How to Fix Bluetooth on Windows 11 [2023 Guide]

Written By Steven Arends

We all love Bluetooth as wires are always a hassle. I have never met a person who said they would like more wires in their life. I do not think I can go back to normal earphones or headphones after using a pair of Bluetooth headphones for a long time.

Like many others, I love Bluetooth technology as it takes away the pain of being tangled in wires. I wish everything could be Bluetooth, but sadly that is still impossible.

Windows 11, the latest version of Windows which was released in 2021, still has a lot of issues and bugs that need to be ironed out by Microsoft. One of the issues users have been facing is the connectivity issues with Bluetooth devices.

I understand that you are frustrated because your excellent Bluetooth device is not connecting to your Windows 11 device, so I have conducted thorough research and written the best methods to fix the Bluetooth issue on Windows 11.


You can stop stressing out now as that will not help and follow the methods given in this post. Read the full post to get to know more details.

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How to fix bluetooth on Windows 11 easily

So before we dive into the different ways you can fix the Bluetooth connectivity issues on Windows 11, make sure you have your Bluetooth device turned on and try to pair it with your Windows 11 device. No one wants to look dumb so make sure to do this.

If you have checked that your device is on and you tried to pair it with your Windows 11 device but it did not work, then follow the given methods below.

These methods are simple so there is no need to stress out. Keep calm, I believe in you!

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Here are the different methods to fix Bluetooth on Windows 11:

1. Check whether Bluetooth is enabled or not

It would be dumb to do a lot of things and then finding out that your Bluetooth device was disconnected or Bluetooth was disabled on your Windows 11 device.

To avoid that, I am now reminding you to check whether Bluetooth is enabled on your Windows device and whether your Bluetooth device is on or not.

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To check whether Bluetooth is enabled or not on your Windows 11 device is a very easy task.

Here are the steps to check whether Bluetooth is enabled on your Windows 11 device or not:

  • Press the Windows+A buttons on your keyboard at the same time. You will see a new menu pop up.
  • Check whether Bluetooth is enabled or not.
  • Turn on Bluetooth if it is disabled.


If your device is working properly and Bluetooth is enabled, please follow the other given methods below.

2. Run Windows 11 Troubleshooter

The Windows 11 troubleshooter is a default software provided with any copy of Windows to find out the causes for problems in times like these.

This troubleshooter can be used for other troubleshooting purposes as well. It is so easy to run the troubleshooter. You should not have any trouble. Sorry for the bad joke but follow the steps given below and you will be all set.

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Here are the steps to run the Windows 11 troubleshooter to fix bluetooth on Windows 11:

  • Right-click on the Windows start button. A pop menu will be displayed.
  • Click on Settings. You will be taken to another menu.


  • Select System from the left pane.
  • Scroll down and click on Troubleshoot.


  • Click on Other troubleshooters.



  • Go to Bluetooth below the Other section and click on Run.


  • Wait for the process to end.


  • Check whether there are any problems or not. If there are not any problems, then you will have to follow another method to fix the Bluetooth problem on Windows 11.

If this method did not fix the Bluetooth problem on Windows 11 device, then kindly go through the other fantastic methods given below.

3. Use Device manager to update driver

I am very accustomed to the Windows Device manager as I needed to use it countless times to fix hardware and software issues. You can access the Device manager easily from the Start button on Windows 11.

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You can use the Device Manager to update the drivers for your Bluetooth receiver in your Windows 11 device. It is very easy to pull off the steps given below so sit back, relax and follow the steps.

Here are the steps to use device manager to fix bluetooth on Windows 11:

  • Right-click on the Start button and click on Device manager.
  • Locate the Bluetooth device and Right-click on it.
  • Click on Enable device if the option is available.
  • Click on Update driver. 
  • Wait for the process to end and try to reconnect your Bluetooth device.

If this method did not fix the Bluetooth problem on Windows 11 device, then kindly go through the other amazing methods given below.

4. Be within Bluetooth range

Different Bluetooth devices have different supported ranges at which they will work. The better the Bluetooth device, the farther away you can be from your Windows 11 device.

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The ranges differ from device to device but even a cheap Bluetooth device should work if you are sitting or standing in front of your Windows 11 device.

Enable Bluetooth on your device and on Windows, then stay close to your Windows device. How close? Be at arm’s length to your Windows 11 device and see whether your Bluetooth device gets connected or not.

If a Bluetooth connection cannot be found, follow the other methods given in this post. 

How to install bluetooth drivers on windows 11 

Installing drivers for your bluetooth device is very easy on Windows 11 or any other version of Windows. The process consists of a few simple steps, so you will not have a hard time.

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Please follow the steps given below.

Here are the steps to install drivers for your Bluetooth device on Windows 11: 

  1. Type in Device manager and click on it in the search bar on your desktop screen.
  2. Expand the Bluetooth option by clicking on it.
  3. Right-click on your Bluetooth device and click on Update driver.
  4. Select Search automatically for Drivers.
  5. Wait for the process to end and then close the menu.
  6. Try reconnecting your Bluetooth device.

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Hopefully by now, you are back to using your bluetooth device on Windows 11 with no issues. I have written the best methods you can follow and if you were able to do what was written in this post, you should be facing no more issues now. I wish you luck in whatever you do in your future. Take care and good luck!

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