​Minecraft Underwater Ruins

Want to explore the unending Ocean finding Ancient ruins in Minecraft?

Then dive into this post, because:

In this post, you will get to know each and everything about Minecraft Underwater Ruins.

So, let’s get started.


What are Ocean Ruins in Minecraft?

Ocean ruins or underwater ruins in Minecraft are oceanic structures that are created by stone bricks or sand-stones.

Underwater ruins differ from large villages to single ruined huts according to sizes.

They are ordinary and arrive in cold and warm variations.


Ocean biomes are seen to be the best place for loots in Minecraft.

Seeing a ruin in ocean biome is like a miracle.

There are tons of loot in this oceanic ruins.

Features of Underwater Ruins in Minecraft

Here are some useful features of Underwater Ruins in Minecraft:

  • Ocean ruins contain tons of loot chests.
  • Underwater ruins contain semi-rare materials like prismarine, sea lanterns, and magma blocks.
  • If you're looking for sea monsters for hunting then, underwater ruins are the best place as they usually spawn with a few drowned in them.
  • You get the Atlantis achievement for finding an underwater ruin in Bedrock Edition only.

And that's why underwater ruins in minecraft are so important.

Underwater ruins are really useful for both adventures and Looting.


What Loots Can I Find in Underwater Ruins in Minecraft?

Both cold and warm ocean ruins are amazing for looting.

All the two structures will contain a loot chest. The chest will contain loots and be buried by some sort of materials like gravel and sand.

Loots in Minecraft Underwater Ruins

VariantsContained Items
Cold Ocean RuinsPrismarine
Magma blocks
Sea lanterns
Polished granite
Glazed terracotta
Bricks, planks, cobblestone, mossy cobblestone
Stone brick stairs
Warm ocean RuinsPolished granite
Polished diorite
Sea lanterns
Magma blocks
Gravel, terracotta
Sandstone stairs

Exploring underwater ruins is very fun and challenging in Minecraft.

There are awesome things underwater which you can’t even find it in other biomes.

In this Underwater ruins you will notice some interesting animated structures known as Kelp.

Kelp is a new underwater plant added in Minecraft for better gameplay.


What’s the atmosphere of underwater ruins? Is it noisy?

Well, the atmosphere underwater is very calming and relaxing.

You can even ironically take rest if you wish.

There are several structures you can see underwater.

I am providing you with a few structures.

Minecraft Underwater Structures

Structure NameDescriptionConsists of
Big cracked 1A chunk sized structure with multidimensional archGravel, bricks, Sea lantern, prismarine, sand, chest etc.
Big Mossy 2A chunk sized structure with two rooms attachedMossy bricks, polished granite, purple glazed terracotta, magma block etc.
Big Brick 3A chunk sized structure with two rooms non-attachedChisseled stone bricks, sand, magma blocks, chests etc.

There are more structures than this.

In fact there are 48 underwater ruins you can explore.

So, buckle up because there are lot more to explore.


Question: Is there any way to see things underwater in Minecraft?
Answer: Yes, you can see everything underwater in minecraft. You need waterproof lighting sources to see underwater in Minecraft.

Question: Can I breathe Underwater in Minecraft?
Answer: Yes, you can breathe Underwater in Minecraft by brewing a potion for breathing in the inventory.

Question: Do underwater temples have chests?
Answer: Yes, underwater temples have chests. The monuments may be difficult to see underwater but, you can use lanterns to find chests underwater.

Final Thoughts

Minecraft Underwater ruins are the best so far for exploring the ocean or sea biomes.

There are many visual effects here and also you can get tons of loots.

If you want to spend your weekends exploring the Minecraft underwater then, it wouldn’t be a bad idea at all.

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