​How to Allocate More RAM to Minecraft

If you are looking for a way to Increase RAM for Minecraft, then you have come to the right place.

Minecraft is an outstanding game with tons of Exciting features.


And a great feature of Minecraft is that:

You can add more RAM to Minecraft for a better performance.

In this post you’ll learn how to allocate more RAM to Minecraft in the easiest way.

​Why Should I Add More RAM to Minecraft?

The main reason to add more RAM to Minecraft is to make the Gameplay Smoother. More RAM is required for playing Minecraft with mods too.

Generally minecraft uses 2-3GB of RAM from your computer while running the game.

But it doesn’t take more from it until you tweak the settings.

As a result, your gameplay isn’t smooth enough although your PC has a good RAM memory.

Your question might be:

How much RAM is sufficient for Minecraft?

At least 4GB RAM is good for playing minecraft smoothly.

Again if you have a good amount of RAM Memory in your PC you can add further for better performance.

Keep in mind that:

If you are playing Minecraft with mods then you must add more RAM to it. At least 5-6GB is good for MODED Minecraft.

I have found out that minecraft uses RAM Memory Differently while you are playing in Different Biomes.

Another question I often get asked is:

Does FPS increase for more RAM in minecraft?

The answer is simple, like all other game minecraft also provides better FPS for more RAM.


Again, if your RAM is overclocked properly then you will dominate in this game.

Keep in mind that minecraft has few obligations for adding more RAM to it about which you will get to know in the next section.

Can I add More RAM to Minecraft?

Yes, you can allocate more RAM to Minecraft. But there are certain requirements like, your system needs to be 64bit and it should have more than 3GB RAM.

Press the windows button and in the search System Information by typing it.

After opening the System information file you can see a lot of details here. Check out the System type here. If it’s x64 based PC then you can surely add more RAM to minecraft. But if it’s x84 that means 32 bit PC then you won’t be able to allocate any more RAM to you Minecraft.

So, if you find it x64 then the next part is for you.

Now, come down in the list and look for Installed Physical Memory.This shows how much of total memory you have in your PC.

If you have more than 3GB then don’t wait go to the next step and tweak your settings properly.

How to Add More RAM to Minecraft

Ok, now that you don’t have any confusion about why to increase RAM Memory to Minecraft, you shouldn’t be hesitating for adding more RAM to it.

So, here are the steps to add more RAM to MInecraft:

  1. At first open the Minecraft Launcher application.
  2. Now click on the three line button at the top right corner of the window.
  3. Go to the Launch options tab and enable advance settings by clicking on the switch type button beside it.
  4. If it shows you any notice then click OK to continue.
  5. In the next step you’ll need to click on Add New.
  6. Now, give a name to this configuration and then choose the version you want to play with.
  7. Now, turn on resolution and select resolution of your monitor.
  8. Now enable JVM arguments.
  9. In the dialogue box beside it you will see it’s written at the first that xmx2g (Means it’s using 2GB memory). You can now change the number according to available memory of your computer.
    Note: don’t use the full memory(100%) of your RAM as it might hinder the performance rather than increasing it.
  10. Now, click on save and it’s done.

Once you have done these steps now you can go to the News tab and click on the little green arrow button next to play button and select the configuration name that you have provided in the advanced settings and then click on the play button to continue.

How to Check if RAM has Increased in Minecraft or Not

This is a very easy task.

After completing the steps I have given above your minecraft should be running with more RAM.

To verify this, you will need to open the game. And during the game play in any mode you will have to press the F3 button . And...


You can now see that in the top right corner how much RAM Minecraft is using.

Normally Minecraft won’t use more than 2GB or 2048MB but in certain situations it will.

If you are playing Minecraft with Mods then you will surely see more memory usage than the normal one.

Again if you are facing any error from Minecraft then be sure to tweak the settings correctly again.

Final Thoughts

Now, you can easily set the RAM of minecraft like I have discussed in this tutorial.

You can even set very high memory too(if you have enough).

But you will never need to run Minecraft with more than 8GB RAM although if you are playing with Mods.

If you have 8GB of RAM then you don’t need to add more than 75% of your RAM that means 6GB which will be good to go for you.

There are some Modded Minecrafts that require more than 8GB of RAM to run smoothly.

But, my final suggestion for you will be not to use more than 75% of your available RAM memory.

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