How to Show Folder Size in Windows 11 [Beginners Guide 2022]

Written By FarhanMax

If you are a new Windows 11 user, you might get stuck with the latest UI. But don’t worry.

With my simple Tutorial, you will learn all the basics of this new user interface.

So, how to show folder size in windows 11?

Select and Right-click on the folder you want to view the size. Now, click on Properties to visualize the size of the folder on the Disk Drive. Alternatively, you can also hover the mouse over the folder to view the file size instantly.

In this post, I will provide a step-by-step tutorial to view the size of folders in Windows 11.

So, grab a cup of coffee and start

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Why do folders not show the size in File Explorer?

The file size won’t show on file explorer is because it would slow down browsing of the file system. This occurs when the file size is too large and has too many subfolders added to it. Windows Explorer has to read every file within subfolders before returning a result.

A lot of systems processing power uses up when it tries to read too many files. However, there are a couple of ways to show the size of the folders. One is through the Properties Tab. It is one of the easiest and well-known methods.

When you click on a folder and check the Properties, the file explorer will algorithmically scan every file and display the total size of the folder used up in the disk.

Most PCs these days don’t face such problems because of the quick SSD’s. The SSD’s are quick enough to gather thousands of data in a flash. No matter how many files you have in your folder, the explorer will always show accurate results.

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How to View Folder Size in Windows 11

There are four methods to view folder size in Windows 11. The easiest and most convenient way is to place the mouse cursor over the folder to grasp the actual size.

Moreover, these steps work for Windows 10 also.

Here are the ways to view the size of folders in Windows 11:

1. View folder size in File Explorer

File Explorer, also known as Windows Explorer is a file manager application for accessing file systems. You can learn more about File Explorer if you want to.

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Open the File Explorer by using the Win + E key together. Then select the folder you want to check the size of.

Right-click on the folder and select properties. The file size will be shown in a column with details. The details contain the size of the folder in the disk, the date of the created folder, and the number of subfolders present.view-file-size-windows-11

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2. Use the Command Prompt

You need to copy and paste the folder directory to the Windows 11 command prompt. Navigate to the folder and copy the folder directory.

Open the Search Button from the Taskbar and type in Command Prompt. Run the program as administrator.

Then, type dir/s “paste the folder directory path using ctrl + V” and press Enter. You will notice the file size in bytes with in-depth

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3. Hover the Mouse Over the Folder

This method is also known as the ToolTip Method. The previous two steps require much more time and are for those who want to earn every bit of knowledge about windows.

However, not everyone will learn computer science when they are in a hurry. That’s why this step is the easiest step for everyone.

Choose the folder you want to view the file size of. Run the mouse over the folder and wait for a few milliseconds. Windows will automatically show the folder and file

Do note that: You won’t get any in-depth knowledge about how many subfolders or files are present in that particular folder.

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4. Use Third-Party Tools

Usually, I don’t prefer this step. Because it is useless to accumulate your PC with junk files just to perform the simplest task ever. Follow step 3 and you won’t even need third-party apps like Treesize.

How to see the size of multiple folders?

Till now, we found out how to view the size of a single folder or file. But what about multiple folders?

Don’t worry. My man, I got you covered.

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Press and hold Ctrl and Left-click the folders you want to view the size together. Then Right-click and select properties. File Explorer will show the exact same details in general but containing the number of folders you selected all together.view-multiple-folder-size-windows-11

So, Can you sort folders by size?

Yes of course. You will see an option at the upper part of the screen below the Directory Path to organize the folders according to size. Just click on the arrow to sort folder by size.

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Final Thoughts

This post shows how quicker and easier you can to find any file size or folder size without even spending one minute of your valuable time.

On Windows 11, the file size is shown in File Explorer. However, the scenario is not the same for folders. As the new OS has a different UI, it is common to face such issues. Don’t worry. I will provide you more Windows 11 simple tutorials for your ease.

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