Fix: Only Meeting Organizers Can Make Changes [2024 Update]

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Usually, the meeting organizer can bypass the lobby, change the meeting or alter various user settings.

However, sometimes Microsoft Teams fails to recognize the organizer and shows the “Only meeting organizers can make changes. Your account, XXXX, doesn’t have permission to make changes” massage.fix-only-meeting-organizers-can-make-changes

But worry not. In this article, I’ll explain all the solutions along with the reasons for the issue. So without further due, let’s jump in.

How to Fix “Only Meeting Organizers Can Make Changes” Message in Microsoft Teams

Like Teams error codes CAA2000B and Caa30194, the organizer access error mainly happens for corrupted cache files, errors in automatic login scripts or data corruption in your browser.

That’s why the solutions are quite similar. In this portion, I will show you all the available methods to solve the issue for good. Let’s see.

Here are the fixes for only meeting organizers can make changes issues in Microsoft Teams:

1. Use Teams Meeting Option to Change Settings

The organizer can change settings using the Meeting options after joining the meeting. So when you face an organizer access issue with the Teams application, change the settings from the Meeting options.

Here are the steps to use the Teams meeting option to change settings:

  • Open Teams app on your PC.
  • Join a Teams meeting. teams-pc-meeting-options
  • Select the More (3-dot) button from the top.
  • Click on the Meeting options.

When you are the meeting organizer, the Meeting options of Microsoft Teams will give you options for making changes. Also, you can change your Teams meeting background using the More (3-dot) button.

2. Manually Re Login to Teams

Many users claimed by manually re-login in their Microsoft Teams account fixed the “your account, XXXX, doesn’t have permission to make changes” error.

So you need to log out and then again log in to your account to gain the organizer accessibility. This portion will show you the easiest option to re-login to Teams.

Here are the steps to manually re-login to Teams:

  • Open Teams from your PC.
  • Select your profile icon from the top.
  • Choose the Sign out option. teams-sign-out
  • Open the Teams app again and re-login to your account.

The manual re-login not only solves the organizers’ can make changes error, but it also solves the can’t send message error in Teams app.

If you still face the same issue, follow the next solution.

3. Open Teams Meeting Using Browser

With the desktop client, users occasionally encounter various problems that make it difficult to modify meeting settings. You need to change the device to solve the issue in those cases.

In this section, I will show you the steps of using Teams Web from a browser. It will help you to avoid the difficulties of modifying organizer meeting settings.

Here are the steps to teams meetings using a browser:

  • Open a browser and go to the Microsoft Teams website.
  • Sign in to your account.
  • Join your Teams meeting.

After logging in to your account, you can use your administrative privileges from there. But If the problem remains in the web browser, you must apply the next solution.

4. Clear Browser Data

Your browser contains information about your account and stores cache & cookies in its data section. But the data gets corrupted easily, and not clearing them will affect your browsing experience.

So to solve the organizer privileges error in Teams web, you must clear the browser data. Let’s see how to do it.

Here are the steps to clear your browser data: 

  • Open the browser you’re using for Teams and select the 3-vertical dots ( ⋮ ) from the right corner.
  • Choose the More tools and Select the Clear browsing data option.clear-browsing-data


  • Press Ctrl + Shift + Del on your keyboard.
  • Restart the browser and sign in to your Teams account again.

After you’ve completed the steps, you will see your Organizer capabilities returned in your Teams.

5. Use Incognito Mode

Many users have said opening the Teams application in an incognito mode solves Meeting Organizers Can Make Changes issue for good. So you need to open the Teams application for this reason.

I will show you the process of using the Teams web in the incognito browser. Read the following steps to know how.

Here is the process to use Teams web in incognito:

  • Open the browser you’re using for Teams and select the 3-vertical dots ( ⋮ ) from the right corner.
  • Select the New incognito window and visit the Microsoft Teams website. new-incognito-window
  • Sign in to your Microsoft account and join your meeting.

And after logging in, you won’t face the issue again.

6. Join Teams Meeting from Outlook

If you still can’t get organizer access after applying the previous fix, your Teams app has a script error. You can bypass those scripts by joining your Teams Meeting from Outlook.

This part will show you the quickest way to join Teams meetings in Outlook. Let’s see how to do it.

Here are the steps to join a Teams meeting from the Outlook app:

  • Save your meetings in Calendar from the Microsoft Teams application.
  • Go to Outlook and open the Calendar.
  • Double-click your meeting on the due date.
  • Choose the Join Microsoft Teams Meeting option.join-teams-meeting

But you can face sign-in problems while applying the methods. But don’t worry; you can solve it quickly by following the Microsoft Teams error 0xcaa80000 article.

7. Contact Support

When any of the DIY methods couldn’t solve your issue, the last thing you can do is contact Microsoft support. In there, you can connect with a tech specialist and describe your issue.


Can you change the organizer of a Microsoft Teams meeting?

No, the organizer of a Teams meeting is fixed. However, you can add a co-organizer.

Can I change a Teams meeting if I’m not the organizer?

No, only the organizer can send a meeting update or a cancellation notification.

Can only the organizer start a Teams meeting?

No, the participants and the co-organizer can start a meeting in Microsoft Teams.


In short, usually problematic login sessions, corrupted browser data history, or browser tokens are responsible for the Organizers can make changes error in the Teams application. But you can easily solve the issue by joining Teams meeting from Outlook, Re-Loggin into teams, etc.

After completing the steps, I’m sure your problem is solved. Comment if you face any other issues.

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