How to Fix PS5 Something Went Wrong Issues [Definitive Guide]

Written By Steven Arends

Started playing a game on your PlayStation 5, encountered an error message saying Something went wrong and the game closed? Or, see the message when installing a game from a disc or updating the game or system software?

This troubleshooting guide is for you then. As a tech geek, I have had to fix these issues multiple times for many users.

Therefore, I can help you to get rid of this annoying Something went wrong message.


So, why does PS5 say Something went wrong?

There can be several reasons behind the Something went wrong message: an internet connection issue or the server’s maintenance issue, presence of corrupted/broken game files, issue with the disc you are installing the game from. Or it might just be a software glitch.

Here is a definitive guide with the solutions for each type of Something went wrong message.

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How to fix PS5 error code CE-108255-1

This error CE-108255-1 is encountered after you start playing a game or an app with a message saying Something went wrong with this game or app. The app/game fails to load and takes you back to the home screen.

It might be triggered in one particular game, or sometimes it might be more generalized, showing up in multiple games/apps.

So, what causes the error CE-108255-1?

The reasons behind your PS5 throwing the error CE-108255-1 might be corrupted or broken game files (if it triggers only in one particular game), corrupted PS5 database, an unknown bug in the system software or the game, or console hardware issues. 

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Here are the fixes for error code CE-108255-1:

1. Update/Reinstall the Game

If the error code is shown in only one particular game or app, chances are it is a bug with the game, or the game files are corrupted/broken.

You should first try to update the game/app or reinstall if already updated. Because if it’s a game bug, then developers already know about it and released a patch to fix it, or if it’s a corrupted game file issue, reinstalling will resolve it.

Here are the steps to update/reinstall a game:

  • Go to the Game Library on your console.
  • Select the game/app you want to update/reinstall and press X on your console.
  • Select Check for Update and install the update.
  • If it is already updated, select Delete from the options to uninstall it.
  • Visit your Game Library, find the desired game, and reinstall it.

Here are the steps to reinstall the game from a disc:

  • Go to the Game Library on your console.
  • Select the game/app you want to delete and press X on your console.
  • Select Delete from the options to uninstall it.
  • Insert the disc into your PS5.
  • Wait for an on-screen message to pop up and click on copy.

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2. Update PS5’s System Software

If the issue is still persistent, you should try updating the PS5 system software. Upgrading the system software helped many users to solve the error CE-108255-1 for them.

On an important note, you should always keep your console’s firmware updated.

Here are the steps to update PS5 firmware using the Internet:

  • Go to the PS5 settings menu.
  • Hover over to System & click on it.
  • From System Software, select System Software Update & Settings.
  • Select Update System software > Update Using Internet.
  • Select Update and OK.

Here are the steps to update PS5 firmware via USB:

  • Format the USB device in the FAT32
  • Create a new folder inside your USB drive and rename it to PS5.
  • Create a folder named UPDATE inside the PS5 folder.
  • Head over to the following link:
  • Find the PS5 update file option, right-click on it and select save as to download the file.
  • Move the PUP file to the UPDATE subfolder in your USB.
  • Turn off your PS5 and connect the USB device to it.
  • Turn on the console and navigate to Settings > System > System Software > System Software Update & Settings > Update System software > Update from USB Drive.
  • Click OK to confirm.

The PS will update the system software, rebuild the database, and restart. And hopefully, this will solve your issue.

If it doesn’t, don’t worry! We still have couple more methods to try.

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3. Rebuild the PS5 Database

Sometimes, this issue can be related to the system files issue or corrupted database.

Rebuilding the database is another method you should try. This function essentially checks for any unwanted errors or corruptions in the game data and rectifies them.

Here are the steps to rebuild the PS5 database:

  • Hold down your power button to turn off your PS5.
  • Keep it off for at least 2 minutes.
  • Press and hold down the power button until you hear two distinct beeps to boot into Safe Mode.
  • Connect your DualSense controller to the console via USB.
  • Press the PS button on the controller to pair them.
  • Select the 5th option Rebuild Database.
  • Do not power off the console when rebuilding the database.

One thing to remember, Rebuilding the PS5 database doesn’t delete any of your installed games/apps, saved game data, or your saved profiles.

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4. Reset Your PS5

As a last resort, you can reset your PS5. Sometimes these issues occur because of system glitches, and resetting the System can fix it.

Resetting will erase all the data on your console and install a fresh copy of the system software.

Hence, it’s essential to backup all your data onto an external drive or the PS cloud.

Here is how to backup all your data on an external drive:

  • Go to the settings menu.
  • Navigate to System> System Software > Back Up and Restore > Back Up Your PS5
  • Select your external drive and back up the data.

Here are the steps to reset your PS5:

  • Turn off your PS5.
  • Hold down the power button until you hear two beep sounds to boot into Safe Mode.
  • Connect your controller to the console via USB.
  • Press the PS button on the controller to pair them.
  • Select the 7th option Reset PS5 (Reinstall System Software).
  • Follow on-screen instructions to reset your System.
  • Upon finishing, follow on-screen instructions to restore your data from the drive.

After the reset, check if the method resolved the error CE-108255-1. It should be gone by now.

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How to fix PS5 Can’t load: Something went wrong

You might see an error message saying Can’t load. Something went wrong. Please try again later. when loading a game or trying to connect the game to the Internet for playing online or multiplayer.

So, why do you see the Can’t load message?

You might see this message for several reasons: Internet connectivity issues, game server maintenance issues, corrupted or broken game files, using an older version of the game, game software glitch or suspension, or ban on your game account.

Here are the methods to fix something went wrong on PS5:

1. Check Your Internet Connection

This error message is usually shown when an online game can’t load it’s data because of internet connectivity issues.

Therefore, the first thing you should do is check that your internet connection is stable and speedy enough. You can test your internet connection on your PS5.

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Here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to your console’s settings menu.
  • Select Network.
  • Select Connection Status from the left pane.
  • Select Test Internet Connection.ps4-test-internet-connection
  • Check your Connection Speed for download and upload.

From the information after testing, you can tell if you are having trouble with your Internet. If you are, try switching to a stronger network or restarting your router, or try switching to Ethernet cable instead of Wifi.

If internet speed is not the issue, then move on to the following solutions.

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2. Check PlayStations’ Network Service Status 

If your internet connection is good to go, you should check if the network services of PlayStation are all up and running.


If any of the services is red, you should wait until Sony fixes them. On the other hand, if all the services statuses are green, check out the following method.  Also, check out our separate post on how to fix PS5 error code wc-365475.

How to fix PS5 error code CE-107938-8: Something went wrong

PS5 error CE-107938-8 appears when trying to update a game/app or downloading a new patch with a simple message saying Something went wrong. It might even occur if you attempt to update the game after failing the first time. Or the game might crash when trying to connect to the Internet.

Don’t worry, this is a temporary problem and can be solved quickly. I will walk you through the solutions after explaining the reasons behind CE-107938-8.

So, what triggers the error CE-107938-8?

The main reason that generally causes this error is turning off the console prematurely when updating a game. Other reasons include the console’s aggressive rest mode, Internet connectivity issues, corrupted or bad game files, harmful update files, etc.

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Here are the methods to fix CE-107928-8:

1. Disable Rest Mode

PlayStation 5 has a new feature called Rest mode. The console automatically goes into power-saving mode while keeping alive the background tasks like downloading or updating a game.

However, many users reported their console going into Rest mode during a game update, and when they wake the console up from Rest Mode to play it, it throws the error CE-107938-8.

Here are the steps to disable Rest mode:

  • Go to your PS5’s settings menu (top right corner of the Home screen).
  • Select System and then select Power Saving.
  • Tap on Set Time Until PS5 Enters Rest Mode.
  • Select Don’t Put in Rest Mode from the During Media Playback & While Playing Games settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Restart your console.

Disabling the Rest mode should fix the problem.

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2. Delete and Reinstall the Game

You should delete and reinstall the particular game, and this will resolve the issue.

Here are the steps to delete and reinstall a game:

  • Go to your console settings.
  • Navigate to Storage > Games and Apps.
  • Scroll down and find the particular game/app you need to uninstall.
  • Select the game and click on Delete.
  • Visit your Game Library, find the desired game, and reinstall it from there.

If this doesn’t solve your issue, don’t worry! One of the following solutions will definitely work.

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There you go! I have explained, and provided solutions for the most frequent Something went wrong error messages.

Please do let me know which one was your issue and which method worked for you.

If you encounter any other type of error, tell me about it in the comment section, and I will try to find the solution for you.

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