Zoom Keeps Crashing on Window 11 [100% Working Fixes]

Written By Farhan Max

Almost everyone is now using the Zoom app. Zoom became so much popular after COVID hit the entire world. Students and business people have installed Zoom on their PCs for online classes and business meetings.

Users like them are now facing the Zoom app crashing problem after switching to Windows 11. But don’t blame Windows 11 yet! There are other reasons which can cause this problem.zoom-keeps-crashing-on-windows- 11-ssSo, what are the other reasons? After facing a similar Zoom crashing problem in my Windows 11, I dug for the reasons until I found the root causes.

To share with you, the leading causes and how to fix the Zoom keeps crashing problem in Windows 11 made me come up with this article.

Without further ado, let’s begin!

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Why Zoom Quits Unexpectedly on Windows 11?

Certain factors can make the Zoom app crash immediately. If you are using Microsoft Power Toy, you might face Zoom quits unexpectedly. Additionally, using the Zoom app’s outdated version, faulty camera driver,  outdated Windows version, or wrong in-app settings can cause Zoom crashing problems.

Like me, you were also irritated when Zoom crashed unexpectedly. After double clicking to open it, this app starts up and loading. Within a few seconds, this app bombards me with Zoom quite unexpectedly messages.

Many reasons can cause this annoying issue, and I have mentioned a few earlier. Now, let’s dive into those reasons and how to fix them.

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How To Fix Zoom Crashing on Windows 11

Now these days, most classes and office meetings have become online-based. That’s where Zoom kicks in. Zoom is now one of the most used online meeting platforms. Students and teachers mainly depend on Zoom.

But it will be a ridiculous matter when Zoom crashes in the middle of a meeting. Most users reported facing this issue rapidly after updating the OS to Windows 11. Though Windows 11 is a new OS, Zoom can keep crashing due to bugs. Windows 11 is not alone; there are other reasons behind this problem.

Here are the fixes for Zoom stopped working based on the reasons:

1. Disable Video Conference Mute on Microsoft Power Toys

Microsoft’s Power Toys is a set of free utilities that you can install on Windows 11 or 10. Which will help you to increase your work productivity and efficiency. Meanwhile, Power Toys can create issues with the Zoom app. Those who are using Power Toys are facing Zoom’s sudden crashing problem.

But after researching a lot, I have found one solution to fix this. Disabling the Video Conference Mute will solve the problem for you.

Here are the steps to disable Video Conference Mute in Power Toys:

  • Open the Power Toys app and go to the General section.
  • Go to the Administrator Mode and select Restart Power Toys as administrator. run-as-admin
  • Click on the video Conference Mute option after the restart.
  • Click on the switch to turn it off. disabale-video-conference-mute
  • Close the app and restart your computer.

After restarting, open the app. Now it won’t crash again if the Power Toys caused the crashing problem. If you are using Power Toys, follow the above steps to fix the issues with Zoom.

2. Update the Camera Driver

Zoom won’t start up if your PC’s webcam has a driver problem. Sometimes camera can’t open due to backdated driver. So, updating the camera driver can solve the Zoom not opening issue.

Here are the steps to update the camera driver:

  • Right-click on the Windows logo icon and select the Device Manager.
  • Click on Cameras and then right-click on the Integrated Webcam option.
  • Click on Update Driver. update-camera-driver

Now Windows will search for the updated driver and install it automatically. After the installation, restart your computer to take effects. Open the Zoom app, and check is it running okay or not. If backdated camera driver is creating the problem, updating the driver will solve the problem.

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3. Rollback the Camera Driver

Sometimes updated camera drivers might not be compatible with the latest Windows 11. If that’s the case for you, try to roll back the camera driver. It will solve the Zoom crashing issue.

Here are the steps to roll back the camera driver:

  • Go to the Device Manager by right-clicking on the Windows Logo icon.
  • Click on the Cameras and right-click on the Integrated Webcam option.
  • Select the Properties option.camera-properties
  • Go to the Driver tab and click on the Roll Back Driver option.
  • Click on any reason and choose YES. roll-back-camera-driver

After finishing the roll-back driver process successfully, restart the computer. Open the app to check is it running without crashing or not. Hopefully, this method will solve the issue if an incompatible camera drive is a culprit.

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4. Change Zoom’s In-app Settings

Changing some settings in the Zoom app will solve the unexpectedly crashing problem. Sometimes tweaking the settings helps to overcome the software’s crashing problem.

Here are the steps to change Zoom’s in-app settings:

  • Open the Zoom app and go to the Settings option.
  • Click on the Video tab and then go to the Advanced option.
  • Click on the Video Rendering Method’s drop-down menu and select the Direct3D11 option.zoom-video-rendering-method
  • Close the Zoom app and re-launch it.

Check if Zoom’s sudden crashing problem is solved or not. Go to your online class or business meeting; if you are not facing any previous issues, the problem has been solved.

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5. Run Zoom Using Dedicated Graphics Card

If you have a dedicated GPU on your PC, you should run the Zoom app through it. Sometimes running Zoom with the integrated graphics card can cause sudden app crashes.

Here are the steps to run Zoom using a dedicated GPU:

  • Right-click on the Desktop and select Nvidia Control Panel.
  • Click on the Manage 3D Settings option and select the Program Settings tab.
  • Click on the Add button.
  • Scroll down to select the Zoom Meetings from the list and click on Add Selected Program.
  • Select the High-performance NVIDIA processor from the Preferred graphics processor’s drop-down menu.
  • Click on the Apply button.nvidia-3d-settings-app
  • Restart the pc and open the Zoom meeting app again.

Running the Zoom app from the dedicated graphics card will solve the app crashing issue if the integrated GPU is causing the problem.

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6. Update Windows

You should keep the Windows up to date constantly. The updates come with several bug fixes. If Zoom is not opening due to Windows 11 bugs, you should update the Windows to fix the Zoom app not opening issue.

Here are the steps to Update Windows:

  • Go to the Windows Settings and Click on the Windows Update option from the bottom left side.
  • Click on Check for updates button, and Windows will check for updates and download it if updates are available. windows-update

After downloading and installing the updates automatically, Windows will ask for a restart. Restart the PC and launch the Zoom app. Check if the problem with Zoom persists or not.

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7. Scan and Repair Corrupted Windows System Files

Windows corrupted system files can cause any issues, including the Zoom app sudden crashing. Try scanning and repairing the corrupted Windows system files to solve the Zoom app not opening problems. I suggest you use the inbuilt System File Checker tool.

Here are the steps to run SFC:

  • Launch CMD with administrative privileges.
  • Type sfc /scannow in the command prompt and hit Enter. sfc-scannow-cmd
  • Wait until the scanning process is complete.

After the process is complete, reboot the system and check if the issue with Zoom is solved or not.

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8. Perform Clean Boot

When some of the applications or startups conflict with the Zoom app, you might face the Zoom app closing unexpectedly. Try to perform a clean boot while starting the system.

Here are the steps clean boot your PC:

  • Open the RUN by pressing the Windows key + R button.
  • Type msconfig in the RUN and click on the OK button. msconfig-run
  • Go to the Services tab and check the Hide all Microsoft services. disable-other-from-system-configuration
  • Select all the other services and click the Disable button.
  • Click on the Startup tab and select the Open task manager option.system-configuration
  • Select the Startup tab from the Task Manager and select all the startup apps.
  • Disable them all. task-manager-end-task

After that, restart your computer. Now, your PC will open with a clean boot. Launch the Zoom app and check the Zoom app’s crashing issue. I hope running your system with a clean boot will solve the specific problem with Zoom.

Pro Tip: You can try uninstalling the Zoom app and installing it again. After a fresh install Zoom app might not show that crashing error again. You can also go to the task manager, End all the tasks of the Zoom app and restart your PC again. It will solve the issue.

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How to update my Zoom app?

To update, open the Zoom app first. Then click on your profile and click on Check for Updates. If any update is available it will open a Window with the latest version details. Click on the Update button or you can choose the Later option.

How to clear Zoom Local App Data & Cookies?

To clear Zoom’s Local App Data & Cookies click on your profile which is in the upper right corner. Now go to Settings > Zoom Apps > Zoom Apps Local Data & Cookies > Clear. Click on the Clear button again in the prompted window, after clearing all re-launch the app.

Is Zoom compatible with Windows 11?

Yes, Zoom is compatible with Windows 11. To get a stable performance you will need to download Zoom’s 5.9.0 or higher versions.

Final Words

I hope you have read the entire article, and if you do so, one of the methods has solved your problem.

I know how awkward it feels when you are in the middle of a class or meeting and the Zoom app crashes. So, read the methods thoroughly and follow the steps carefully to fix Zoom that keeps crashing on Windows 11.

Best of luck with the fixing! See you at the next one. Peace out!

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