Best TR4 CPU Coolers: 8 Air Coolers and AIOs Tested [2023]

Written By Steven Arends

If you are confused while searching for the perfect TR4 socket CPU cooler for your PC, you are not the only one.

Though the market of CPU coolers is saturated, there are only a few products available that support these AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPUs.

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Luckily, I have gathered some of the best TR4 socket supported CPU coolers available after hours of searching and research.

This list will serve as a comprehensive guide of the best coolers for Threadripper CPUs and show you all the differences and the benefits.

So read the whole post carefully to find out the best CPU cooler for the TR4 socket.

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List of Best TR4 Socket CPU Coolers

RankAwardCPU Cooler Name
1Best affordable air coolerDEEPCOOL FRYZEN
2Best affordable liquid coolerCooler Master Masterliquid ML240P Mirage
3Best cooler for socket supportDEEPCOOL Castle 360EX RGB
4Best cooler for aestheticsGIGABYTE AORUS RGB AIO Liquid Cooler 360
5Best cooler for capacityEnermax Liqtech TR4 II 360
6Best TR4 liquid coolerCooler Master Masterliquid ML360 Mirror TR4 edition
7Best TR4 air coolerCooler Master AMD Wraith Ripper
8Best TR4 cooler for low noisebe quiet! Dark Rock Pro TR4

Ryzen Threadripper CPUs are a line of very powerful CPUs from AMD that people use primarily on productivity tasks like running servers or editing high-resolution videos.

These CPUs produce a lot of heat due to their high core counts and increased amount of transistors. If they are not adequately cooled, you will not be able to get the optimal performance that you expect out of the CPU.

It would hamper your workflow, and you will not get the total value of these expensive CPUs in return. So you must get a proper TR4 socket supported CPU cooler to get the most performance out of it and make it last longer.

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So, here are the top 8 best TR4 CPU coolers:


The DEEPCOOL FRYZEN is one of the most affordable options to cool down a Ryzen Threadripper CPU.

Some of the features of the DEEPCOOL FRYZEN:

  • ARGB on the top cover and fan frame
  • six heat pipes
  • inverse double-bladed 120mm fan
  • cable controller included
  • 68x46mm extensive copper base

deepcool-fryzenCheck Today's Price of DEEPCOOL FRYZEN ➜➜

The most noticeable aspect of this CPU air cooler is its design and RGB. The fan has an aluminum top cover and a frame that differentiates it from other CPU coolers. It gives the cooler a unique look that goes well with gaming builds.

The addressable RGB is integrated into this top cover and frame. You can control the RGB lighting by a 5V 3-pin ARGB header on the motherboard if present. An ARGB controller is in the box if your motherboard lacks that ARGB header.

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The RGB syncs well with the rest of the PC, and you can control it from the motherboard software. The fan itself is a 120mm inverse double-bladed fan that gets the job done.

Another vital aspect of the DEEPCOOL FRYZEN is compatibility. It supports a broad array of sockets of AMD, including AM4 and TR4. So you can use it with other AMD Ryzen CPUs too.

Now let’s talk about performance.

The performance of the DEEPCOOL FRYZEN is decent. It performs well enough not to let your Threadripper processor thermal throttle. Indeed, other coolers out there that cool down the CPU more aggressively, but they come at a higher price.

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The fan produces very low noise at idle or medium loads. But at full load, it is pretty audible. It provides RAM module, PCIe, and heatsink clearance for most motherboards since it has a very narrow design and the heatsink is at the center, unlike other CPU coolers.

For the price, the DEEPCOOL FRYZEN provides broad compatibility and performance well enough to justify a purchase, not to forget that it comes with a unique design and addressable RGB.

  • »reasonable price
  • »decent cooling
  • »addressable RGB
  • »compatible with most AMD sockets
  • »no clearance issues for most PC cases
  • »can be loud at full load

2. Cooler Master Masterliquid ML240P Mirage

The Cooler Master Masterliquid ML240P Mirage has one of the most unique-looking processor pumps out there.

Key highlights of the Cooler Master Masterliquid ML240P Mirage:

  • 2x 120mm ARGB fans
  • 240mm aluminium radiator
  • PWM pump with transparent top
  • MasterGel Pro thermal compound
  • Cooler Master ARGB controller Included
  • transparent pump with ARGB

masterliquid-ml240p-mirageCheck Today's Price of Masterliquid ML240P Mirage ➜➜

The very first thing that will get your attention here is the transparent processor block. You can see-through the CPU pump top to watch the liquid and the pump in action. Together with addressable RGB, it provides a great visual experience that certainly looks amazing.

The two radiator fans got ARGB as well. They are 120mm fans that provide a good amount of airflow to the 240mm radiator. The cooling performance is quite good on this AIO. It is capable of cooling high-end CPUs like the AMD Ryzen Threadripper series.

That being said,

The Cooler Master Masterliquid ML240P Mirage is not limited to Threadripper series processors. Instead, the AIO supports multiple sockets from both Intel and AMD. The durability is decent in this processor cooler. FFEP tubing is used here, which is quite durable, and the other parts like the pump and the radiator also feel premium.

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The pump has a new dual-chamber design that allows it to provide increased performance at lower noise. And it works. The noise levels are pretty low on this cooler. It’s only when you run the CPU at high load that you get to hear some whirring from the AIO, but that’s expected.

As a bonus:

You get the Cooler Master lighting controller in the box if the ARGB header is absent on your motherboard.

Overall, the Cooler Master Masterliquid ML240P Mirage will be an excellent choice for anyone looking for a new refreshing design while ensuring the processor performance is up to the mark.

  • »unique pump design
  • »easy installation
  • »low noise
  • »great for ARGB
  • »does not provide the best cooling performance

3. DEEPCOOL Castle 360EX RGB

The DEEPCOOL Castle 360EX RGB is an AIO that matches good performance with pleasant aesthetics.

Top highlights of the DEEPCOOL Castle 360EX RGB:

  • 360mm liquid cooler
  • addressable RGB lighting
  • anti-leak technology
  • 3x 120mm PWM fans
  • supports AMD TR4 / Intel LGA 1200, 1151 sockets

deepcool-castle-360exCheck Today's Price of DEEPCOOL Castle 360EX ➜➜

The TR4 CPU cooler provides robust cooling performance for the processor. The AIO keeps the CPU temperatures relatively low, even at a high load.

Threadripper CPUs tend to get hot quite quickly, as they are meant for heavy performance. So the high thermal performance of this cooler is undoubtedly a positive aspect.

The three 120mm fans have PWM, and the fan speed can go up to 1800 RPM providing strong airflow to the 360mm radiator. The pump has a dual-chamber design and a 3-phase motor. They are highly optimized for efficient liquid flow and cooling.

The DEEPCOOL Castle 360EX RGB also delivers in the aesthetics. The processor pump design is impressive to look at, and it also houses ARGB lighting. The ARGB makes the AIO CPU cooler an excellent choice for you if you have an RGB PC. It will elevate the visuals to a whole new level.

Here’s the unique part:

The liquid CPU cooler has anti-leak technology. Essentially it regulates system pressure balance to control flow and minimize damage. That’s certainly a handy feature.

Compatibility is strong on this AIO with support for AMD Threadripper and Intel LGA 1200 and 1151 sockets.

All in all, I would recommend the DEEPCOOL Castle 360EX RGB to anyone who’s looking for a great combination of ARGB and cooling performance.

  • »excellent cooling
  • »great build with light aluminum construction
  • »gorgeous-looking ARGB
  • »loud at full load

4. GIGABYTE AORUS RGB AIO Liquid Cooler 360

The GIGABYTE AORUS RGB AIO Liquid Cooler 360 is a liquid cooler with a stunning LCD at the CPU block.

Key features of the GIGABYTE AORUS RGB AIO Liquid Cooler 360:

  • 360mm radiator
  • 3x 120mm PWM fans
  • customizable circular LCD
  • RGB lighting
  • supports AMD Ryzen TR4, AM4, and Intel 115X/2066

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Gigabyte did a great job of designigigabyte-aorus-rgbng the AIO with an LCD screen at the processor pump top. It provides a stunning visual experience and allows you to customize it to your liking. You can put system performance data or your images/text to make it as personal as possible.

The 360mm radiator dissipates heat with the help of the triple 120mm PWM fans. The fan blades have a different design to help in aerodynamics. It manages to provide more airflow at a reduced noise. You can rest assured that the noise levels of the AIO won’t be a headache for you.

Coming to the build,

The CPU cooler has a premium construction. The AIO will attract any gamer due to its premium-ness all over the different parts. The premium build, along with superb aesthetics, makes it an impelling choice.

The only gripe I have with the GIGABYTE AORUS RGB AIO Liquid Cooler 360 is the associated software. It is very buggy and hard to use. Other than that, everything about this CPU liquid cooler is solid.

  • »premium build
  • »LCD at the CPU pump
  • »mostly silent
  • »less polished software

5. Enermax Liqtech TR4 II 360

The Enermax Liqtech TR4 II 360 is an AIO that can efficiently cool down some of the hottest Threadripper series processors in the market.

Top highlights of the Enermax Liqtech TR4 II 360:

  • 360mm radiator
  • sTRX4/TR4/SP3 sockets supported
  • ARGB on CPU block
  • 500W+ TDP support
  • 100% sTR4 IHS coverage
  • Shunt Channel Technology
  • Twister Bearing Technology
  • 400mm of premium weaved tubing made of long-lasting polyamide rubber

enermax-liqtechCheck Today's Price of Enermax Liqtech ➜➜

The Enermax Liqtech TR4 II 360 boasts a TDP support of 500W+, which is downright insane. While you most probably won’t come across such high TDP CPUs, it is assuring to know you have something that can handle well beyond what you demand.

One of the best things about this cooler is its 100% sTR4 IHS coverage. It means that the nickel cold plates cover the entire length and width of the internal heat spreader on top of your Threadripper CPU. It ensures all parts of the CPU get equally cooled down.

The CPU pump has a dual-chamber EF1 design for increased efficiency and high flow rate. The top features ARGB lighting, which you can control either via the ARGB header on your motherboard or through the included ARGB controller.

Well, how does it look?

The RGB looks excellent, and it certainly elevates the system’s look to a whole new level. The three 120mm fans produce much less noise as they possess rubber pads to minimize vibration.

The Enermax Liqtech TR4 II 360 has a proprietary technology called the Shunt Channel Technology. It aims to reduce the Boundary Layer effect and ensure an equal heat dissipation throughout the entire surface area.

Lastly, though the build quality is not top-notch, it is backed by a five-year warranty. So if there’s any leak or malfunctioning, you can change it for a new one.

To sum up, the Enermax Liqtech TR4 II 360 packs quite many new technologies and powerful features.

  • »top-notch cooling performance
  • »ARGB on CPU pump
  • »high TDP support
  • »long warranty
  • »build quality is not great

6. Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360 Mirror

The Cooler Master Masterliquid ML360 Mirror TR4 edition is a premium closed-loop AIO from Cooler Master.

Some of the features of the Cooler Master Masterliquid ML360 Mirror:

  • 360mm radiator
  • infinity mirror with ARGB on pump
  • 3x SickleFlow 120mm fans
  • wired ARGB controller includes

coolermaster-masterliquid-ml360Check Today's Price of MasterLiquid ML360 Mirror ➜➜

The cooler comes in with a 360mm radiator that is an improved version over the previous generation. It has a 25% increase in aluminum fin, so there’s more surface area for heat dissipation and improved efficiency.

The front of the pump uses an infinite mirror design that looks great. It looks even better when you turn the ARGB on.


The Cooler Master Masterliquid ML360 Mirror TR4 edition has addressable RGB on the CPU block. It provides fantastic aesthetics to the overall product. You can control the ARGB by connecting it to the ARGB header on your motherboard. It is compatible with most softwares.

If you don’t have an ARGB header, it comes with an ARGB controller right out of the box. The pump itself is a 3rd generation design that boasts a dual-chamber layout for a high flow rate.

As for the fans,

You get three 120mm SickleFlow fans. These fans have a new blade design that allows them to produce more static pressure at reduced noise.

The installation process can be a bit tricky. There are other CPU liquid coolers out there that are easier to install.

All in all, the Cooler Master Masterliquid ML360 Mirror TR4 edition is a decent AIO for Ryzen Threadripper CPUs that look great with ARGB lighting and perform properly too.

  • »excellent ARGB lighting
  • »great aesthetics
  • »stable cooling performance
  • »hard to install

7. Cooler Master AMD Wraith Ripper

The Cooler Master AMD Wraith Ripper is one of the best air coolers explicitly designed for the AMD Ryzen TR4 Threadripper socket.

Key features of the Cooler Master AMD Wraith Ripper:

  • seven heat pipes with a dual tower heatsink
  • Wraith Armor Air-Guide with ARGB and logo
  • 1x 120mm PWM fan included
  • built-in Wraith ripper RGB software

coolermaster-amd-wraithCheck Today's Price of AMD Wraith Ripper ➜➜

The very first thing you’ll notice is that the air cooler is massive. It is 150mm in length, 132.3mm in width, and 160.5mm in height. You’ll have to make sure it fits your motherboard with such enormous dimensions and doesn’t block or rub against anything.

But since it’s made for AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPUs, most motherboards will be compatible with it. The massive size brings in colossal performance gain with it.

The Cooler Master AMD Wraith Ripper has a dual tower heatsink with seven massive heat pipes for efficient heat transfer. The large surface area on the CPU base plate ensures all parts of the processor are covered.

A unique aspect of this air cooler is the Wraith Armor Air-Guide which is essentially a cover that goes over the heatsink and the fan for guiding the airflow. It makes sure there is no dead heat spot, and all parts get enough airflow for optimized cooling performance.

Going to the aesthetic side of things,

The Wraith Armor houses two ARGB LED strips that illuminate the Armor and the Ryzen Threadripper logo on the top. There is also a built-in ARGB software that allows you to control the lighting easily.

Overall, the ARGB lighting and the top armor cover with the Threadripper logo look great and catch attention.

A 120mm PWM fan inside the armor can go up to 2750 RPM, which is more than enough to provide optimal airflow to the heatsinks.

The only downside is that the cooler is slightly hard to install despite being designed specifically for the TR4 socket.

To sum up, the Cooler Master AMD Wraith Ripper is a great air cooling solution for your Ryzen Threadripper CPU that can handle heavy loads or overclock as well.

  • »amazing cooling performance
  • »specially designed for the TR4 platform
  • »aesthetically pleasing
  • »efficient cooling solution
  • »high RPM fan
  • »can be a bit tricky to install

8. be quiet! Dark Rock Pro

The be quiet! Dark Rock Pro TR4 is the most silent CPU air cooler for AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPU out there.

Key highlights of the be quiet! Dark Rock Pro TR4:

  • 250W TDP support
  • supported on TR4/sTRX4 sockets
  • 1x Silent Wings 3 120mm PWM fan
  • 1x Silent Wings 135mm PWM fan
  • seven heat pipes
  • smooth six-pole motors

be-quiet-dark-rock-proCheck Today's Price of Dark Rock Pro ➜➜

The main selling point of this air cooler is its noise level. Even under full load, it produces only 24.3dB of sound. It is incredible to consider that it cools down a powerful and hot Threadripper processor and has two fans running.

That’s right,

The be quiet! Dark Rock Pro TR4 has two Silent Wings fans. There is a 135mm PWM fan between the two heatsinks and a second 120mm Silent Wings 3 PWM fan sitting at the front.

With the help of the funnel-shaped air inlet, the front fan produces a high static pressure for optimized cooling. Both the fans have fluid dynamic bearings and airflow optimized fan blades for optimal and silent cooling.

The dual heatsinks are optimized, too, with wave-contoured aluminum fins and a unique black ceramic coating. All of it contributes to high efficiency and low noise cooling performance.

It can cool down a CPU with a maximum TDP of 250W, which goes nicely with the AMD  Ryzen Threadripper platform.

As for the compatibility,

The air cooler is vast. Despite its colossal size, it has recessed fins and a small front fan size of 120mm. It gives enough room to fit slightly taller than average-sized RAM modules.

The CPU cooler measures 146mm in length, 136mm in width, and 163mm in height. Make sure you have enough room to fit this beast.

Since it is designed specifically for one socket, the installation process is a breeze, and there is nothing complicated.

All in all, the be quiet! Dark Rock Pro TR4 is a great air cooler that boasts ultimate cooling for Threadripper CPUs at an unrivaled low noise.

  • »great cooling performance
  • »very quiet compared to its cooling capabilities
  • »specialized cooling for AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPUs
  • »might not fit on some PC cases

Final Thoughts

So which TR4 socket CPU cooler do you think is the best for you?

If I had to go for an air cooler, I would choose the Cooler Master AMD Wraith Ripper for its superb cooling performance and since it’s made especially for AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPUs.

But if I had to choose from the liquid coolers on this list, the Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360 Mirror TR4 Edition is a good option designed to work with Ryzen Threadripper CPUs right out of the box.

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