Format Text in Discord and Use Code Blocks Easily (2023)

Written By Steven Arends

Have you ever saw people writing in discord with underlines, bold, italics and even strikethrough texts?

If you can’t wait know:

How the hell did they add different fonts and colors to their texts, then be patient, good news is waiting for you.


You will feel lucky after learning how to Format Text in Discord and use Code Blocks easily from this post.

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​Format Text in Discord

Before going ahead, you should know the scenes behind Discord’s text formatting.

Whenever you start a chat in Discord, a very smooth, lightweight engine operates in the background.

This engine is referred to as Markdown.

Discord uses this engine to make your sentence stand out that is, it lets you to format text in discord.

It’s completely a text-based engine and so it uses smartly placed symbols to format your text in bold, italics, underlined, strike-through etc.

You just have to add a few characters before and after your desired text to simply change the format.

Not just Markdown, Discord also added a new feature called Highlight.js which is used for code block highlighting. This will highlight that specific text you inserted.

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Let’s move aside those nitty-gritty details and check out some how to add colored text in discord from this table below:

Codes for Color Text in Disocrd

ColorHow to use itCodeOutput
REDAdd diff syntax and use dashes(-) before the colored text```diffThe text is red!```The text is red!
ORANGEAdd CSS syntax and include brackets [] around the text```css[ the text is orange ]```[ the text is orange ]
YELLOWUse fix syntax and the text will be yellow by default```fixThe text is yellow``` The text is yellow
GREENUse diff syntax and include a + sign before the text```diff+ The text is green```+ The text is green
LIGHT GREENUse CSS syntax and include quotation marks” “ around the text```css“The text is light green“```“The text is light green“
BLUEUse ini syntax and include [] around the text```ini[ the text is blue ]``` [ the text is blue ]

Formatting Colored Texts in Discord

Well, I searched the entire net for some cool color texting formats in Discord and ended up playing PUBG due to frustration.

Somehow I piled up information about using colored texts in Discord.

And now, I am going to share this with you guys.

Remember the feature called Highlight.js. Discord doesn’t have any inbuilt feature to highlight texts. Rather we are going to modify the texts using code blocks and symbols.

Here’s how it works.

  1. First of all we have to create a multiline code block using the backticks and specify the syntax highlighting language.
  2. We will exploit some syntax highlighting language for coloring the texts.


NB: There are some limitations in this method like your text has to be connected in one word in some reference syntax highlighting language.

It means that, in some cases, you can’t type: This is a beautiful world.

Instead you have to write: This_is_a_beautiful_world or, Thisisabeautifulworld.

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Okay, so now let’s learn how to add colors to text.

Basic Text Formatting in Discord with Writing Styles

So, now the fun begins.

Markdown engine will automatically generate these styles when you add a few characters to your text.

I am going to show you some text formats, how they can be used along with some suitable examples.

Text formatting styles

How to use it



BoldUse two asterisks ( * ) before and after the text** this sentence is bold**this sentence is bold
ItalicUse only one asterisk before and after the text*this sentence is italic*this sentence is italic
Bold + ItalicUse three asterisks before and after the text***this sentence is bold and italic***this sentence is bold and italic
UnderlineUse two Underscores ( _ ) before and after the text__this sentence is underlined__this sentence is underlined
StrikethroughUse two tildes ( ~ )  before and after the text~~this sentence is crossed out~~this sentence is crossed out
Bold + Italic + underline + strikethroughUse two tildes, two underscores and three asterisks before and after the text~~__***this sentence is bold, italic, underlined and crossed out***__~~this sentence is bold, italic, underlined and crossed out

‘Escape’ text and see underscores and asterisks

Suppose, you actually want to see the underscores or asterisks in a message just like in an emoji.

You can simply see it by using the backslash ‘’ key to skip markdown engine formatting.



__***Wow! Amazing***____***Wow! Amazing***__

NB: You can either use backslash ‘’ after the text or you can simply avoid them also. But, it’s mandatory to use backslash before the text.

It’s very easy to format text in Discord but still, if you face any problem you can uninstall discord and get it form the Discord official site.

Some Basic Code Blocks in Discord

Want to know a cool stuff?

Discord supports Code blocks and you can customize your own code blocks using backticks (`).

Some people find it difficult to identify the Backtick (`) on their keyboard.

Well, it’s obvious because you don’t use this symbol often.

This symbol (`) is below the Esc button. Click on it and you will be able to use backticks.

Code Blocks

How to use it



Single line Code BlocksUse a backtick (`) before and after the text`this is a single line code`this is a single line code
Multiline Code BlocksUse three backticks (```) before and after the text```Wow!

That’s a nice blog

Keep going```

That’s a nice blog

Keep going

Amazing isn’t it?

It’s not over yet. Next thing I am going to show you is how to use colored texts in Discord.


Question: What is Markdown in discord?

Answer: Markdown in discord is a smooth, lightweight engine that runs on the background of Discord for text formatting.

Question: What is Highlight.js in Code block?

Answer: Highlight.js is a feature of discord used for code block highlighting.

Question: Where is the Backtick mark in keyboard?

Answer: In most of the keyboards, the backtick mark under the Esc Button.

Question: How to escape text and see the underscores?

Answer: Use Backslash () after every words in your text to see the underscores.

Question: Why can’t I color my text yellow for apache syntax?

Answer: Check whether you have inserted a space between the words or not. Try omitting the spaces and use underscores ( _ ).

Final Thoughts

Discord is a communication platform for mainly gamers.

Gamers have cool discord channels where you can communicate with others.

With the simple tricks I provided you, you can impress others also. Amaze them with your skills.

The steps provided here have been made very easy so that, you can format text in Discord effortlessly.

So what are you waiting for?

Open your Discord and get into action.

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