How to Insert Word Page Numbers in MS Word [Guide 2022]

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Switching from Linux to Windows is pretty common for both technical and non-technical persons. For typing, your docs used LibreOffice all the time in Linux. After switching to Windows OS, you have installed Microsoft Word.

This new app UI makes you puzzled when you need to add page numbers or other features, isn’t it?

Don’t know how to add page numbers in MS Word?  Not to worry anymore because It’s a straightforward process to do so. Let me show you the easiest way to do that.

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Why should you Insert Page Numbers in MS Word?

Page numbering gives you the control to go to that page directly. To avoid scrolling through the pages to go to that exact page, you need to add numbers to pages. Docs with hundreds or thousands of pages need page numbers to arrange them in order and format the document.

It is an important feature, and you should use it when writing a document or preparing your paper for a thesis. You need to maintain all the pages in order. Sometimes you need to add page numbers differently in various sections.

Not only page numbering helps you to manage all the pages in a format, but also you can edit a specific page by going to that page directly. Just enter the page number you want to go to, and you will be redirected to that page in no time.

You can add page numbers in the top, bottom, or margin section. Besides, adding page numbers differently for odd and even pages and controlling page numbers using different fields is possible in word.

Word numbering features allow you to add different numbers and formats to various sections.

Keep reading to find out how to use the numbering feature in MS Word.

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How to Insert Page Numbers in Word

You may face problems using MS Word if you are a new Microsoft Office user, and adding page numbers to the pages can be one of them. No worries, I will show you the easiest way to do it.

Here are the steps to add page numbers in MS Word: 

  • Select Insert from the upper side of the ribbon.
  • Click on Page Number from Header & Footer
  • Choose and select page number positions from the drop-down menu. You will see the Top of page, Bottom of page, Page margins, top-of-page-bottom-of-page-page-margins
  • Hover over any of the first four options to get the preview. You will get an idea of how it will look and appear on the pages. Select your type. get-the-preview

MS Word will automatically set numbers for all pages, and the header and footer section will open up if you select the top or bottom numbering styles.

Here you can make any addition if you want. Just click on Close Header & Footer from the top right side or double click anywhere outside the header & footer area when you are ready.

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How to Insert Page Numbers Avoiding First Page

Sometimes, you don’t want to number the first page if it’s a little page. If you’re going to use a different header or footer option for your first page rather than showing the page number, then use Different First Page feature in word.

Here are the steps to make page number not appear on the first page:

  • Double click on the Header & Footer section. You will see a new tab named Header & Footer on the right side of the ribbon.
  • Select the Different First Page option, the first option in the Header & Footer different-first-page

By clicking it, the page number will disappear from the first page. Now you can type different information for your first page in the Header & Footer section. This feature is for you if you don’t want the regular header & footer while writing a book or thesis where each chapter requires a different header or footer section.

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How to Differently Number Odd & Even Pages

You can also configure page numbers so that the page numbers are positioned differently on odd and even pages. Book publishers maintain this page numbering style. Sometimes, while reading a book, you will see the page number is on the left for the left page, and the right side numbering is on the right side.

Here are the steps to number odd and even pages differently:

  • Double click on the header and footer section to go to the Design
  • Select the Different Odd & Even Pages option under Different First Page.different-odd-even-pages

After this, MS Word will automatically format the numbering in all the pages differently. You can manually adjust them too.

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How to Add Different Numbers and Formats to Various Sections

In MS Word, you can add different numbers and formats to different sections. Tables and contents pages need to be numbered in Roman numerals, and other pages should be numbered as regular.

So, if you want your table of content and introduction to be numbered differently than the rest of your documents, you’d have to make a separate section up front to store those sections.

Here are the steps to add different numbers and formats to different sections: 

  • Go to insert > Page Number tab and select the page numbering style you want.
  • Click anywhere on the last page of the first section and click on Layout > Breaks from the ribbon. layout-breaks
  • Select the Next Page option from the Breaks drop-down menu. It will break the section from the next page. Now you can set the page number differently in the first section.
  • Go to the first section page where you want to change the number format style. Select the page number and right-click on it.change-the-number-format-style
  • Click on the Format page numbers Select your numbering style from the Number format drop-down menu and click OK. (For numbering the Tables and Contents pages, select Roman numerical). format-page-numbers
  • Double click on the Header & footer part of the second section’s first page and click on Link to Previous to continue the numbering order (Example: i, ii, iii, 4, 5, 6 ).
  • Deselect the Link to Previous if you don’t want to continue the numbering order. Go to that page where you want to start the numbering from the beginning and click on the page number, and right-click on it. link-to-previous
  • Click on the Format page numbers Select your numbering style from the Number format drop-down menu (Example: 1, 2, 3,….) and select your desired page number from the Start at option (Example: Start at 1) under the Page numbering section. page-numbering-section

You can make a section break and format your numbering style differently by doing this. You can continue the numbering order or discontinue it.

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How to Fix Broken Page Numbers in MS Word

The page number can break when new sections and pages are added or documents get more extensive. But it’s not a big deal when it comes to formatting.

Here are the steps to fix a broken page number:

  • Go to the View > Draft from the ribbon to enter the draft view.
  • Detect the location of the section break and find the reason behind it.
  • Click on the Print Layout option from the Document Views section to get back to the previous view. document-views
  • Link to the previous section where you want to continue your head & footer section and apply a break where you don’t want to continue your section.

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What is the latest version of MS Word?

The latest version of MS Word is Office 365.

How many types of views are available in MS Word?

Several views like Web layout view,  Print layout, Outline, Standard view, and Reading view are available in MS Word.

How can I create a hyperlink using a shortcut in MS Word?

To add a hyperlink, just select the word you want to hyperlink and press Ctrl + K on a custom keyboard.

Wrapping Up

MS Word is the ultimate app to write all your docs if you are using Windows OS. But for the new user, it becomes tough to use sometimes. You will find it challenging to add page numbers, format those page numbers, or even format them in an even or odd style.

In this article, I have shown you the easiest way to add page numbers and how to format page numbers in different styles. I have also demonstrated the easiest way to add different numbers and formats in various sections.

I hope you have read the article by the end. Please throw your comments in the comment box if you have any further queries or face any difficulties when applying the steps.

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