessities. It is easily conceivable that the best suit for a gamer may not be suitable for a business person or a general user.

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The Best Monitor Deals for You

The monitors latterly designed are pretty slimmer and stylish to cope with the portability issue, and they are kept as light as possible. Here, an additional benefit of using an external portable monitor is that it does not require any separate power adapter; instead, it uses power generated from the bus.

So, before choosing and purchasing your intended model, spend some time studying this guide. Because, while listing the best monitors in fashion, I took viewing angles, image refresh rate, resolution, sharpness, and other indispensable benchmarks into account.

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Here are the best and trendy monitor deals for you:

1. ASUS ZenScreen Go MB16AP

If you want to focus on battery backup, ASUS ZenScreen Go would be the best fit for you. This monitor is protected with ASUS Eyecare technology and flicker-free backlighting. Also, it has a blue light filter that saves our eyes from getting fatigued. The detailed specifications are given below: 


  • Battery: It has a solid 7800 mAh of built-in battery that can give you a backup of more than 4 hours.
  • Screen & Resolution: Display size is 15.6 inches with Full HD resolution (1920x1080P). The display panel is anti-Glare IPS.
  • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
  • USB type: USB-C 
  • Weight & Dimension: The monitor weighs 1.9 pounds along with an ultraslim thickness of 0.3 inches.
  • Compatibility: ASUS ZenScreen Go is highly compatible with your laptops and mobile phones. And, it feasibly works on any operating platform like Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS, Linux, etc.

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2. Lenovo ThinkVision M14t

As reported, users prefer Lenovo ThinkVision M14t as the best choice because this monitor shows a superb performance as far as the image quality is concerned. The other aspects are also colorfully positive here. It has the technology of lowering blue light incorporated in it. Let’s go deeper into it.


  • Screen & Resolution: Display size is 14 inches with Full HD resolution (1920x1080P). The widescreen aspect ratio is 16:9. The display panel is IPS. The display has 16.7 million colors.
  • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
  • USB type: USB-C 
  • Weight & Dimension: This ThinkVision monitor weighs 1.5 pounds, and the dimension is 8.7×12.7x.38 inches.
  • Stylus: You will get a smooth stylus with the monitor.

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3. ASUS MB169C+ 

The ASUS MB169C+ is another portable monitor with impressive configuration. A bit slimmer than Lenovo ThinkVision, but the bezel is vividly visible. But, you are not going to get any stylus here. Like the ZenScreen, MB169C+ portable monitor has unhealthy blue light lowering features along with a flicker-free display.


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Here are the specifications of the ASUS MB169C+ portable monitor:

  • Screen & Resolution: Display size is 15.6 inches with Full HD resolution (1920x1080P). The widescreen aspect ratio is 16:9. The display panel is IPS. The display has 16.7 million colors.
  • Refresh Rate: 75 Hz
  • USB type: USB-C 
  • Weight & Dimension: This monitor weighs 1.8 pounds, and it is 8.5mm thick. MB169C+ uses a single cable for transmitting power and video signal.

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4. AOC I1601FWUX

If you have a tight budget but want a large monitor, AOC I1601FWUX can be the most optimum alternative for you. Under a firm shed, the monitor is well-built and diversely designed. Also, a low blue light mode controls or minimizes the harmful blue spectrum.


Here is some further information regarding its structure and specifications:

  • Screen & Resolution: The screen size is 16 inches (15.6 inches viewable) with a matte surface. FHD resolution (1920x1080P) and IPS display.
  • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
  • USB type: USB-C. No HDMI input is present on the monitor.
  • Weight & Dimension: This large monitor weighs only 1.76 pounds. Hence, it is a lightweight monitor with a slim thickness of .35 inches. Similar to ASUS MB169C+, this monitor uses a single cable to transmit power and video signal.

Note: This monitor only operates with USB-C devices with DisplayLink software installed.

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5. MSI Optix MAG161V

Despite being the first portable gaming monitor of MSI, Optix MAG161V is pretty successful in linking a number of gaming consoles and other devices. It comes with a frameless bezel and built-in speakers, an incredible combination for gaming enthusiasts. But, before that, do check our latest post on the CPU Cooler VS Case Fans.


Let’s have some more info about MSI Optix MAG161V.

  • Screen & Resolution: Display size is 15.6 inches with Full HD resolution (1920x1080P). The widescreen aspect ratio is 16:9. IPS display panel with a contrast ratio of 700:1. 
  • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
  • USB type: USB-C. HDMI port is available as well. 
  • Weight & Dimension: This monitor weighs 2 pounds. The dimension is 8.9×14.1x.4 inches. It is a slim screen, but thicker than the previous ones. The monitor comes with a smart back cover that protects it from any sort of damage.

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Final Thoughts 

To sum up, a series of portable monitors are available on the market of different brands. Not all, but most of them are up to the standard. Amongst those, these five that I mentioned above are the crafts. Whether you purchase one of those or not, the criteria I used to compare among them should be kept in your mind.

The battery backup, screen size, resolution, weight, and thickness are some prerequisites to consider while purchasing a portable monitor. Now, we all have smartphones, and why not take merits where you can connect your phone to the gorgeous portable monitors?

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