Desert Temple in Minecraft: How to Find It and Get Loots (Tutorial)

Looking for a way to find a Desert Temple in Minecraft?

Also, are you unable to find the valuable treasures from Desert temples?


Then, you have come to the right post.

In this post, I will be showing you how to find a desert temple in minecraft and get valuable treasures from it.

So, let’s get started.

What are Desert Temples in Minecraft?

Desert temples are structures in Minecraft which are full of treasure  and found only in the Desert Biome.

If you want to find the desert biome then check out our separate post on how to find biomes in minecaft.

You might have a question about the appearance of a Desert temple.

Well, it takes three types of sandstone to form a Desert Temple, sandstone stairs & orange and blue Terracotta.

All the materials have a specified meaning.

The towers you will see in front with the orange terracotta formation resembles an Egyptian symbol, the Ankh.

The Desert temple contains a blue terracotta block in the center, and if you break this block, a treasure room will be revealed containing 4 chests with the treasure in them.

However, at the bottom of the treasure room, directly below the blue terracotta is a pressure plate wired to blocks of TNT under the floor.


You may ask:

What Loots Can be Found in Desert Temple?

Desert temples are filled with treasure chests. Each treasure chests contains a lot of loots like-

Sands, Bones, diamonds, Emeralds, Enchanted Books, Gold Ingots, Horse Armor, Rotten Flesh, Saddles etc.

How to Find a Desert Temple?

Finding a Desert temple is very easy. You just need to find a desert biome and leave the rest.

Here are the steps to find a Desert Temple in minecraft:

  1. Desert temples spawn randomly in desert biomes and there won't necessarily be one temple in each desert. So, you can loot with your hearts content.
  2. The more space in the desert biome, the better chances of finding temples. So, find the largest desert possible.
  3. Now, that you have found a Desert biome, look for the pyramid shape of a desert temple.
  4. There will be two large square towers at the front of the temple with orange clay markings on them. You should be able to see it from a long ways away since there are few visual obstructions like mountains in the desert.
  5. Desert temples show up as gray on maps just like plain stone and so if you have a map, look for a square grey shape.
  6. If you're sick of finding a Desert Temple then, use the Desert Temple Finder App. 

How to Loot a Desert Temple in Minecraft 

For looting Desert Temples, you will need few materials.

  • Torches
  • Shovel
  • Pick axe
  • Shear

Now that, you have all the materials, let’s start looting.

Here are the steps to loot a desert temple in minecraft:

  1. Once inside the Desert Temple, you'll notice the purple and orange clay blocks which you have to stay away from because digging around the Clay blocks can cause the blocks to drop on the pressure plate in the secret treasure room.
  2. Now, you have to place some torches around the perimeter of the temple to give yourself some light and also keeping the enemy mobs from spawning when it’s night.
  3. Go down about six blocks by digging a descending staircase at the back of the temple.
  4. Once you reached at the bottom of the staircase, start digging toward the center of the temple until you discover a treasure room holding the chests.
  5. Put up some torches for light and again start digging another staircase along the inside of the open area and this time be careful not to step on the stone pressure plate of the treasure room. If you do so, then the TNT will be ignited and hurt you and destroy the treasure.
  6. Hit the pressure plate with a stone pickaxe once you're at the bottom of the treasure room to remove and defuse the TNT.
  7. Now, remove the treasure from all four treasure chests and use the same way you got in to get out.

Final Thoughts

Minecraft Desert Temples are full of loots.

It is very easy to find a Desert temple in Minecraft if you are familiar with the map.

Again, it is as difficult to loot from the temple as there are a lot of traps. So, be careful while looting.

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