Why Is My CPU Cooler So Loud [4 Easy Fixes That Work]

Written By Farhan Max

You’ve been using your new cooler perfectly without any issues for the past few weeks but, in the last few days, your CPU is starting to make too much noise and it’s getting unbearable.

I can relate to that.


Why is my CPU cooler so loud?

Your CPU cooler can get loud for several different reasons. The most common reason is that the fan inside the cooler might have gathered a little too much dust and dirt. Apart from that, it’s normal for a cooler to get loud occasionally when it’s working twice as hard.

This is nothing to lose sleep over, as I had the same question on your mind right now and I found my solution. I will tell you multiple ways to get your cooler back to a hundred percent working state. 

All of these solutions were tested by me over the years as a tech enthusiast.

So, let’s skip the waiting and dive right into the content. Just make sure to not skip any part while you are sipping your coffee.

Why Is My Laptop Fan So Loud But Not Hot?

In the situation where your laptop fan is getting too loud but not overheating, your fan is probably wearing out. If it’s been only a few days since your purchase, you need to get in contact with them quickly. 

Furthermore, you usually get this type of weak fan bearings or tolerance with some of the cheaper fans so you should avoid those if you want better value for money.


The only way to get rid of this problem for good is to completely replace the fan. Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to use your current fan anymore. 

You are free to use this fan for the next 3 or 4 years if you wish but you will need to get used to the noise because that won’t be fixed.

Another situation where your fan is loud but not overheating could be because the heatsink is getting clogged with dust and fluff. Keep reading to find out what to do in this case.

How To Make CPU Cooler Quieter

You have a multitude of options when it comes to making your CPU cooler quieter and I will discuss some of the simplest options that are guaranteed to work. So, don’t get discouraged if the first or second method doesn’t do anything. 

Here are the ways to make your CPU cooler quieter:

1. Clean Your CPU Cooler

I have already mentioned this earlier but people, including me, always tend to forget to wipe the dust off of the CPU fan every few weeks or so.

It is advisable to make a schedule specifically for dusting off and maintaining your CPU because it is only natural for the dust to build-up due to the airflow. 


This dirt can make the fan louder and slower as well, which reduces the performance of the entire computer.

So, is it just as simple as taking a brush and wiping everything clean like anything else? Well, nope, that’s not the way you clean a computer. Instead, it’s best if you can get your hands on a can of compressed air.

Then, all you need to do is use the compressed air in a couple of short bursts at intervals to blow the dust off of internal components, especially from fans and heatsinks. Once you cleaning the fan, it will fix the CPU cooler clicking noise.

2. Make Sure Your Computer Has Proper Airflow

Your fans might start running faster if the fans are unable to direct the hot air outside your PC internals properly.

You have to make sure that your computer, whether it is a laptop or a desktop, is placed on a smooth, flat surface like a desk or even a tiled floor. However, you don’t want to put it on a carpeted surface, drawer or cabinet.


The goal is to make sure the hot air inside your PC has somewhere to go while your fan is working simultaneously to remove it. You will need to optimize the PC airflow, so it gets a lot of fresh cool air and emit the hot air efficiently.

Additionally, for laptop users, I know how much you prefer using your laptop by placing it on your lap, and it’s totally fine to do it, as long as you are taking a break after a while.

3. Get Your Fan Replaced

This is your last resort, so read the next part where I talk about the method to test if the software is at fault.

Sometimes, especially if you have a cheap fan, it will get loud due to damaged bearings. You can typically know when this happens because your fan will start to make a noise that can only be described as a buzzing or a weird rattling noise.

You can easily replace your CPU coolers fan, and install a new and better one to avoid the noising.

4. Kill Background Processes

The main reason why your CPU cooler is probably getting loud is that it’s having to work twice as hard to cool down the processor. Your fans are spinning faster than ever, which is causing the noise.

This usually happens when you have a lot of processes and applications running in the background whether you need them to or not.

It’s quite simple to stop the background process from running. Follow these steps:

  • Go to the Windows Search Menu.
  • Search for the keyword Task Manager and click on the first result.
  • You will see a list of all the applications and services that are running in the background. 
  • Simply select the applications you are not using anymore and click on the option in the bottom right corner named End task.discord-end-task


Are CPU coolers loud?

Yes and no. Yes, it’s normal for a CPU cooler to get loud when it’s working all the time due to CPU activity and no, CPU coolers are not loud at all when you are not putting any strain on the CPU.

Is 50 dB loud for a PC?

Yes, that is a bit louder than the average normal loudness. For a comfortable environment, around 30 to 40 dB is normal. You need to diagnose each of the internal components especially the fans to see which one is causing the extra loudness.

Are gaming desktops quiet?

Whether gaming desktops are quiet or not will depend entirely on it’s specifications. Otherwise, yes, gaming desktops are typically very silent as they are equipped with coolers that are supposed to handle most heavy applications.

Is it normal to hear your laptop fan?

Yes, it is normal to hear your laptop fan but it shouldn’t reach anything higher than 20 dB. Laptop fans typically make a soft to moderate audible sound when it’s running.

How do I check the health of my laptop fan?

The easiest method to check the health of your laptop fans is to download software like SpeedFan and see if the speeds are abnormal. Make sure to do the test with all your applications closed.

Final Thoughts

Hearing loud noises from your computer can be both annoying and frightening at the same time, but you can usually fix the issue if you remember to have some patience and look for the solution in the right place.

Do come back for more solutions and guides if this content helped you out in any way.

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