Fix New World Refreshed Credential Already Expired [ 2024]

Written By Steven Arends

New World is massively popular in the online gaming community. But recently, a number of online gamers have faced an issue called “New World Refreshed Credential Already Expired”.

They experience this problem when they are trying to launch the game.

A few days back, my friend had also encountered this issue. As I have known as a tech solver in my community, he told me to figure out a solution to fix the problem.

After a few hours of analysis, I finally found some fruitful methods to fix the issue.


How to fix new world refreshed credentials already expired this error?

Changing your PC’s time and date settings is an appropriate solution for this issue. Updating the Graphics card is also convenient to fix the issue. A proper internet connection can comfortably fix the issue. You can also solve the issue by reinstalling the game.

Before we dig into the solution methods, you have to know the reason behind the issue.

Through this post, I will share my experience on fixing the issue.

So read the full post to fix the issue effortlessly.

 Why does New World Refreshed Credential Already Expired Error Occur?

There are several reasons that are responsible for this problem of the New World Game. An improper internet connection can be a reason to occur the trouble. Generally, when your PC’s time and date settings have changed, this connection issue may raise on the game.

When I searched for the reasons for this problem, I found several culprits are directly involved in this issue.

Here are the reasons that occur New world refreshed credential already expired error:

Changed Time and Date

If your PC’s time and date settings are changed, it creates various trouble on your PC. This New World’s Connection expired issue is also caused by changed time and date settings. Significantly when you change the Time Zone of your PC, this error occurs subsequently.

Check the time and date settings and set a proper timezone can resolve the issue.

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Outdated Graphics Card

Graphics card plays an essential role in gameplay, especially for a high-end game like New World. If you don’t update your graphics card, it may not be compatible with any high-end game. This incompatibility causes the error in the New World game. You can’t be able to launch the game.

So, you should update your graphics card constantly to fix the issue.

Improper Internet Connection

An improper internet connection creates lots of hassle in online games. New World refreshed credential already expired error can be caused for this culprit. Every online game needs a minimum bandwidth to run accurately.

So you should need a  proper internet connection with a reasonable bandwidth speed to fix the issue.

These all reasons are directly responsible for this New World Issue.

We find out the responsible causes of the error. Now, let’s see how we can resolve the issue.

However, it becomes pretty easy for us to fix the issue because we figure out the reason behind the problem.

In the following part of the post, I will discuss about some legit methods that can help you to fix the issue.

How to fix New world Refreshed Credential Already Expired Error

If there are five reasons behind the issue, then there are ten methods that can solve the issue.

When I investigated solving the issue, I found that there is no particular method that can solve the problem.

Instead, I solved the issue according to the reasons that are responsible for the issue.

You can solve the issue by changing your PC’s Time and Date settings. An updated graphics card can be the savior sometimes. You can get rid of this issue with the help of a compatible graphics card. The final resort of fixing the problem is to reinstall the game.

So without wasting any more time, let’s dive into the methods of fixing the issue.

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Here are the methods of  fixing  New world refreshed credential already expired error:

Change the Time and Date Settings

Time and date settings is known as the main culprit of this issue. So you should start the solution process by changing the time and date settings of your PC. Just follow some simple steps to change the settings.

Here are the steps of changing the Time and Date settings of your PC appropriately:

  • Press Windows + R keys together to open the Run dialog box.
  • Write Control Panel in the box. The Control Panel window appears on the games.
  • Select the Clock and Region menu from the grid view.clock-and-region
  • Click the Date and Time option to open it. A small window will appear. date-and-time
  • Select the Change Date and time button and fix the time properly.
  • Go to the Change Time Zone option and click on it. Set an appropriate Time zone
  • Scroll down and hit Apply button for saving the changes. change-date-and-time

Your time and date settings will be changed now. You can change your date and time settings by following another method.

Here is another method that can change your Time and Date settings:

  • Go to the Windows search bar and write Settings in the box.
  • Select the Time and Language category from the Settings list and enter into it. time-and-language
  • Select the Date & Time menu from the left side under Time and Language
  • Scroll down and press the sync button under the Synchronize your clock option. synchronize-your-clock-option

This method changes your time zone and the time and date properly by syncing.

You should follow one of these two steps to change the time and date settings of your PC. Now go to an online and open New World. Hope the method vanquish the issue and you can properly launch the game.

Still unable to launch the game, let’s move into the following method.

Update the Graphics Driver

Graphics is part and parcel of a game. To get accurate graphic,s your PC must contain an appropriate Graphics card. An outdated graphics card can not be compatible with a high-end game. “New World refreshed credential already expired”  can be occurred for the incompatible graphics cards.

So you should update your PC’s graphics card regularly.

Here are the steps of updating the graphics card of your PC:

  • Press Windows + X keys together on your PC.
  • Go to the Device Manager option from the list.
  • Search for the Display Adapter option and expand it.
  • Select the Graphics Card and right-click on it.
  • Select the Update Driver Update-driver-gpu
  • Select the Automatic Updatesearch-automatically-for-drivers-gpu

Your  PC will automatically update your Graphics card within a few minutes. Now restart your PC.

Now try to open the game. Hope you will succeed. If not,t then there are maybe some issues in the game. It may happen for improper installation of the game.

So you should reinstall the game.

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Reinstall the New world on your PC

For reinstalling the game you need to uninstall the currently installed game from your PC.

Here are the steps of uninstalling New World from your PC:

  • Go to this PC menu and click to open it.
  • Select Uninstall or Change a program option from the to bar of the window.
  • Scroll down for the New World
  • Click on the game and select Uninstall
  • Hit the Ok button to confirm the uninstallation

Once the uninstallation is complete then go to the Game Files that you purchased from Amazon and reinstall the Game.

You must follow the instruction given by the manufacturers.

These are the most authentic solution to fix the error issue of the New World.

But always remember one thing, Before you are about to start playing an online game, always check the internet connection first.  You can get a better speed if you use the direct ethernet connection than the wifi connection. If you connect to the internet with the router, Put it in a position from where you can get a better signal.


New World is a  popular multiplayer game in the world. Recently, online gamers found an unwanted launching error in the game.

In today’s post, I try to share my own methods for fixing the issue. These legit methods help me to launch the game successfully.

So I think these methods are also proved as helpful to you and you can able to fix the Refreshed credential already expired error effortlessly.

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