Fix Discord Email Does Not Exist: Quick Solutions [2024]

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If you are trying to log in to Discord but getting the ‘email does not exist’ error, no worries. You are not the only one.

A lot of people come across the same error.

The good thing is, there are some easy fixes for the problem.


What to do if Discord says email does not exist?

If Discord says email does not exist, you should check if you have typed in the correct email address and if there is any punctuation error in your email. You should also check your password as that also triggers the email does not exist error.

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What Is Discord Email Does Not Exist Error?

Discord email does not exist error is a type of error message that shows when someone tries to log in to Discord. It tells the user that the provided email does not exist on the Discord database. Either the user typed the email address wrong, or there might be some software-side issue.

Discord is a highly popular and efficient way of communication nowadays. Almost every person online came across or used Discord at some point.

Especially among gamers, Discord is the best platform to communicate and play games together. It also has servers where thousands of people can come together.

But it is not without some errors and bugs. The ‘email does not exist’ is one such error.

When a user tries to log in to Discord, the error might pop up. It tells the user that there is something wrong with the typed email address. Either it is spelled incorrectly, or there is no Discord account associated with the email address in the Discord database.

Sometimes, the error message can show up due to a bug in the Discord app. In such cases, even if you type the correct email address, the error message gets displayed.

How To Fix Discord Email Does Not Exist

Discord ‘email does not exist’ error occurs due to many reasons.

Luckily, whatever the cause might be, there are easy and simple fixes.

Here are the steps to fix Discord email does not exist:

1. Check the email

It might sound frustrating, but it happens in most cases. It’s just not about if you have typed the email address correctly, it is also about whether the email address you typed is the correct one for the account.

These days people have more than one email address, so it is very easy to mix them up.

If you are using the correct email associated with your Discord account, try typing in the email without the periods.


There was a bug in Discord that made Discord reject the email addresses with periods in them. Though Discord should fix it by now, you can still try if it works.

Another point to keep in mind is that swapping your email account between two Discord accounts might trigger the error.

Suppose that you created a Discord account using an email address. Then if you change the email address and create a second Discord account using the first email address, it can cause trouble.

In such a case, both of your Discord accounts can be damaged. So make sure you have not swapped the email address in multiple Discord accounts.

2. Check password

Another bug in Discord shows the email does not exist error message when the password is wrong. So make sure you are typing in the correct password.

If still stuck, you can try to change the password. Some users have found luck by using the web version of Discord to change the password and then successfully logged in to Discord.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to the official website of Discord.
  • Go to the login page.discord-web-login
  • Type your email address.insert-email-address
  • Click on ‘Forgot your password?’ link.
  • Check your email inbox.
  • Open the latest Discord email.
  • Follow the instructions to reset your password.
  • Try to log in to Discord using the desktop/smartphone app.

Now you should be able to login to Discord without the error message.

3. Check if your account is compromised

It might be that your Discord account got compromised. Someone hacked your account and changed your email address so that you can not take it back.

Moreover, if your email account gets compromised or hacked, the email might not work. It is possible that the person who hacked your email also changed the Discord email.

So if you are unsure about it, you should contact Discord support as soon as possible.

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Why Discord Shows Email Does Not Exist Error?

Discord shows email does not exist error when someone types the wrong email address, or an email address that is not associated with any existing Discord account. Sometimes typing the wrong password also shows the error, which is a Discord app bug.

Discord’s‘ email does not exist’ error can be a huge pain to someone who is trying to log in to Discord for some critical tasks. But instead, he gets locked out of Discord with such an error message.

Mainly, there are two ways the email does not exist error occurs:

  1. Error from the user side. It includes errors while typing the email, using the wrong email address, etc.
  2. Error from Discord’s side. Sometimes the error message is shown despite typing the correct email address. Sometimes the error message shows when the password is wrong and not the email.

As you can see, there are many small reasons or sources of the email that does not exist error in Discord.

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How To Avoid Discord Email Does Not Exist Error

Discord email does not exist error can be very frustrating as it is pretty confusing to figure out where the error is originating from.

There are many ways you could trigger the error.

Also, if you face any error in an emergency, it causes a lot of issues. You will be locked out of your Discord account until you solve the problem.

So it’s best practice to make sure you do everything on your side to avoid the error.

The first thing you would want to do is verify your email address.

Here’s how to verify your email with Discord:

  • Click on the cog icon from the bottom left to go to Settings.
  • Select My Account from the left menu.
  • Click on the ‘Resend Verification Email’ button.
  • Open your email inbox.
  • Open the latest mail from Discord with the verification link.
  • Click on the verification link inside the mail to verify your email account with Discord.

Congratulations. You have successfully verified your email with Discord.

The next step is to enable two-factor authentication.

To do that, you need to go to Settings > My Account > Enable Two Factor Auth and follow the on-screen instructions.


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Question: Can I have two Discord accounts on the same email?

Answer: You can not have two Discord accounts on the same email. Discord only allows people to create one account per email address.

Question: Why does it say email already registered on Discord?

Answer: If it says email already registered in Discord, it means that you or someone already has a Discord account associated with that email. So you will need to use another email address to open a new Discord account as Discord does not allow multiple accounts per email.

Question: Does Discord have a support email?

Answer: Yes, Discord has a support email. You can contact Discord 24/7 via the support email and get in touch with them.

Final Thoughts

Discord’s ‘email does not exist’ error is a minor but irritating issue.

Without fixing the issue, you can not log in to your Discord account.

So you need to solve the problem. The good thing is, it is very simple to solve.

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