New World Lag and Connection Issues [100% Tasted Fixes 2024]

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What happens when you combine the shell of a hardcore fantasy MMORPG with the trapping of a steadfast survival game? I just found out about New World, an Amazon games colonial-themed MMO.

It plops you with other human survivors into a cursed island where you gather, craft, and fight for the dominion of one of three competing factions. New world is visually gorgeous, and the idea of a player-driven economy is bold.

Coming away from the 100+ hours spent reaching the level cap and exploring the in-game content, New World comes together as a work-in-progress, thanks to its Lag and Connection

If you’re in the same boat and looking to solve the lag and connection problem of the New World, this article is what you need.

Common Symptoms of Lag and Connectivity problems

In MMO games, lag refers to the delay between your action and the server’s reaction. You press an attack button before the other guy, but the lag got you killed. You can determine that your game is lagging by some symptoms.

Here are some common symptoms of lag and connectivity problems in the New World:

  • The characters move at random or sporadically on the map.
  • Your attacks appear to be landing but not inflicting damage.
  • Your character is stuck in a place or running without pressing any key.
  • Suddenly the game disconnects.
  • The environment isn’t loading or loading as vector dots.

These are the common symptoms of New world lagging and connectivity issues. When you are facing the lag, you need to determine its cause. Because you take a step forward toward solving the problem by determining the cause.

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What causes New World Lag and Connection errors?

New World is an MMORPG game that needs powerful hardware and a fast and stable connection to run. So both frail hardware and a poor internet connection can cause New World to lag or lose connection in games.


Here are some common causes of New World Lag and Connection errors:

Hardware Causes

  • You don’t have the system requirement.
  • The GPU driver is outdated.
  • Background apps don’t give enough RAM to New World.
  • Directx isn’t updated.
  • The Windows Defender blocks New World.
  • The game launcher (stem) isn’t up to date.
  • You didn’t configure the game on your PC.

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Network Reasons

  • You have a High Ping in your connection.
  • Your ping is constantly jumping from low values to extremely high values.
  • The ISP you are using has Bandwidth Limitations. The game isn’t getting the required bandwidth.
  • You have an unstable internet connection.
  • Sudden error in the game servers.

You can apply the DIY solutions explained below for all the hardware reasons and some network causes. But situations like server errors or problems with ISP are out of your hands. That’s why determining the cause is essential.

How to fix lag and connectivity issues in New World

For fixing the lag and connectivity issues, I’ve found and tested some methods and classified them into two categories. They are the Quick Fixes, and the Major Solves.

Here are the fixes for lag and connectivity issues in New World:

Quick Fixes

Quick fixes are for those minor reasons that can cause your games to lag. You don’t need much to do to apply the fixes. But as little things can cause a significant problem, don’t neglect them.

Here are the quick fixes for lag and connectivity issues in New World:

  • Make sure to pause or stop all your PC downloads like Windows Update or other game/software updates.
  • Check for other users’ bandwidth usage when using a shared WIFI connection.
  • Stop using VPN or PROXY servers, which can cause high latency problems.
  • Set your clock to the current time. New Worlds need the right timezone and correct time to maintain connectivity.
  • Connect your PC with a wired connection because it allows stable data flow. And your game lags less.
  • Close those background apps that consume bandwidth during gameplay.
  • Restart your Router or Just by unplugging and then plug-in, the router will do the trick.

These are the quick fixes for lag and connectivity issues in New World. You won’t have much of a problem applying these quick solutions because they are quick to execute.

If your game doesn’t stop lagging after applying these solutions, apply the major solutions below.

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Major Fixes

The major solutions include some heavy digging. But don’t worry; the steps are pretty easy to apply. You just need to put some effort into executing the steps properly.

Here are the major solves lag and connectivity issues in New World:

1. Ensure System Requirements

Your game won’t run properly as long as your PC doesn’t meet the system requirements. The game will continue to face lags and connection issues until updated.

Here are the minimum requirements and recommended requirements of hardware or New World:

Minimum HardwareRecommended Hardware
Operating System: Windows® 10 64-bitOperating System: Windows® 10 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core™ i5-2400 / AMD CPU with 4 physical cores @ 3GhzProcessor: Intel Core™ i7-2600K / AMD Ryzen 5 1400
DirectX: Version 12DirectX: Version 12
Memory:  8 GB RAMMemory: 16 GB RAM
Hard drive: 50 GB available spaceHard drive: 50 GB available space.
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 2GB / AMD Radeon R9 280 or betterVideo card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 390X or better
Network: Broadband Internet connectionNetwork: Broadband Internet connection

After fulfilling the minimum requirements, you can run the game. But the game will lag in case you run at high graphics.

2. Run at low Graphics

Supposing you are facing game lag while fulfilling the hardware requirements; you may be running the game in a higher setting than your system can handle. Meeting the recommended hardware doesn’t mean you can run the game at 4K.

Lower your graphics to medium to get smooth gameplay.

3. Lower your Screen Resolution

Screen Resolution affects the same as the graphical settings. You shouldn’t play the game above 1080P while having the bare minimum or a small margin above PC.

In case your game stills lag in 1080p, try lowering it to 720p, and your game will become smoother.

4. Disable V-Sync

The V-Sync always drops the FPS and creates game lag. Enabling V-Sync creates input lag in the New World. So keep V-Sync OFF.

Also, tweak these settings as I say:

  • Lightning Details – Set to Low
  • Terrain Details – Set to Low
  • Water Details – Set to Low
  • Texture Details – Set to Low
  • Effects Details – Set to Low
  • Object Details – Set to Low
  • Post-processing Details – Set to Low

Make sure not to force your PC to stress and the FPS limit to 60. Doing so makes your game more stable.

5. Update Your GPU Driver

Outdated GPU drives sometimes have problems rendering the game visual. That can cause your game to lag. To avoid in-game lag in New World, you must manually update the graphics driver.

Here are the steps to update your GPU Driver:

  • Right-click This PC.
  • Pick Manage.
  • Choose Device Manager, then Display adapters. display-adapters-s
  • Right-click those drivers periodically.
  • Tap Update Driver for each driver.

Executing these steps will update your graphics driver to the latest version. The latest versions of the driver work better with the New World game than the older driver.

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6. Change the Router Ports

Specific ports allow traffic between your network and New World servers. You can set your router ports to that specific port from your router settings. After applying that port setting, the data traffic will increase.

Here is the port you need to change to increase New World data traffic:

  • TCP: 80, 443
  • UDP: 33435

Use this value while creating a new port in port forwarding (also known as the virtual server).

New World is a server-based game. You can’t permanently solve the lagging problem as long as Amazon doesn’t update the server. But these solutions will reduce the issue to a minimum.


In short, Both the hardware and network are equally responsible for the lagging and connectivity issues of the New World. Having recommended hardware doesn’t mean one can run New World at high graphical settings. So when facing the game lag, lower your graphics to get a steady FPS.

After applying the above solution, I’m sure you have reduced New World’s lag and connection issues. Comment for any other guide you need.

Happy gaming.

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