4 Easy Steps to Open Windows 11 Administrative Tools [2024]

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Are you a Windows lover and want to access all the core Administrative Tools just like System Administrator? Then Windows Tools is the perfect place to get everything you need,  just like a super shop.

You can resolve all the issues like maintenance, upgrade, and compatibility issues using Windows Tools.

So, Windows Tools is a pack of solid tools that any advanced system user would want. You might not know how to open or access Windows Tools as a beginner.open-windows-11-administrative-tools

Well, don’t be shy! A determined beginner can conquer anything. Let me assist you in the first step by showing you how to access the Windows Tools in Windows 11 through this article.

So, sit tight and read this article till the end. Thank me later!

Administrative Tools is now Windows Tools in Windows 11

Windows Tools is the collective name for several advanced tools in Windows 11. But it is known as Administrative Tools in previous Windows 10 and earlier versions except for Windows 10 build version 21343. Microsoft has renamed this Windows Tools, but all the tools remain the same.

In previous Windows versions, we have noticed separate entities for Powershell, Computer Prompt, Control Panel, and other tools in the Start menu.

With Windows 11, Microsoft decided to dump the old order and toss all System utilities into a single folder. Microsoft gives a cleaner look to everything in Windows 11.

IT Administrators vastly use this Tool to access the management task and troubleshoot several OS parameters quickly. With this Tool, you can manage or fix other computers remotely.

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What are the Windows Tools in Windows 11?

Windows Tools is a folder containing all the tools for developers and advanced-level users. There are at least 38 tools available in Windows Tools, which are enough for a System administrator to work with.

More specifically, the Windows Tools folder contains shortcuts to the tools located in the other parts of Windows. All you need do is double-click on those short-cuts to launch those tools.

Here are the tools that are available in Windows Tools:

  • Windows Terminal
  • Command Prompt
  • Character Map
  • Component Services
  • Control Panel
  • Computer Management
  • Disk Cleanup
  • Defragment and Optimize Drives
  • Disk Cleanup
  • Event Viewer
  • Local Security Policy
  • iSCSI Initiator

These are the standard tools that we use daily. But there are other tools that advanced-level users use. So, take a look into those.

  • ODBC Data Source
  • Performance Monitor
  • Power Automate
  • Print Management
  • Quick Assist
  • Registry Editor
  • Recovery Drive
  • Resource Monitor
  • Remote Desktop connection

Now, look at those tools we commonly use for troubleshooting or other security purposes.

  • Run
  • Services
  • System Configurations
  • Steps Recorder
  • System Information
  • Task Manager
  • Task Scheduler
  • Windows Fax and Scan
  • Window Media Player
  • Windows Memory Diagnostic
  • Windows PowerShell
  • Windows PowerShell ISE
  • Windows Firewall with Advanced Security

These Tools are the heart of the Windows machine. You will need those tools at some point. Now, let’s jump into opening them on your Windows 11.

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How to Open Windows Tools in Windows 11

Opening or accessing Windows Tools is easy in Windows 11, just like accessing Administrator Tools in Windows 10. The folder contains Tools that are capable of tweaking Windows.

Here are the several methods to open Windows Tools in Windows 11:

1. Open Windows Tools from Windows Search

Opening Windows Tools through is one of the easiest method one can apply. Try this method before you perform anything else.

Here are the steps to open Windows Tools from Windows search:

  • Click on the Search icon from the taskbar.
  • Type Windows Tools in the search bar.
  • Click on Open.windows-tools-from-windows-search-icon

Windows Tools will launch, and you can select your desired tools from this folder.

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2. Open Windows Tools from the Start Menu

Like the previous method, this method is effortless too. It’s like opening a lock by inserting a key — that simple. So, look into the steps to access Windows Tools from the Start menu.

Here are the steps to access Windows Tools from the Start menu:

  • Click on the Start icon from the taskbar.
  • Click on All apps from the top right side. windows-tools-from-start-icon
  • Scroll down and click Windows Tools.start-icon-all-apps-windows-tools

In just a fraction of a second, the Windows Tools app will open, and you can launch any tools like Registry Editor, PowerShell, or Event Viewer.

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3. Open Windows Tools from Control Panel

As we all know Control Panel consists of all types of tools such as System, credential Manager, Network and Sharing Center, etc. You can also launch Windows Tools from the Control Panel.

Here are the steps to launch Windows Tools from Control Panel:

  • Press Windows Key + R to launch Run and type Control.
  • Click on OK or hit Enter. open-control-panel-from-run
  • Change the View by to Large icons from the top right corner. control-panel-view-by-large-icon
  • Click on the Windows Tools, which will be on the bottom. click-windows-tools-from-control-panel

Opening windows Tools from the Control Panel is an effortless and straightforward process. But, there is another method you can go for.

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4. Open Windows Tools Using Path in Explorer

Use path in Explorer to open Windows Tools in your Windows 11. All you need to do is copy and paste the following path into the address bar.

Here are the steps to open Windows Tools using the path in Explorer:

  • Press Windows Key + E to open File Explorer and click on the address bar.
  • Copy the path below, paste it into File Explorer’s address bar, and hit Enter. copy-and-paste-windows-tools-path-in-file-explorer

%ProgramData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Windows Tools

Now Windows Tools will open in File Explorer. From there, you can launch any tool by clicking on the tools.


How do I get to the tools menu in Windows 11?

You can get to the tools menu in Windows 11 from the Start menu icon and click on all apps. You can also access Windows Tools from the Control Panel. Another way is to search for it using the Windows search icon from the taskbar.

How to open Windows Tools from Run?

Open Run by pressing Windows Key + R and type control admintools. Then hit the Enter key.

What is Windows Tools in Windows 11?

Windows Tools app is actually a folder in the Windows 11 Control Panel. This folder contains tools required by the advanced level user and system administrators. In Windows 10, you will find Windows Tools but named administrative tools.

Final Words

Windows Tools is a helpful application to launch any Administrative level tool. I have demonstrated all the possible 4 easiest ways to open or access Windows Tools on your Windows 11.

So, which method seems most effortless to you? Let me know in the comments below. Peace out!

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